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March 22 2005

Fox To Air The Final 6 Episodes Of "Tru Calling". Starting with two episodes on Thursday 31st March.

Fox is putting Point Pleasant on hiatus for the time being, kind of a shame that Tru Calling was cancelled because they believed Point would perform better paired with The OC.
I actually didn't think they'd ever get round to airing these, glad they are, as they are much better than the first season, just a shame that the series has no proper conclusion.

I have never seen any Tru Calling episodes so this will make me a happy camper!
Hmmm, I'm wondering if Fox is doing this to see if the numbers are better than PP and if so if they might give it the go ahead for a full season. I've seen a couple of episodes of this and it didn't really grab me but it was better than PP.
I think you may be being a little too hopeful there, Firefly Flanatic. I think it is more that they realise that Point Pleasant is going nowhere fast and that they have nothing to lose in airing the last few episodes of Tru Calling. I don't think this will lead to anything else for the show, Fox aren't that intelligent and forward thinking. If they were they would already have been in touch with Joss to get him to revive Firefly for them.

Personally i found Tru Calling a lot more watchable than Point Pleasant. It was never going to make my top ten television series of all time but as a lead in to Angel (in the UK on Sky One at least) it was relatively enjoyable. If nothing else it featured the lovely Eliza running around a fair bit! ;)
They have already been shown on New Zealand TV and are available elsewhere.
Note there is a thread on this on Whedonesque Flickr annex.

These episodes are very good and show why Fox was so stupid (again or still?) to cancel it.
Anything's better than PP.

I have a bit of optimism for these episodes. I still have a lot of faith in Jane Espenson's ability to deliver. The reality however is that is no longer important. The improvement is far too late in coming.

Personally, I'm not hoping for a Tru Calling renewal. I'd really like to see Espenson make something new without being saddled with it.

BTW, does anyone know what Jane Espenson is working on now?
It just occured to me, does anyone here know if Sky One will ever be airing the last six episodes? I'm not a big enough fan to be buying the DVD set but if they do get shown here i would like to check them out.

Dym, in a perfect world Jane is currently helping Joss write the Spike movie. Of course that will involve an appearance from the ghost of Jonathan at some point but i can live with that.
Jane Espenson from what I can remember is working with Tim Minear on The Inside. And I would reckon that there will not be a Tru Calling renewal, I would imagine that the actors have been released from their contracts and have moved onto other things.

Furthermore, I reckon this is proof that Point Pleasant has been cancelled in all but name and Fox are using the Tru Calling episodes to fill a gap.
I think I read somewhere that Sky One didn't buy season 2 of Tru Calling, I might be wrong, but I'm sure I read that somewhere.
Well, as I'm not a fan of Tru Calling and have only seen a couple of episodes, I don't think I was being hopeful, just speculating as to why they would be doing this. What I did see was better than PP and I wasn't that impressed with TC.

But I guess you're all probably right that it isn't likely and they are just using this to fill air space before they come up with a replacement.

And, yeah, definitely sounds like PP will most likely not be coming back.
Does anybody know if Tru will even have an appropriate last episode? Correct me if I am wrong, they just ceased production. If that is true then I don't see much of a point of broadcasting them. I hate shows that end in the middle of production versus getting the opportunity to end the show properly. I am OK with that on DVD but on TV? I just don't see the point.
The last episode was made with them believing they had at least another 7 episodes, in no way does it provide any closure to the series, and instead starts a few threads plot-wise.
I sure hope they put these out on DVD. I am not going to purchase Season One until I am sure I can get everything. Any word on that?
Ocular, do you have a multi region DVD player? As the UK Tru Calling box set will have the six episodes from season 2. But I would hazard a guess that the region 1 boxset will be reissued at some stage with the six episodes as well.
I hope season 2 gets an individual release, I really don't want to have to buy season 1 again just to get season 2.
"I think I read somewhere that Sky One didn't buy season 2 of Tru Calling, I might be wrong, but I'm sure I read that somewhere."

Well if they didn't buy season 2 I don't know what to make of the fact that they advertised they were going to show it even after it was cancelled

ETA Just realised that this Point Pleasant news will cause a problem for E4 (UK) if they had to wait for US transmission first

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I doubt that will be a major issue for E4. There are several examples these days of U.S. shows airing here in the U.K. before they are shown in the States. Stargate and Battlestar Galactica being two obvious examples.
Simon, I didn't even figure it would make it to Region 2. As it so happens, I just purchased a multiregion, PAL- & SECAM-converting player so I could enjoy some forbidden DVD fruit. Thanks for the tip. I might wait until a US re-release, but it is good to know that I have options in case that never happens.
I so wanted to like PP. No biggie though, and I wish Marti well.

Sounds like Fox is cashing in on the Whedon pull. Fox knows a lot of fans are anxious to see Eliza back, even if she's not Faith.

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