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March 23 2005

I won't do anything silly with Wonder Woman says Whedon. An insightful interview (and there's video clips of Joss as well). If you're interested in the development history of the movie, have a look at this review of a pre-Whedon script from 2001.

"An insightful interview"

^^I'm not gonna lie, Simon. This really sounded like an oximoron to me at first, however this interview (and clips) put even more faith in me about this movie--not like I ever had any doubt in Joss's abilities :)
I agree MySerenity;
Simon: thank you for bringing this here, it is VERY interesting.
TaraLivesOn: THANK YOU for the video clips, particularly that second one is very interesting.
I think it gives us an insight of why Joss took the project and what he wants to see come out of it.
I'm getting very excited about this project!
Joss is fuzzy!

Its so weird to see Joss' face on the MTV web site.(repeatedly)

Good article though.
Great link, thanks, dude. He's gonna get so many Buffy comparisons if he does WW's "coming of age and into womanhood whilst being a secret Superhero" story, but who cares? Buffy's an awesome comparison. At least, I mean, her script and story as he wrote it are pretty much awesome. He'll make us luuuuurve WW.
He might get that comparison but that's also precisely why he's right for this job. He's done this before. He knows how to do it. He's familiar with the comic book industry and WW's place in it. I think this is a no-brainer.

...Does this mean in the upper right hand corner of we're soon to see a picture of Wonder Woman's face accompanying that of Charisma Carpenter, Anthony Stewart Head, Emma Caulfield, et. al.? Because that illustration of Fray has been looking pretty lonely up there.
I so rarely see mention of Fray anywhere. Read it last week. Love, love, love her. Got all teary eyed in one part. *Sniff*
Loved Joss's take on the bracelets and the lasso. But what about the giant kangaroos and the purple healing ray!? :-) Also, I find it a little teensy weensy itsy bit of a huh? that Joss isn't aware of what Greg Rucka's currently doing with the title. I'm finding it ever so much more fun than even Perez's run.
I so rarely see mention of Fray anywhere. Read it last week. Love, love, love her. Got all teary eyed in one part. *Sniff*

I have to say that I'm psyched for WW since Joss is doing it, but I'm really, really hoping he's going to get around to making a Fray movie one of these days. That's one original comic heroine who was *born* for the silver screen treatment.

The comments about WW's bracelets and lasso piqued my interest, too. Instead of retaining them simply because they're part of Diana's past, he'll do that thing where he figures out exactly how to tie them into her character arc so they resonate as powerful symbols with more than one level of meaning, which he'll then use to zap us with a potent emotional moment we won't forget. I just bet!
Out of interest, what did people think of the movie script that I linked to? I have to say it didn't sound too hot and I'm glad Joss is writing a new script.
Simon - with the rider that we were only getting a second-hand version (and that written by a critic *spits bitter taste from mouth*), I thought it was awful. I still have mixed feelings about this entire WW project and that's the kind of script that would have left people saying "I wish we could go back to the good old Catwoman days - you know when that was the worst movie in human history, not that bloody Wonder Woman dreck!"

BUT (and this is why I am so conflicted) so much of what Joss has said since the announcement has been about avoiding that kind of overblown, unoriginal drivel. Every time I hear Joss speak my conflict abates just a little.

If anyone can Joss can - hell that's why I come to a place called WHEDONesque, after all. When you have a hero, you don't want to see them fall- I don't ever want to see Joss fall but I do want to see him take risks. That's my conflict, I guess!
Simon, still having tears in my eyes from the news that Joss is not doing the X-men film.

Even though I trust Joss to make a great film, I suspect marketing will be the hurdle to overcome, I still cannot see the hook, the thing that will make people go see the film, skimpy outfits only goes so far as we have seen, maybe the WW have good name recognition in the US, around here not so much.

The article mentions some valid points, to much recycling of old ideas will not make this film fly, something original is required to make the film distinctive from all other comic book films, and yes the villain can make or break a film, as the article mention the evil CEO have been done in to many films already something else is required to make a worthwhile adversary.
When you can make marketing as much based on the villain as your hero ( see Star Wars ) you know that there will be a conflict that people will want to see play out on the big screen.
nice, JPR, i had not yet given much thought to WW's villians/demons (?).
Kathy writes:
Also, I find it a little teensy weensy itsy bit of a huh? that Joss isn't aware of what Greg Rucka's currently doing with the title. I'm finding it ever so much more fun than even Perez's run.

Agreed. Sort of Wonder Woman meets West Wing.
Simon, the ideas in the original script were puke-inducing! I can't imagine Joss' script being anything like that and I'm sure it won't be. I think Joss understands the essence of this character and that she's on a mission of peace. Thematically this is very different from Buffy so it'll be great to see the story Joss creates. Going with a younger actress means that WW probably will not be as self-assured and God-like as she is the comics. I can see it being about her discovering what a person of her power with her philosphy can and should do in this "man's world" of ours. Dr. Psycho probably won't be a big part of that. Now, Cheetah on the other hand...;)

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