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March 23 2005

Horror Makeup: BtVS and AtS. On this comprehensive, fun-to-explore site featuring before-and-after shots of female actors in character and prosthetic makeup, BtVS and AtS each have their own sections, with sub-categories.

For instance, if you've ever wondered what the demon prostitute Lena (Kimberly James) looked like without her crown of pink, spikey quills, you can satisfy your curiosity here.

Sadly, Dinza (AtS S4 "Ground State") is missing. I was amazed at how completely unrecognizable Rena Owen was in her makeup (a compliment to the artists); the effectiveness of her persona helped to make her one of my favorite creepy one-shot J'verse characters ever. (She mentions the makeup took 7 hours in this 2004 Moviehole interview promoting her role in The Crow: Wicked Prayer.)

It's fascinating to see how many variations of vampires, zombies, ghosts, mummies and demons there are. No doubt about it: Monsters are neat!

Thanks, Wiseblood, for the cool site.

Does anyone else think Vamp Willow is incredibly hot. :)
Nice link, I've never seen a website on the subject.
ps my favorites are Anya and Harmony.
I personally find EvilWillow hotter :) But FangWillow is definitely hot!
Thanks, Wiseblood. Very cool site.
Ooooh... pictures... :D

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