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"Oh my god. What can it be? We're all doomed! Who's flying this thing!?"
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March 22 2005

James Marsters to come to Toronto. He's due to appear at SFX in Toronto in August.

It'll be his third time scheduled to appear at a convention in Toronto in the last few years - he's had to cancel the last couple of times. This time he's also scheduled to do a concert. There are no guest announcements on the Hobbystar site yet, that won't be till May. But he's announced it on his official site.

Fingers crossed that my Canadian friends will get a chance to see him this time.
I waant to go!!!
We are also hoping for some Serenity cast to come as well which would be so wonderful! And Toronto is served by all major airlines - for those in the Northeast U.S.
and for those interested in doing things outside the convention...

Toronto has not only an international airport but also 3 million plus people (lots of whom are Whedon fans) and is considered one of the most multi cultural cities in the world. It's safe. Has great food, clubs, museums, galleries... And an amazing SF bookstore (Bakka-Phoenix).

Guess where I live
Lucky Canadians.. enjoy him for me!
Man, i don't think i can take it if he cancels. Again. And it's soo early to get my hopes up!
*crosses fingers*
All I need is a winning lottery ticket. Then I can stock libraries full of Whedony goodness, travel all over the world to various conventions, and provide reports and photos here on Whedonesque. Is that too much to ask?
fadingendlessly: I really think that JM knows how many hearts he broke when he cancelled two years ago,
I really think he'll do everything possible to be there this year.
I'm so glad he is doing this convention!
Have fun!

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