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March 21 2005

SciFi's poll asks if Joss is the right man for Wonder Woman.

Let's voice our support for Mr. Whedon!

As of 3:45pm EST, 56% say "Buffy kicked major vamp..."
and 35% say "Only if Charisma Carpenter is WW"

Does Charisma actually read SciFi Wire? How much did she vote?
Glad to see some love for Charisma Carpenter.
I amended the headline for the benefit of feed readers for whom 'Sci-Fi Poll' could be anything.

Is Joss the right man for Wonder Woman?

Considering the possible pitfalls of a live action WW movie, the question should be: could anybody other than Joss do this movie without falling flat on his (or her) face?
I actually added that link to this to subject line this morning. But I'll remove it from the previous link, if people think there's enough interest.
I can believe that 33% of people actualy voted for "Only if Charisma Carpenter is WW". Are they insane? WW is going to be good because Joss Whedon is writing and directing it, why would it make any difference if Charisma Carpenter is in it or not. Sheeeesh!
Unfortunately, Simon, straight up and down polls always seem to attract a lot of interest, if only so people can vent about how bloody stupid the poll is. And now I've added to the apparent interest. Oops. (Please don't take this post as a measure of interest.)
Well we seem to be experiencing a slight case of Wonder Woman overkill at the moment. It's been a long day and the poll can stay but I'd like our posters to remember that quality not quantity is our motto here. Actually "Giles is our hero" is our motto but that's bye the bye.
Ha, just wanted to say sorry for momentarily adding to the overkill a few minutes ago with my (deservedly now removed) post. I guess I figured, hey, it is a news article, and posted it as more of a "look, it got another mention" bit than as an actual thread. So anyway, my apologies. And, uh, now I apologize for bringing it up again. It never existed. Carry on.
Oh, I think it is natural to enjoy a little Wonder Woman over-kill;
personally I hadn't really believed in the rumors
(I thought they were groundless like the X-men movie rumors),
but with Joss planning on writing and directing another movie,
well how can I not get all excited!

"In Joss I Trust" - it does need to be made into a T-shirt!
(referencing another thread...about WW)

But I am also willing to admit that Giles is my hero.

[ edited by embers on 2005-03-22 02:39 ]
I guess there is bound to be a little overkill, this is the first new Joss project in a while and everyone is getting a little excited at the prospect. I'm probably one of the few around here that didn't care either way if Joss ended up doing Wonder Woman or not, even now i can't pretend i'm massively looking forward to the movie, it's just not a project i cared about regardless of who did it. Even so i've still enjoyed the speculating and discussions and so those Whedonesquers who are really looking forward to this are bound to be going a little over the top right now. It will calm down in a week or so, no doubt.

Was it just me or did anyone else not like the wording of the poll? It was kind of suggesting that you would either be happy Joss was doing it because you loved Buffy or you would be against Joss because you hated Firefly. Therefore Buffy good, Firefly bad? They might have been a little more considerate, especially due to the fact a certain related movie that will be showing up later this year could use all the positive promotion it can get. SciFiWire stating that "Firefly sucked" won't help matters all that much.
At least only 8% have chosen "Firefly sucks". And those most likely are from people who never even saw the show! But yeah, it could've been worded a lot better.

And I don't mind the overkill as long as it's leading to these wonderfully long, well written threads!
LOL. I don't blame there being any overkill since this is the first big news of a Joss project in ever,=). Seriously though...wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
But the choices don't actually address the question. Is Joss the right man for Wonder Woman? Has he got what it takes to make her happy? Who is the right man for her, if not Joss? And what about the fact that he is a married man? Does it matter?
Lioness, why would Joss's marital status be of importance?
Not attacking, just curious.
Lioness: What are Wonder Woman's Turn-ons? Her turn-offs? Is she actually looking for a man, or could she be one of those fabled lesbian Amazons? And if so, who is the right Woman for her? I say Kennedy.
I think Wonderwoman and Kendra would make a good pair. ;)
April, I'm pretty sure Lioness was joking...
And what about the fact that he is a married man? Does it matter?

Joss is much with the love. I think this can be overcome.

And if so, who is the right Woman for her? I say Kennedy.

Does this mean Willow and Kennedy broke up? Because if so, I'm totally on board. (In my little world, Anya never died, and Willow and Anya had a fabulous man-hating love.)
I think Tony Head should play Wonder Woman. He'd look great in star spangled knickers.
He did look great in drag in Rocky Horror!
I think Tony Head should play Wonder Woman. He'd look great in star spangled knickers.

Mmmmmm Tony Head in Wonder Woman: The Musical. That'd be ace.
When I click this link there is no poll at all, just articles on Sin City and X Men 3 movie and links down the left side of the page. Maybe the site is just having a problem at this time, I'll try again later.
Yes, Simon and Caroline. If Morgan Freeman is busy, Tony would be perfect!
Passion: the page may take a moment to load. Look in the top right column and it will say 'loading' and then when it is done they will have the poll.
embers - thanks but it won't come up on my pc, I guess dialup is too slow or something. It's OK, not life or death I just was interested to see the wording Warlock was talking about in the above post.
Well, he's brilliant and she's stupendous. Seems a match made in Heaven to me! :)
And while we're on the subject...

Given that Wonder Woman fans and Joss Whedon fans are now officially engaged :) I'd love to extend an invitation to everyone here to pay us a visit over at Greg Rucka's message board! We're a delightful bunch, and since there's definitely a Joss fan or two over there already (including yours truly), I'd love it if you'd pay us a visit. Find us at (

Also, wonder what people think about the rumor that Wonder Woman's costume might be updated a bit? Personally I hope it will be closer to the current comic book version, but with a dark blue Greek Warrior style skirt with Silver Stars at the end of each 'pleat'.

Hope to see you all at Greg's board! Best regards, James ( Greg's friendly message board moderator).
jameslm, I like that costume idea - very cool!
I also like that idea for a costume too Jameslm.

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