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March 22 2005

Alias alum will play the lead role in Kitchen Confidential. Can you guess which popular Alias actor will star in Nick Brendon's new sitcom?

Bradley Cooper!

Will, Xander and Sam from Freaks and Geeks? What a terrific cast. Words can't express how much I want to see this pilot become a series.

Wow, that is an intriguing cast indeed. *crosses fingers*
Damn it! I want Will back on Alias, not these other shows. And what does that say about Jack & Bobby? Bradley was a cast member over there.

By the way, next week's episode of Alias is written by Drew GODdard.

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Cooper is sorely missed over at Alias -- he really brought badly-needed grounding to the show (and to Syd).
Ooh that's a good cast. Cooper would be great as the lead, and I love the entire cast of F&G. And of course, Brendon. This is looking like it'll be a darn good show.

But I agree with Bookrats. I miss Will on Alias.

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Funny how Will was to Syd exactly what Xander was to Buffy...except that Will actually got to sleep with the girl of his dreams. Poor Xander. Anyway, it'll be cool to see Bradley and Nick in a show together.
I miss Will on Alias, but I'd gladly give up Will Tippin if Nick B. and Bradley Cooper can star in a hit series.
Lol. Xander and Will on a show together?

I'm SO watching this!

I just hope it's good...
Wow. All those guys really deserve work. I hope this show is decent. Any word on who's writing the pilot?
Yay! I loved him on Alias and frankly, have not understood why they got rid of him. He and Syd were great together whether as friends or lovers and he is sorely missed.

But, if he isn't going back to Alias then I am thrilled that he's going to be starring with Nick! This show is sounding better and better!!
Woot-Woo! I hope we get this in Australia tho!
This is wonderful. Now I want this show to be picked up even more. Nick and Bradley........PERFECT!!!
And John Daley is on the cast too? That's quite the talented cast. Although I do wonder what he's like now that he's an adult.
Firefly Flanatic, from reading various articles online and in magazines it was my understanding that they got rid of the character of Will due to the storyline being taken further and further away from Syd's private life once the whole SD-6 storyline had played out. They tried to incorportate him into the CIA but apparently didn't feel that was working for the character. Then, with the whole "missing for two years" plot from the end of season two, it was decided to write him out all together rather than write his character unrealistically.

To me, that was the biggest mistake they made in season three. Without Syd's private life to balance the spy life out, the show lost an important element that made it so unique during season one. I'm glad that J.J. has recognised this and is attempting to rectify the problem in the current season.
The Futon Critic has more information about Bradley Cooper's role:

He'll play Jack Bourdain in the project, who's described in the casting notice as: "30ís. Jack is a handsome man, as well as talented and passionate chef/artist. He was born to cook. He's got the talent and the degree from the Culinary Institute of America. He's in love with everything about cooking - the heat, the pressure, sheer joy of doing it. Temperamental, high-energy and passionate, he has one aim in life - to create the greatest cuisine on earth. However, three years ago booze and drugs got the better of him, and he ended up working in a family style franchise. Now, he's been given a whole new chance to prove himself, and he's ready for the challenge. Well, almost."

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Thanks Warlock for the explanation. I agree with you that it was a big mistake and that Will was very important to the show and making Syd more human. And I'm glad they've recognized that and have again started showing more of her home life even though it is being done with her fellow spies and not ordinary people.

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