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March 22 2005

Whedon to Feature Fans on 'Serenity' DVD. "This DVD feature is a big deal to Joss -- kind of a tribute to the fans."

Of course I can't wait for the movie to be released but I am also anticipating the DVD just for the fact that I'll be able to watch it over and over again and now to find out that this will be in it too! Can it get any better?!!
Not only that, but Tim Minear said (on a link that I now can't find but I did post here about it in a comment on an earlier Serenity thread) that the DVD release would be a 4-disc release - guess we know that there are going to be lots of cool extras on those discs!
One of the only reasons I regret living on the East coast: no real live Joss anywhere around, ever! Doh!!
Unless you count the Stephen Sondheim thing I completely missed. Ah, well. Anyone know a good way to keep up?

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Me too aver! A 4-disc release - seems like Universal is putting a lot of faith into Serenity being a big hit if they are already planning a dvd with all these goodies!
Universal must be paying for this,
and I think this shows that they do have a lot of faith in the film,
obviously they'll make the money back on the DVD sales alone,
but still: they have to be confident that the movie is going to please the fans,
and sell lots and lots of DVD sets (I can't wait, I'd prepay for it now).
Fans? What fans? Who? Where?

Probably the LA, of course. Well! Maybe I'll get to see some of my buddies from here that live in LA! Ed and Rogue, SNT, did you grant any interviews? :D
4 discs? thats a awful lot. Is one of those discs the R rated cut(cause ya know theres gotta be some extra footage that won't make it to the theather)
eddy - I have no idea. Tim Minear's comment was simply along the lines of "Joss intends Serenity to come out as a 4-disc set".

I wish I could find that original link!
aver and Firefly Flanatic, I have seen at the Serenity site and had it confirmed by some folks that there is a possibility (not a promise, but a possibility) that Joss will be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend. I was going anyway, but you can imagine how that cemented my desire to go.
Actually that was Chris Buchanan not Tim Minear and he was hinting about a 4 DVD box set more than anything. He wasn't promising one.
Did the cast and crew manage to commit to film entire new episodes just for the DVD release? Because a four disc set containing a two hour movie and some bonus features sounds a bit extravagant. The original Firefly series DVD set is four discs, and that's fourteen episodes including the two hour pilot and three episodes that never aired. Compared to the recent release of The Incredibles on DVD which is a two disc set chock full of goodies and easter eggs, I can't imagine Serenity going for four.

Besides, I don't want new episodes to go straight to video. I want a gorram network out there to come to its senses. Y'all sound excited about such early "fan-included" plans for the DVD release, but that just adds to my pessimistic paranoia that Serenity the movie won't make it to theaters and will be released direct to DVD.
Simon - thanks for that. As soon as I read your post, I realised why I couldn't find a quote from Tim Minear anywhere! D'oh!
Here's the exact quote Chris made on the Official Firefly Board on Feb 9th of this year:

As for the DVD, I can tell you that we have a wealth of material for it. Just how much makes it out will depend on many factors, including, obviously, how well the movie does at the box office. Let's say I'm really hopeful for the 4 disc very special edition. Nudge, nudge, win, wink...

Bugger. It's bad enough that I absolutely cannot wait for the movie to come out. (November 4th for me. Bugger.) Now they're teasing us with this? Possibly 4 discs of whedonesque DVD goodness? Probably hits the local stores here in January 2005. Buggerbuggerbugger. (There is always Amazon, though.)

eddy: What's this about an R-rated cut? Has this been hinted at by someone involved in the production of the movie? Or is this one of those LOTR-esque fandom myths?
Imagining all the outtakes and bloopers they probably went out of their way to save for later sharing with us folks makes my mind do the boggle. (We all love the Joss, and it's beginning to be my suspicion that he might just love us the littlest bit, too.)

If an uncut/director's cut should also come with the package = O frabjous day, callooh callay! Any extras we get will only make the whole Serenity experience that much sweeter when it (finally!) gets here.
4 disc? I remember some comments on that, but it is confirmed?

Hopefully, the dvd set will probably be released by Christmas time. I'll won't even wait for the national version of the DVD, I'll import it all the way...
christmas? thats way too early. More like February. The grudge released in october and on dvd by february. Serenity released late september and released on DVD in xmas? nah. The movie would have had to be a BIG bomb like Elektra or Around The World In 80 Days to get put on DVD in 3 months.

dreameling, no indications from anyone but its a natural given with a film that something will be left on the cutting floor. There always is. And I dunno about you, but I'd rather have those scenes weaved back into the movie(through this nifty branching feature that lets you choose to watch the movie with the deleted scenes included or without) instead of having them as only seperate deleted scenes.

and Zacksmind, no need to be pessimistic. Alot of studios are putting extra effort into their DVDs before they even know if its a hit, hell even TV shows, look at what J.J. abrahms has talked about doing with the Lost DVD.
Let's say I'm really hopeful for the 4 disc very special edition. Nudge, nudge, win, wink...

As cool as it would be to have such a jam-packed Serenity disk-set, I think the above quote may have been a teasing reference to the standard that was set by the Lord of the Rings Special Edition disks.

i.e., the 4-disk Special Edition LOTR DVD's are in a class by themselves with regards to how much bonus material you can include with one feature film. I think Chris may have been teasingly saying that Joss and Co have so much material on Serenity that they could similarly fill up a LOTR-style 4-disk 'very special edition' of the film :)

But whether such a disk set is actually on the horizon, I'm not too sure. I think Chris might simply have been saying that he feels Serenity is so great that it's deserving of that gold-standard exhaustive 4-disk treatment. But whether that actually comes to fruition is a whole other question :)

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Joss at Dragon*Con? Oh, I hope so! That's actually not terribly far from me, at least, compared to all these other conventions.
"There's no corollary for the kind of fan support that Joss seems to gather around him," says Hauck, who questioned fans of various shapes and sizes, including: a woman whom Whedon helped nab a role as one of his extras and someone who wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the "Blue Sun" logo, the symbol of the corporate entity featured in "Firefly."

Didn't someone on an earlier thread here say they were wearing a Blue Sun t-shirt to the event?
There's no way they release a 4-disc DVD and also no way that this movie isn't PG-13. Doing either of those things prevents the movie from becoming a franchise and making the kind of dollars that will make more movies and maybe even bring Firefly back to the airwaves. Don't scoff, either. It worked for Star Trek -- started with TV, went to movies, and then came back to TV, while staying with movies.
Ed and Rogue, SNT, did you grant any interviews? :D

Ah Willowy, now you're just being plain mean . . . Ed and RogueS didn't make it to the con for in-law reasons. And I, unlike some, wasn't able to rise at dawn to stand in line for hours to obtain signing tickets. Which apparently all went within the first few minutes of availability. Kids you know. I guess that makes me not a "true fan." (sigh).

dreamlogic: might have been SillyD who said she'd be wearing the Blue Sun tee - and she was there first in line, so that fits. Maybe she can report?

And back on-topic - I agree that the Chris Buchanan quote seems very tongue-in-cheek. Two discs maybe, but four seems implausible.
Regarding the DVD's, I think Chris was teasing along the lines of "three movies and a special features disc".

As for the fan interviews, the folks they interviewed regularly post on the OB. I'll not link, but it's under General Firefly Discussion >Wizard World (Joss & Cast) Report > About post #70
Agree that the 4-disc quote seems a tease to be sure.

But: A pre-Christmas release of the DVD would be feasible. The movie opens the end of September...let's assume a decent run (beyond what I'm praying--really--will be a blockbuster opening weekend) of maybe two months in the theater...the movie will still be fresh in people's minds and thus a great present (I gave maybe 5 or 6 DVD sets of "Firefly" as Christmas gifts last year, and can see myself doing the same for "Serenity.")
Personally I hope the DVDs don't come out too quickly.
Normally theaters stop carrying the film the second DVDs come out,
and I would like to see 'Serenity' out in theaters a long long time
(I'm thinking about smaller films like 'Greek Wedding'
which was in theaters for a good 6 months,
continuing to build more and more of an audience)

And I image Chris Buchanan was joking about the LotR
their big extended DVD set where each movie has a box of 4 DVDs
(it is kind of over-kill)

But of course I would have no objection to hours of interviews'
detailed back ground information,
and of course these convention interviews with fans!
I'm also hoping the movie has a long run that they hold off on the DVDs (even though I can't wait to have the DVD copy). I'm hoping it is a huge hit like Titanic was. That took people by surprise and it was at the theaters for months and months because people kept wanting to see it again and again!
FF, as I recall it, "Titanic" was fully expected to be a huge blockbuster success, although nobody reasonably expected it to be *that* much of a success.

I think the embers "Greek Wedding" word-of-mouth scenario is much more plausible...and maybe even likely, given that "Serenity" will have a locked in rabid fan base that "Greek Wedding" had to build pretty much from scratch.

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When "Titanic" was coming out, I had no desire to see it in the theater. I'm like, "I know how that ends; I don't need to invest the cost of a movie ticket and 3 hours of my life into that." So I never saw it in the theater (I now own the DVD after seeing it on cable). However, the movie sales speak for themselves; apparently it didn't need me to be a success! BTW, not a particular fan of anyone associated with Titanic.

Serenity is a completely different story, so I'll be there opening day! Same goes for WW.
Maybe a 4 DVD set is being optimistic. But if a lack lustre movie like Panic Room can get a three DVD set release a couple of years after it came out in the cinema, there's no reason to suppose that Serenity couldn't get the same treatment.
Same here, brownishcoat...Cameron became "King of the World" with no help from me!
*pout* I just hope that Joss realizes that he has some HUGE fans who can't generally make it to the cons. I have been entirely evangelical about Firefly (converting upwards of 20 people in a city that I know nearly NOBODY in). I mean, the movie in itself will be enough to satisfy (well, beyond satisfy... there may be some seat-wetting), but it'd be nice to get a little nod. Like say, a list of the browncoats from the official site, like they had for LotR?
pixxelpuss, I'm with you - I am a bit (okay, very) self-important about having kickstarted (though by no means run alone) the original Firefly campaign, and I won't be at any California cons in the near future. And yet I think it would be more than a little nice if folks like myself, and other non-con-attendees, got a nod of one sort or another. I'm not quite sure what I have in mind - I think a list would be very very very long, though I've not seen the LotR feature of which you speak. I wish I had a good idea for this.
Kiba and pixxelpuss and others . . . I suppose the idea is to show some fans who represent the rest of us supporters. They will probably interview 25 times more fans than they actually cut into a disc. There only being so much time on a side/layer.

One other way to represent the rest of grunts might be to show a multimedia collage of some of the key fan sites. I'd be happy with that.

In the end, it's the fact all these talented people (JW and Co.) got inspired by us (a bit of a mental jump there) to carry on the Firefly story and put it on the screen for us, because that's exactly what we wanted.
dreamlogic and soddingnancytribe..yes I did wear my Blue Sun T-shirt and yes I did get interviewed. I still have NO clue what I said, still hoping I did not make a complete and utter ass out of myself. I was walking away from the tables and a man came up to me. Would you like to be interviewed for the Serenity DVD?I was like okay but I am half asleep I have been up since 4 to get here at 5. Oh you are perfect, he says! (I was like about time someone figured that out...kidding)
My good friend came up with me, we discussed the show, why we loved Joss, our favorite Firefly character,that we had already seen the movie and could not wait to see it again, finished!!! They asked where I got my Blue Sun shirt....Ebay of course. We showed them what we had signed. They took a close up shot of a picture I had Joss sign of him and I from Comic Con last July..and I really hope they did not have me saying oh do not get that on film I look haggard.We signed a release and we were off!

I was sleepy, and grumpy!! So if I do make the cut onto the Serenity Fan section of the DVD, I am going to be quite embarrassed. It was a long day of waiting with no sleep at all. Yet in the end it was fun! SHINY!!
Hey, don't worry, you're a star! Really, my (limited)experience with getting taped like that is you come off better than you expected. Your autopilot probably works better than you think. If you make it onto the DVD, it'll make a great keepsake.

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