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March 24 2005

(SPOILER) Caroline Dhavernas talks WF, new films, personal fear. has lengthy talk with the busy (and former) "Jaye Tyler." Caroline has completed two films and is working in Europe on a third (although timeline not so clear).

Some SPOILERS I suppose for those who haven't seen DVDs, which came out Feb. 1.

I'm...kinda...crushing on her now. Before it was just Jaye, but now the actor too. Just a little.

Good interview. I really wanna see These Girls now.
Caroline Dhavernas is very crushable. I don't blame you, Kris. I want to see These Girls too. It sounds really funny. I want to see David Boreanaz with that desperate, trapped look on his face when he realizes the girls are more than he bargained for. Hee!
What's in a name. I'd like to be her. She's cool.

Wasn't gonna, but now I want that DVD.
You won't regret it Caroline. Wonderfalls is a pleasure to watch.
Yeah, Caroline, so pleasureable, as ESG says, that it's hard not to wish for more Wonderfalls. What a great cast overall, too.

CD has high Crushability Index . . . sigh . . .
Majorly crushing on CD. If you at all liked any of the aired episodes, the unaired ones will blow you away. It is seriously some of the best tv ever, imo.

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