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March 22 2005

Gail Berman Leaves Fox. Entertainment President of Fox Network is headed for Paramount Pictures.

Berman was president of Sandollar Television, where she helped Joss Whedon develop "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" into a TV series for the WB Network.

I had no idea she was executive producer of Buffy and Angel.
Well until that announcement, I had her ranked as the second important person in the Jossverse (or thereabouts).
Yeah she also pushed to get Firefly on the air during the pilot season of 2002.

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Oh that was her. Okay I remember now, she was the one who approached Joss about making Buffy a TV show, right?
Yeah that was her, only one of the origional Executive Producers who didnt get the title off initial involvemnet in the film, but from actually earning it on the tv show.
I knew her name sounded familiar...
Gail has just been so great to Jossverse and I wish her the best of luck in her new position.
Oooh, that's the first time I've seen a picture of her - she looks like Ricki Lake
I wonder what this means for the future of the Jossverse on television? It might actually help in terms of movie projects. Hmmm ... Spike Movie ... Blondie Bear on the Big Screen! Okay, I know. *takes rose-colored glasses off* It's just that ... I want my Whedon-TV. *pout*
Actually I was thinking that her departure would not help the development of a TV movie. I may be wrong here and please correct if I am, but I was thought Gail was one of the few allies Joss had at Fox.
Uh oh. I'm also worried about Arrested Development now, because she's one of its biggest supporters...
I think it will take a lot more than just Gail's support to make the Spike telemovie or any other slayerverse project happen, so in that respect i can't see her departure will make a lot of difference.

At this point Joss's previous work will either stand on it's own or it won't. Twelve seasons of slayerverse excellence, along with the merchandise and DVD sales, not to mention a movie based on his third show, should be enough to convince anyone that a Spike telemovie is a good idea. Admittedly Gail would have been a useful ally in this but money speaks even louder. Fox would no doubt love to see another succesful DVD set come out of the slayerverse and a series of Spike telemovies would provide that very easily and relatively inexpensively.

Either way, good luck to Gail in her new position.
Uh oh. I'm also worried about Arrested Development now, because she's one of its biggest supporters...

That's the first thing I thought of too...
I think this is the final nail in Arrested Development's coffin. It deserves so much better...
This is bad news for folks who want their (I want my, I want my) WhedonTV. Even with her support, we got the untimely cancellations of both Angel and Firefly. Getting Joss stuff on TV just got that much harder. With the closing of Mutant Enemy, it sounds like the TV option is going away.
Actually I was thinking that her departure would not help the development of a TV movie.

That's what I'm thinking too. Getting Joss stuff on tv may have just gotten a little harder. However, he's doing "Serenity" for Universal, "Wonder Woman" for Warner Brothers, could a movie with Paramount be in the future? I doned the rose-colored glasses over the thought of a theatrical Buffyverse project, since she was a strong advocate in the past.
Well, if you were wondering if the Fox TV Network is improving any, here's a pretty significant clue.

I'm reminded of a reply from a former exec at Marvel Comics, years ago, when asked why she left the company:

"One morning I woke up and noticed that while my head was achy, the wall hadn't even been dented."

I wish her the best on the new job. (For a minute, I thought "Universal! -- Damn, no, it's Paramount.")
Yeah, sistakaren, that's the first thing I thought: Arrested Development might be screwed.

Which is really, really sad.

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