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March 23 2005

TV Guide Ausiello talks to Joss about Wonder Woman and Spike TV pic. The latest on casting of Wonder Woman and Ausiello lobbies for a Spike tv film. Joss reacts positively to the idea.

Joss Says

"Everybody is in agreement that casting is not an issue right now," he says. "It's not a vehicle to be built around a particular star. We want to write the thing, find the right character and then figure out who should play her".

"I think we will go a little younger than the traditional idea of WonderWoman"

"The new Princess Diana will likely be played by someone outside the Buffyverse "It's a movie not a party for my friends"".

"[Spike] is not necessarily something that I would write and direct myself," he suggested. "I have a lot of brilliant friends who worked with me for many years who might be able to take the helm — somebody who both James [Marsters] and I would trust."

I've touched up your subject line slightly. Interesting news about the Spike tv movie, you would wonder if anyone in TV land actually talks to each other.
Thanks, I changed some stuff after your addition, sometimes you are so fast in adding/changing that I havent finished the original posting before you start changing it.

It is interesting and no they seem to need the media to help them talk to each other, if this actually happens I think Ausiello really should have that producer credit.
"[Spike] is not necessarily something that I would write and direct myself," he suggested. "I have a lot of brilliant friends who worked with me for many years who might be able to take the helm ó somebody who both James [Marsters] and I would trust."

For the writer, Doug Petrie would seem to be the best choice, but I kind of hope he doesn't also direct. I think Petrie as writer/producer and Nick Marck as director would be great.
It's intriguing how the internet is changing the way certain things can be done. Because it's so immediate and responsive to commentary, I kinda think the online medium is starting to function as the string between disparate parties (the two tin cans, if you catch my metaphorical drift) who feel (or should that be 'hear'?) each other out at a distance before committing actual face time to an issue or project.

It's almost as if JW and Janollari are talking to one another about the Spike movie through articles and interviews, which makes this article part of the ongoing dialogue. So meta! ;)
"[Spike] is not necessarily something that I would write and direct myself," he suggested. "I have a lot of brilliant friends who worked with me for many years who might be able to take the helm ó somebody who both James [Marsters] and I would trust."

Exactly what i was thinking. As much as i would absolutely love Joss to do it himself. The fact is that there are three or four people that could do an absolutely fantastic job with running a Spike project. David Fury may be too busy at the moment but Marti Noxon is potentially about to have plenty of time on her hands and we all know how much she loves working with James.

I'd actually quite like to see David Greenwalt do it, is he doing anything right now?

I think now is the best time to let those involved know exactly how much we want to see this. Things look very good but there is still the potential for communication breakdown. Let's be honest, with the WB you practically have to write things down on big signs and hit them repeatedly over the head before they listen to anything, even then they don't always get it right.

If there is going to be a televised continuation of the slayerverse then now could be the time to make it happen, we really can't let this slip away.
David Greenwalt hasn't done anything since Jake 2.0 from what I can gather, so he may be available. Personally, I'd like to see what Tim Minear could come up with.

But again it's a case of wait and see. Joss is willing to hand it over to some one else but whether the WB will ok the idea is anyone's guess. Would a tv movie bring in enough viewers for the WB to justify it? Yes I know the WB isn't doing well in the ratings but instead of forking out a couple of million dollars for a 2 hour tv movie, all they would have to do is show a re-run of LOTR in the same time slot.

The bottom line is that it is not about the fans. It's about the money.

Presenting the WB with a case that said that a TV movie will bring X number of viewers in the right demographic area would be a lot more productive than saying "Plsz show a SpIKE MoVie!!".
For me there is only one writer if Joss can't and that's Drew Goddard. And otherwise David Greenwalt. He introduced Spike in BtVS S2 afterall.
The big news is that they're gonna go with someone young. Well, that puts to rest some of the casting rumors. :)
What is young?
The bottom line is that it is not about the fans. It's about the money.

Presenting the WB with a case that said that a TV movie will bring X number of viewers in the right demographic area would be a lot more productive than saying "Plsz show a SpIKE MoVie!!".

Firstly i should say that, given another option, i'd rather not see this end up on the WB anyway, but if that is the only choice then so be it. As for what Simon said, i couldn't agree more. During the Save Angel campaign i was equally concerned that the WB were getting the right kind of correspondance from the fanbase. What worried me at the time was not so much the "Plsz save Angel" crowd so much as the abusive e-mails and letters that were being sent, as if insulting the WB was going to make them more likely to do what we wanted. It is important that they are given the correct input from the fans and that they understand that this will be a wise move financially.

However i would argue that it is as much about the fans as the money, in fact the two could not be more connected. The WB need to know that the fanbase is there as that is what is going to generate the viewing figures and then the money after that. It is important that they receive plenty of constructive input but a few hundred well written letters would be all the more impressive when backed up with another ten thousand or so "We Want Spike!" postcards. Quality backed up by quantity cannot hurt.

What they need to understand is the knock on effects of making the Spike movie would be more beneficial to them than not making the movie. They must have realised that the dip in ratings of all their other shows, Smallville especially, is at least partly due to losing the Whedon fanbase. Letting them know that you are more likely to go back to some of their other series, or better yet that you will check out future new series, can only help matters.

Simon is correct though, this needs to be treated as a financial decision, because that is how the WB will see it. Let them know they will benefit and then we are in with a chance.
Greenwalt, with Jane Espenson--since most of us Spike fans love her dearly. Also would LOVE DeKnight to be involved.
Yeah my first thought was Jane Espenson with Nick Marck directing it.
Oh yes Twiggy...Jane loves Spike and has such talent. I think Greenwalt would be great too, and he was interested in working with James on another series earlier this year.
It would be incredible if this happens. I just wish that FOX would realize the amount of revenue this could bring them. If they make the movie, run it and then put out the DVD they will probably recoup everything they spent in the first place.


While I am optimistic, I still am trying to contain my excitement because we have been burned so often. I also am not too thrilled with the WB...but I still continue to send cards. Think I'll be sending cards to other networks as well.
Boy...I'd love a Spike movie on HBO...I'll even pay for it. Can you imagine where they could go on a network like that? Maybe something IS starting to fall into place...hope...hope....
And God bless Mike Ausiello.....I am quickly becoming one of his greatest rock Mike !!!!!
Spike movie - yes please!

Everything is a financial decision and there are no guarantees, sometimes people have to take a chance - look at Lost - didn't the guy that approved it get fired because he approves spending so much money on it (filming in Hawaii) and isn't Lost one of their top rated shows? The man took a chance - it didn't go well for him but his employer benefited.

When it comes to the entertainment industry (and TV in particular) I only know what I read here at Whedonesque, I am not very informed but it seems every show decision is a risk, but James is a sure thing, Spike is very popular, big fan base - these are elements that are known.

Love Jane Espenson, Doug Petrie and Drew Goddard and would be happy with any of them doing the writing.
I would love to see a Spike movie or spin-off but when reading the article my feeling was 'look how well these to guys pandered to the TV Guide guy without committing to a thing.' In fact they both said nothing that hasn't been said before albeit in a slightly different way. I'm hoping we'll see James Marsters in a series again but it is far more likely that he will be picked up by somebody who sees that he is more than Spike through vehicles like Cool Money,The Dresden Files, or even something that he might be auditioning for as we write.
I LOVE Mike Ausiello!!!

I think David Greenwalt and Jane Espenson would do an excellent job with a Spike movie. I agree with those who don't really want it on the WB, but would take it if that's the only option. I don't see why FOX couldn't put it on FX, it would get great ratings for their cable network and they could make big bucks selling the DVDs.

I'd glad they're focusing more on the script than on who should play Wonder Woman. I think you have to get the material before you can figure out who is best to perform the role.
My if-Joss-won't-do-it vote would absolutely be for the wonderful, talented and very atttractive Jane Espenson.

Jane adores Spike. Spike fans almost uniformly adore Jane. I think this would be the perfect match in the eyes of many. (Speaking, as I do, for many. Many tends to be confused and argumentative, so I speak on many's behalf. The few, meak and independant don't need my help. ;) )

To direct? Umm... uhh... David Boreanaz? *cackles evilly and whirls away* Mwahahahaaaa!
Oh my Bad Kitty...bad bad bad.......actually...I think it would be great to have DB direct...he did a good job of it on Angel....and then he could make a cameo....right?
As he is still busy getting his heart ripped out by Fox again and again, Tim Minear is probably not an option, but I am with Simon that I would like to see him doing the Spike thing. Watching his Firefly episodes I feel that as a writer he has become better and better. Iím trying to word this in a way that doesnít sound as if he was no good before, but what I mean is that he has become noticeably more assured and brilliant as time has gone on. I would totally trust him. (I havenít seen Wonderfalls, my DVD player is reg 2 only and I donít want to mess with it, sob, but I would love to.)

Very, very mixed feelings if the WB were to be involved and not believing a single word they say. Again, why hang around for stupid television with all the stupid restrictions and a budget that is going to be stupidly low anyway based on past experience? Why not just do the film straight to DVD? Make a better film, release it simultaneously worldwide and sell more copies.

I know it sounds naÔve, but what I am suggesting is actually not that completely unthinkable.

Oh, and Marti, always a good choice, as then James would get his kit off aplenty.
A SPIKE tv-project!
THAT is what I wanted to hear. This has been a dull and depressing day untill now!
David Greenwalt and Jane Espenson would be brilliant! I (but then WHO am I...) would prefer Greenwalt since he co-created Angel and I would give him some credit for making Angel a solid show and not just a spinn-off.
Well done, Mike Ausiello !If a Spike Movie happens, he will have been very instrumental.
Jane would be an excellent choice to write, or Steve - but David G, David F, Drew and Tim would all be great as well. Depends on availability, if and when.
Does anyone know if, and, how or if not this has anything to do with Gail Berman leaving regards to a Spike project?
Well, my personal opinion is that Gail Berman leaving Fox will have very little effect either way on this happening. The Buffyverse is what it is by this point and it will either be strong enough to stand on it's own, without a specific advocate, or it won't. Gail possibly would have been useful but ultimately i tend to think Fox already know that they have a profitable commodity in the Buffyverse. It's the potential networks that made need a little more persuading.
I'm thinking we should send Ausiello something on his birthday - early if necessary. He has been with us in all our trials. He is one of us and deserves much gratitude.
Berman was President of the Fox Broadcasting and its true that she was a strong advocate for the verse, but I don't think her departure will have much of an effect. 20th Century Fox is in charge of the actual production, which is run by Dana Walden and Gary Newman (although Walden is one of the names listed as someone who could take over Berman's spot). I think they're aware of the profitability of the Buffyverse, so I'm not too concerned. We should keep reminding them, of course. ;)
Killinj, with that in mind do you (or anyone else here for that matter) have any idea's for pushing the Spike telemovie? My website building talents extend to posting on here and occasionally making words bold but if anyone intends on organising anything with regard to promoting the telemovie in a similar way to the Faith the Vampire Slayer site then i'd be more than willing to help out in any way i could. I know this is really out of our hands but i would hate to give the WB or Fox the excuse that we just didn't seem bothered enough.

If anyone is planning anything, feel free to email me at the address in my profile.
I know SUPPORT SPIKE have been working for a while on getting us a movie, but we really need to kick this up in high gear. This sounds....(dare I say it).... hopeful.
We get good news today--that was fun! Not that anything's been confirmed, but I'm still much more optimistic about it than I was an hour ago. Also, since it wouldn't be a prequel, maybe we would get some Where Are They Now? on some of the other Buffyverse characters as well, which is nice. And get to see some of 'em too.

And, because this is probably about as good a chance as any I'll ever have to talk about this, here's my thing with Mike Ausiello's writing. I frequent often, and while his column is always very informative, his jokes annoy me to no end because they're never as funny as they think they are. I know, that's mean, because he seems nice enough...but wow. That felt good. You may now return to your regularly scheduled conversation.
Having the project talked about, particularly by anyone connected with TV Guide, is always good publicity.
I still haven't seen the results from Kristen's (on E!) poll,
but I'm sure there were a lot of votes for a lot of the characters
(with Spike leading the pack, I'm assuming)
sooner or later (hopefully sooner) they'll put together a project.
knock on wood.
Warlock, I recomment you join the efforts of Support Spike. Oh, and I have LOTS of ideas for promoting a Spike movie, but I tend to keep them within to confines of the above mentioned group.

We need to pester Kristen for those results. She was supposed to announce them on March 19th. Love her, but she's not always punctual. As I recall, we had to wait awhile longer for the James interview as well.

I'm working on a little "thank-you" for Mike Ausiello. Just need help confirming a delivery address.
I've actually been looking around the Support Spike site already. I'll have a closer look later tonight to see what plans they have.

To be fair to Kristin i think she only said that the poll closed on March 19th, not that this was when she would announce the results. Having said that it has been four days now so hopefully we won't have to wait much longer.
There's a yahoo group - that's were most of the organizing happens.
This is really great news. My picks to write would be (in order of preference) Jane, Doug, Drew, Marty. Bad Kitty, I would LOVE DB to direct and make a cameo. Probably won't happen though. His Soul Purpose was one of my favorite Angel episodes.

I'm glad Joss is focusing on the script and NOT the actress. It sounds like it will be an unknown since I can't think of anyone not in the buffyverse and who is in their early 20's. I would actually love to see some fame come to someone new, and all because of Joss!

I'm also very interested in what Kristin's poll will tell us. I keep checking E!, but alas...nothing.

I'm a little sad that it sounds like WB is the likely choice of networks, but hey I'll take it. Simon, you are so right. The focus is and has always been about money. We of course want to come across as devoted fans, but some personalized, thought provoked letters rationalizing the situation from a finantial perspective as well as a personal perspective could do nothing but help.
Being that the Media world and Hollywood are recognizing the strength in TV on DVD and Buffy being the second best selling TV-show on DVD they SHOULD see that any kind of Spike TV project would probably generate a nice profit on disc.
Yes but it has to be commercially viable to the network actually showing the TV movie as well. The WB and UPN made zilch from the sales of the Buffy and Angel DVDS.

Maybe Joss or the fans could convince 20th Century Fox Television Production to offer the WB a very reasonable deal for the first-run broadcasting rights.
Better yet, why doesn't 20th Century Fox Production offer it to their sister company the FX network?
The bottom line is that it is not about the fans. It's about the money.

I thought it is about the power?
Better yet, why doesn't 20th Century Fox Production offer it to their sister company the FX network?

Because if you want the Buffyverse to continue, it needs to be made available to the widest range of people possible. Not all Buffyverse fans have cable. Not all Buffyverse fans can afford DVDs.
Movie Hole has a very interesting "spin" on this story.
Huge smiles, Lioness.

Thank you for the link, killinj. Nothing really new here, but the more exposure the better!!!
I disagree that for the Buffyverse to continue it has to be on a network. Lots of great shows are thriving on cable. Besides, alot of Buffyverse fans had to have cable in order to get either the WB or UPN. Fans can rent DVDs or get them from their local library - they don't have to buy them to watch them.
I've said for a very long time that good genre shows don't need the networks to thrive. Let the nets have their reality shows and let's see the likes of Sci Fi and HBO take over when it comes to science fiction and fantasy. To me that is the most natural way for things to now develop. It may not be fair for those that can't afford to subscribe to cable channels but it is the networks that are cancelling all the genre shows in the first place. The way i see it, it is going to be a choice between getting cable or not seeing any genre shows soon anyway.

For example, a show based in the slayerverse will never get the kind of audience that the big four networks want to see. Even the two netlets are now considering themselves above genre television, whether that is wise is a different issue but it is a fact.

If the slayerverse, Star Trek or any other of this kind of franchise wish to grow then it will need to be on a channel that recognises quality. Look at the quality of Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica on Sci Fi or Carnivale on HBO and tell me that a Spike or Faith show couldn't be made of equal quality on either of those channels. Maybe even an eventual Firefly revival in mini series format. Combine this with DVD sales to keep Fox happy and you have what it takes to keep on telling stories from the slayerverse for a very long time to come. The options are there, they just need to be explored and seriously considered.
Oooh, Jane Espenson and Doug Petrie to write! Pretty please? I'd be okay with Tim Minear directing, or ideally Nick Marck. He did SUCH a good job with Fool for Love.

Young, eh? What young dark-haired woman who can quite likely kick some ass does Joss work well with? Summer Glau of course! Although she's SKINNY. I'd love Eliza Dushku. Oh, god. Someone shut me up. No more casting talk.
I believe that by moving to a cable network, it would devalue the franchise. It would appeal to the existing fans and that's it. If you want the Buffyverse to continue, you have bring in new fans and at the risk of repeating myself yet again, these fans have to come from the widest possible audience. You can't keep making shows for a diminishing fanbase. And let's be honest here. Since Buffy and Angel have ended, the fanbase has diminished considerably.

Would we all be here if Buffy had been on a cable network from the beginning? Very probably not.

And it could be argued that snice Lost and Medium are doing so well on terrestrial networks, it shows that there is a mainstream audience who want to see genre shows.
Well Simon, that depends. If the cable network was HBO, I think the answer to your question would be: yes and then some. SciFi ? Not so much.
I believe that by moving to a cable network, it would devalue the franchise.

I simply don't agree. There are some very valuable properties on cable. Plus, I think cable provides more creative freedom. Can you imagine what the writers could do without being tied down by the restrictions of a network? I think that would improve the franchise. It just doesn't matter to me whether its on a network or cable. Either way would be good for the Verse.

It would appeal to the existing fans and that's it.

It's a telemovie based on a character from two Whedonverse shows, so its going to appeal predominately to existing fans regardless of where it ends up.

the fanbase has diminished considerably

Hmmm, fewer fans are actively talking about the shows online because the shows are no longer on the air. That much is true. I doubt people who were fans of the show when it was on the air have stopped being fans altogether. So, I'm not sure how you can argue that the fanbase itself has greatly diminished.

Would we all be here if Buffy had been on a cable network from the beginning?

Luckily, this isn't about the very beginning. We're talking about TV Movies based on an established TV Series that's critically acclaimed and has a cult following.

And it could be argued that snice Lost and Medium are doing so well on terrestrial networks, it shows that there is a mainstream audience who want to see genre shows.

Indeed. Nothing would make me happier than to see the Whedonverse on the likes of ABC, but since you're trying to be realistic here, then you know the odds of that happening. That leaves us with the WB and UPN, which frankly don't do much better in the ratings than cable.
imo, the best high quality current tv show is Nip/Tuck, on cable only. Great reviews and decent fanbase. You either love it or hate it, I think. SO addictive. Those that work on the show have often said they are happy with the arrangement. They know it appeals to a narrow audience, but they feel that is made up for by the large number of repeats. I wonder how many Whedon fans have network only. I'm a basic cabler.
Would we all be here if Buffy had been on a cable network from the beginning? Very probably not.

Maybe not, but airing exclusively on cable didn't stop The Sopranos, Sex and The City, The Shield, or Nip/Tuck from finding an audience.
If the cable network was HBO, I think the answer to your question would be: yes and then some.

While I pretty much knew it wasn't going to happen, I, for one, dreaded the "Move it to HBO" suggestions that floated around when Angel was cancelled. I know HBO is huge, for a pay-cable network, but there are actually plenty of us who still can't participate in any Sopranos watercooler talk unless we rent the DVDs about a year later. Or whatever. If Buffy were on a cable network, I know quite a few people, myself included, who just wouldn't have gotten into it. Especially since, at least initially, the show's target audience was teenagers, and to be honest, we're not all that good at getting our parents to pay so that we can watch more TV.
I'd have to agree that it would be best for all concerned if a Buffyverse show could compete on one of the big four networks. I personally would love to think that there would be a night in the future where Lost was followed by Spike the Series or Illyria. However i don't think any of us here think that is going to happen. Whilst the more serious, less humourous, slightly darker genre shows like Lost and Medium might just do well enough, shows like Buffy, Angel and Firefly are such unique series that they just don't attract enough people to get the ratings they need. Those that want the action don't want the humour, those that enjoy the humour don't want the arc heavy stories, and so on. The few of us that really understand what Joss is trying to do aren't enough to make the larger networks take an interest.

WindTheFrog has already pointed out a number of shows that have made it big whilst only airing on cable, there are also shows like Carnivale and Deadwood that are just starting to make a name for themselves right now. The Stargate fanbase is easily the equal of the Whedon fanbase, despite the fact that the show has only ever aired on Showtime and Sci Fi. I see absolutely no reason why a show the quality of Buffy could not have done equally well under those same circumstances. Today, with a fanbase already loyal and ready to go, it should be even easier for a Spike show to do the business.

The downside of a move to HBO or other cable channel is that some of the fans will not be able to watch, this i agree would be a great shame. However if the alternative is that a new series never gets made and nobody gets to see it i think i know which option i prefer. Surely having to wait until the DVD's appear is better than never getting anything at all.
So I take it they're going to cast some anorexic teeny-bopper to play Wonder Woman.
I think saying in her twenties is another way of saying he wants Morena...
and he doesn't want all those ladies in their mid-Thirties who are being suggested online and in TV Guide.
Actually I'm curious if Joss is going to really get creative control here,
or if he is going to be forced to make a lot of compromises.
I'd LIKE very much to see Jane Espenson's name in the credits. David Greenwalt, Drew Goddard, Tim Minear, and Marti Noxon would be nice too. However, at this point I don't care if the Spike movie becomes a Spike Lee Joint, if it means it'll get done. This is the closest thing to a greenlight we've heard since ..well since EVER. We got a snowball's chance in hell, now. Will someone please just kick the damned snowball down the hill so we can get an avalanche going, already? Please.
I agree that it would be for the better if a possible Spike project would be shown on a network channel, even though, if you like me live in an area were you need cabel to watch UPN and The WB any way. The reason for this is the profile. Sure HBO has managed to give some of teir shows a huge profile but from what I understand they have had problems getting the hype from "Sopranos" and "Sex in the City" to transfer to many of their newer shows like "entourage".

Simon - Funny you would mention "Lost" and "Medium" the letters (notes) I have mailed out to various Janollari etc, etc I have brought just those two shows up.
OOh a SPIKE movie. So what, it would have all the dramatic possibilities of a "FRIDAY THE 13TH PRT. 89: BLOOD CAN BE SQUEEZED FROM A STONE."

As for WONDER WOMAN, I may not be a big reader of the comic, but I'm aware of it enough to know that the character requires a certain level of maturity about her. Wonder Woman should be played by someone like Claudia Black or Charisma Carpenter. She shouldn't be played by some pneumatic teeny bopper with a record deal; if they do that Joss might as well cast Hilary Duff or Lindsey Lohan.
OOh a SPIKE movie. So what, it would have all the dramatic possibilities of a "FRIDAY THE 13TH PRT. 89: BLOOD CAN BE SQUEEZED FROM A STONE."

Suffice it to say that I disagree with this statement in the strongest possible terms . Spike's character, like so many of the wonderful characters from the Jossverse has so many stories left to tell.. and if Joss saw the possibilities for a season 6 then I trust him to find an exciting way to continue Spike's story in a film.

And even if you're not a Spike fan just pause to consider that this film could just possibly open the doors to other films.. hell we might even get " Ripper" or a Faith tale .

[ edited by debw on 2005-03-24 22:40 ]
Jane, David F., Tim, Drew, these are all great choices for a Spike movie. I'm sorry to say after BUFFY 6 and 7 and PP I'm a little skittish about Marti. If Nick Marck is the director of "Fool for Love" then he's a great choice for director.

Since 20th Century Fox owns the show maybe it should air on Fox rather than the WB. The DVD profits will go to them. At any rate, shouldn't we start a campaign (like sending Jollinari poetry that describes him as "effulgent" or something that) to show we're responding specifically to the Ausiello article? And to show how much we want a 'Verse movie?
DebW, i could not agree more. I would admit that the Buffy/Spike relationship storyline had started to wear a little thin by the end of season seven. As much as i loved them as a couple things were being drawn out for far too long. It was like Moonlighting, only with a supernatural edge. If they had continued to write him just as Buffy's other half then i feel he may have become a little two dimensional. The same could be said for Angel though, it was only when he left and got his own mission that he truely came into his own as a character.

Spike deserves the same opportunity. Give him his own telemovie, or better yet series, and let him develop into his own kind of hero, without the baggage he carries whilst he is around Buffy and Angel. Only then can you really judge him as an individual character.
OK, am joined up at Support Spike (thanx for the heads up BTW)
And I have my emails, letters, postcards armed and am ready to use them. If we all jump on this we might actually make it happen. I'm getting a little excited! Yay!
I would love a Spike movie.

Of course I would love for Joss to write it himself and maybe Greenwalt to direct because imo Joss writes Spike the best, he's the one who nails all aspects of his character.

However, since Joss will be too busy to write the movie my second choice would be for SdK and Jane to collaborate with Joss doing any necessary finetuning and then for Greenwalt to direct.
Completely agree with you, Warlock. Personally I would mostly like to see him with Xander, Faith and Illyria. Faith because she cool (and hot). Illyria because she's interesting. Xander because Xander gives Spike more character depth and realism. And unlike with Angel, Spike won't be in Xander's shadow.
I truly hope this happens and I agree with so many others that feel Spike deserves the chance to shine on his own. His character was so unique and in such contrast to Angel that I think there are many more interesting sides to him that can be explored. If Joss or the writers need ideas...go take a look at the Spike virtual series or the many fan fics that are out there. I would love to see Illyria and Xander show up, as well as Faith, or Andrew...the more the merrier. I also implore those who think this idea has no merit to look at the opportunity it may present for other films to happen. We just need to keep them listening to our noise. Let them know we want more from the Verse. Maybe it will finally happen.
Yes, that is an important thing to remember - if there is a Spike movie there will most likely be other other familiar faces in it with him. And yes, I also agree Xander would be great for Spike to play off of and I also love the idea of Illyria. Faith not so much. I wasn't a big Faith fan when she first appeared on Buffy but I've grown to love the character. I'd rather see this movie with Spike, Illyria and Xander and maybe one other verse character and then if that's a success or becomes a spin-off have Faith be a recurring guest character and possibly spin-off into her own movie/series.

I'd love the idea of Spike, Illyria and Wesley but I think that would be considered too much like AtS without Angel and I'd like to see Spike's character have a chance to distance himself from both BtVS and AtS.

[ edited by Firefly Flanatic on 2005-03-25 05:07 ]
To be honest i'd be happy with pretty much any supporting cast right now. Hell, they could probably right a good movie based around Spike and Riley teaming up. I actually enjoyed the way they bounced insults off of one another during season five of Buffy. That scene where Riley attacks Spike with a plastic stake and then they sit and share a beer in Into the Woods was very cool.

Really though, as long as the telemovie allows Spike to stay in the spotlight i don't mind who appears with him. If it was able to set up an Illyria series at the same time, all the better. :)

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