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March 22 2005

Joss and Wonder Woman are Buzz Worthy. Explains how interest in Wonder Woman jumped 64% once news broke that Joss signed on to direct the project. In addition, searches on Joss went up 123%.

I'm not liking these lists people keep coming up with for Wonder Woman. Jennifer Lopez? If Joss did that I might disown him. Eva from Desperate Housewives ... er ... maybe ... at least I like her. Nice to see Morena on the list. I bet searches for her name are up too.
I'm with you Killinj, the list of suggestions for Wonder Woman have been pretty poor. I think my eyes would literally roll right out of my head if Joss cast J-LO as Wonder Woman. I'm still pulling for Charisma, but that may just be my big Cordelia love clouding my judgement.
Good Lord...Salma Hayeck!? No, a thousand no's!
What, no Love for Gina Torres as Wonder Woman? I am very disapointed!
Well it seems like we've had five solid days of talking about who should play Wonder Woman. Let's take a rain check on this one shall we?

Instead let's focus elsewhere in the article i.e

1) Wonder Woman is searched by more people (so there is interest which will please Warner Bros)
and 2) People want to know more about Joss (which is good).

In turn, this could mean that people who don't know much about him will find out about his previous works and hopefully we'll get new Buffy, Angel and Firefly fans.
I think it was my pal Phlebotinin who hoped for an unknown...I concur totally.

"Salma Hayek IS Wonder Woman!"

Kiss of death.

I mean, other than SMG and ASH, the entire cast of Buffy was pretty much unknowns...and it turned out alright.
I agree Simon the most important thing is that more and more people are finding out about Joss and his talent.
This might also explain the database connection errors we've been having the last couple of days.
Yes, that is true Simon, however, we're fans and we're gonna want to keep on speculating and will most likely do so until a name is announced. It's totaly fantastic that Joss is being searched more, yay for that! But don't be surprised if many more threads dissolve into who people want as WW.
p.s your spot on there Caroline. It's been fun trying to log in sometimes.

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-03-23 00:56 ]
Jennifer Lopez born to play Wonder Woman?

Can someone hold a bucket for me whilst I vomit up my dinner?......

Oh gag.....
Oh, Simon you silly man. Let us have our meaningless fun.

JLO? Salma? seriously...that is disgusting. I like the idea of Jeri Ryan. Interesting...
Well, how much would those percentages have jumped if someone else was set to direct? I'm not sure that much is attributable just to it being Joss. There's a lot of Wonder Woman fans out there.
Okay, if we are venturing into Trek cast territory then how about the lovely Jolene Blalock? Now she could fill a Wonder Woman costume very well indeed!

Simon is right though, enough with the speculating already!!! We are probably all totally wrong anyway and Joss will pick somebody that none of us even suspect!

Oh wait, Terry Farrell from Deep Space Nine! She would work for me anyway.

That's it, i'm done! :)
I like JLO *much* better as an actress than I do as a singer. I actually think she could do it, but her tabloid baggage might be a detriment to the movie. And Salma Hayek? Wonderful actress with lots of range.

Personally, though, I'm kinda hoping for an unknown, too.
Erm... I'm ALMOST done on the speculating. I will only say: OOOOH to Angelina Jolie. The woman is a powerhouse. A TALL powerhouse.

Glad to see the buzz on a whedon project, and maybe it's just my firefly flan pride here, but I bristled when they called Morena an unknown. I was like: Just wait until Fall when our BDM blows you all out of the water, then we'll see who's UNKNOWN!

Seriously, if Morena gets cast, do you think that could boost Serenity ticket sales?
In turn, this could mean that people who don't know much about him will find out about his previous works and hopefully we'll get new Buffy, Angel and Firefly fans.

I like the way you think. Hopefully they'll become so hooked that they'll want to see more from those shows in future projects as well.
I was thinking the same thing Simon when I read that. I hope the interest in Joss helps boost ticket sales for Serenity. People may be curious to see what he can do on the big screen and the timing for Serenity coming out will be perfect now with all the buzz about Wonder Woman.

And add me to the list of people who would not want to see Jennifer Lopez in the role!
Quite honestly i don't want to see J-Lo in any role, Wonder Woman or otherwise. I don't know why but i really cannot stand watching her, and the less said about her "music" the better.
Well, FWIW, I'm with Orphea: I like both Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek, at least as actresses. (Must agree about JLo's music, however.) Ms. Lopez was terrific alongside George Clooney in "Out of Sight," and although I didn't love "Frida," I though Ms. Hayek did a fine job there. Whereas Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Kate Beckinsale, to name but three others bandied about, leave me relatively cold.

But I continue to prefer Gina Torres or a complete even-to-us unknown.
Jennifer fuckin' Lopez. No. Just no. *does the hugest eye-roll in the history of eye-rolls* Nobody named Jennifer, please. Please.

Salma Hayek and Jeri Ryan each possess one of the most Ka-Pow bodies in the industry... but their faces are all wrong.

I want a heretofore unknown woman. Do a nationwide casting call! That'd be so cool!

"WHO will be the next Wonder Woman?" Have Lynda Carter and Cathy Lee Crosby with Joss in the middle as judges, and... heh. Ok. I'm done posting now... ;)
i threw in a couple joss searches for good measure. Whedonesque was the number one search result, yay!

Casting MB as WW would totally boost Serenity ticket sales, imo.

JLo? Ha. What a sucky candidate list.

And the drama of American Idol beckons... alas, my guilty pleasure. My inexplicable attraction to Simon compliments my Spike fetish. But I digress...
I would imagine that Joss is very happy that everyone is speculating about who Wonder Woman is going to be.

1. Everyone is talking about the movie.

2. There seems to be lots of press about the people that get mentioned in relation to this project.

3. It's Joss... He'd enjoy getting people to guess and speculate :)

(Edited to make Joss sound a little less like the root of all evil)

[ edited by Mycroft on 2005-03-23 06:11 ]
I think you're right Mycroft. This is great advertising for both WW and Serenity and if he implies that MB may get the role of WW that just draws more attention to her and Serenity whether or not he is planning on casting her.
Not to keep posting, but it occurred to me a few days ago i've been seeing other mentions in the media lately relating to a certain actress...

Coincidence? Perhaps not.
I do like Jennifer Lopez as an actress. I'll skip the music, thank you. But not as WW. I also like Angelina Jolie, but I'm not interested in seeing her cast as WW either. I suppose I'll just wait and see what happens, comfy in my belief that both actresses are highly unlikely choices. If I got fired up about every name being bantered about, I'd be quickly exhausted.

I love the idea that many people unfamiliar with Joss may now have their curiosity peaked, and check out Serenity.

[ edited by Angela on 2005-03-23 08:47 ]
Personally - I like Jennifer Lopez (not her music but I agree with SNT, she was great in Out of Sight) and Salma Hayek (wonderful in Desparado), however I don't like the idea of either for WW. I also am not happy with the rest of their listed choices and much prefer the suggestions that have been made here on Whedonesque, favoring Claudia Black.

I guess all the buzz about this movie is great for Joss. He must be very happy, and a bit nervous, the WW movie will be a challenge to make. I have confidence that he will do the impossible and make WW, a famous icon but very dated, into a top drawer movie.
Jennifer Lopez was OK as an actress until she decided to capitalize on Selena's death by becoming a singer. That's when I lost all respect for her. Now she's just a joke. Keep her as far away from Joss as possible!

What about a lesser-known verse actress (i.e. never a lead), like, say, Stephanie Romanov?

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