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March 23 2005

Some things onscreen are best left unseen. Cordelia's roomie Dennis and TV show Lost mentions.

"Nanny, Muppet Babies. "

Ha! Nanny made the list. That's awesome.

Well, if Lost's monster were an actual monster (which...I don't know), it seems like one of the cases where keeping it unseen might actually be the wrong choice. I know, the alternative--seeing a monster--might be equally lame, but not seeing it just seems so...predictable.

On the other hand, if they could find a way to do it without resorting to the frustrating "Agh! It's just off-camera!" technique, than maybe it would work. But I don't really know what that would be.
It's good to see even invisible Buffyverse characters get press mentions :)
I, too, like that Dennis got a mention (and I did envy Cordy her thoughtful ghost!).

Dunno about "Lost." I'm just going with it, not thinking too much about it.
It would be fun to see "Reavers from Firefly" on that list.

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I have often wondered whatever happened to Phantom Dennis...he must have been as bereft or even more so than the others at Cordy's disappearance.
Do you think they were able to meet up after Cordy died? Maybe she moved back in. That'd make an interesting sitcom where both main characters were always invisible.
It's nice to see mentions of Phantom Dennis, and I agree with the comment that the Lost "monster" should remain unseen. But the article did get its South Park lore wrong. You actually do get to see Kenny sans parka in the hilarious Jeffersons episode.
Not to mention the South Park movie.

If it does end up that the Lost creature (?) remains unseen, we at least have to be told what it is. If it's indeed something that exists in a physical sense, especially if it's something living and breathing (or mechanical as some have suggested) and isn't merely a spirit or force of nature that manifests occasionally...then it's only fair to the audience to at least get a description of how it looks from the other characters. I dunno, I'm really not sure that even that would satisfy most viewers. I have a feeling many will feel cheated if we never get to see it. But personally? I don't care all that much about it. The mystery-of-the-beast may've been the most intriguing aspect of the plot initially, but after the first few episodes I was far more interested in the other mysteries and the characters themselves.

Aw, I still kinda hate that Phantom Dennis just got left behind without them giving us any explanation as to what happened to him. Did he even get a mention in "You're Welcome" ?
No Kris, sadly Dennis was never mentioned. Perhaps he could have a cameo on our hopefully Spike movie. Did you guys notice that the article also mentions Wonder Woman's jet? funny.
Yea, the last I recall of Dennis was Fred telling him to put something down as Cordelia was not coming back, and they were trying to pack her things.
Biff Turkle, I like the idea of Cordy and Dennis meeting up as ghosts; that might have made it an easier transition. But, of course, we'd need to talk about how and why people become ghosts (because of unfinished business? wrongful death?). I did wonder how Dennis felt when Cordy disappeared, too. I hope the next person to get that great "Room w/ a Vue" (?) was nice to him.
Oh, Phantom Dennis ... how I miss that invisible guy. Never did a girl have a nicer spook at her beck and call. And so handy with a loofah!

I felt so unsatisfied with the way PhD's story ended, I wrote a fic where Angel showed up to go through Cordy's most private things and ended up "talking over" her disappearance with him. I always particularly enjoyed Dennis and Angel's 'dead guy' cameraderie, and padding out what we didn't see allowed me to experience that interaction I felt Dennis (and Angel) would need, both being introspective, bottled-up types who might not have expressed their true feelings to anyone else. As far as TV Team Angel was concerned, out of sight really was out of mind where PhD was concerned :(

Re: The Lost monster -- I guess I fall into the "keep it vague" club. My interest in what's going on with the island doesn't revolve around knowing the creature's identity (although I'm not averse to being teased with further hints so I can draw more informed conclusions on my own). I'm afraid that if they do show it in all its glory (unless it really is invisible, or a manifestation of the castaways' collective ids, or something else where seeing it doesn't give very much away) and it's a visual disappointment, my enjoyment of the entire series is liable to suffer irreparable damage.

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