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"Good work zombie arm!"
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March 23 2005

Seth Green to guest star on season finale of 'Will and Grace'. In the 2 part episode Seth plays a former child star. The blurb is at the very bottom of the page.

I believe this should be added to the list of "Some things are better left unseen" :)
Oz and Karen together? A new ship is born ;).
Can I volunteer to be the one that fires the torpedo that sinks that ship before its lethal cargo is unleashed upon an unsuspecting public?
Urgent Morse code to Angel in the U-boat. Top secret. Read and destroy.

"Opportunity to earn major redemption brownie points. Stop. Hazardous cargo. Stop. Proceed with caution. Stop. Ship must not be allowed to land. Stop. Use all force necessary. Stop."

Love Seth Green and like W&G, but you can always tell when a show is going down, down, down the moment the quotient of guest stars increases exponentially to make up for the fact that the writers have run out of ideas. Shame good shows arenít allowed to die willingly and gracefully.
Shame good shows arenít allowed to die willingly and gracefully.

Well said, Miranda...(will)ingly and (grace)fully.

Has this once great show "jumped the shark?" It's nice to see Seth make an appearance, though.
"Willingly and gracfully"
very clever, gave me a giggle
To be truthful, i never liked the show in the first place, way before most people started thinking it had passed it's best. You got the feeling that the cast just knew that people were loving them and they became far to sure of themselves for my tastes. When a show that features two gay male characters actually becomes too camp for it's own good you know something isn't right. It just really didn't work for me at all.

Hope Seth gets some more worthwhile work in the future.

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