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March 24 2005

March update from Jewel Staite. Jewel briefly talks about her experiences at Wizard World, as well as what she is up to right now.

Hey, she's inviting Vancouver fans to go see her sing at a show. Interesting.
This is possibly my favorite Jewel update yet actually. I mean, of course it's fun to hear about new projects and so on (because that means more Jewel on the screen, which is great for both me and her) but the thing is that we get those updates anyway and the really interesting bits is reading about her as a person. For example, that whole part about the shoes was great, that's when we get to know about how Jewel Staite's brain work. I'm rejoicing. I'm not sure how it happened, but I seem to be slowly turning from a Kaylee fan into Jewel Staite fan... Odd...

As a second note, I'm starting to get sick of everything fun happening everywhere else but here... I'm beginning to believe that I'm living on the wrong continent.
I just found out that there's actually a Vancouver Firefly meet up group... it's just too tempting not to find out where they're meeting next. [1] What do they talk about at these meetup groups, I wonder? [2] What goes on? [3] Is there drinking?

Someone pass this along, will ya?

Dear Ms. Staite,
Though I'm not in Vancouver, I could probably answer your questions with an appreciable level of accuracy. First, they talk about you. Second, they have a lot of fun. Third, yes there is a good amount of drinking. Any Firefly Meetup anywhere on the planet would be honored to have you stop by. Expect the people who don't pass out at the sight of you, to buy you a drink, gush, stammer, stare hopelessly, and beg for your autograph. You're welcome.
Sincerely, a fan.

I used to go to the Buffy Meetups here in Dallas Texas. They were a lot of fun. ...Awww, shucks. She's married. Er, uhm, I mean good for her! *smirk*
She is so adorable. I love her personality, it seems to jump off the screen when you read it.
She's one of few onscreen actresses my bf compliments in front of me. He and I have an ongoing Buffy war but I convinced him to love Serentity by popping in the DVD before explaining Joss Whedon made it.
Kaylee is just the sweetest, and can't wait to see her on the big screen!!!!!
I've sent the comment along to the Vancouver Meetup group through both the Canadian Browncoats Group board and on the Vancouver Meetup . Hope they can go.
"What goes on? Is there drinking?"

If I'm there, there is!
Same here, Lioness. Send me a line if I can help.

Jewel is such a beautiful person. Hopefully, one of these days, I'll get a chance to meet her.
Jewel is such a beautiful person. Hopefully, one of these days, I'll get a chance to meet her.

Madhatter, you are absolutely correct. I actually did meet her, about two months ago at my neighourhood grocery store here in Vancouver; IMHO, she's even more gorgeous in person. More important than that is the fact that she's very kind and sweet to her fans plus she has genuine enthusiasm for her work (especially Firefly and Serenity). She was pleased to hear that I got my parents, aunt and uncle hooked on Firefly, so much that both couples bought their own copies of the DVD set. Just a few days after my birthday, I was feeling quite down but that chance meeting really turned my whole week around!
I wonder if Alan Tudyk still hangs out in Plano between acting gigs? He's not as pretty as Ms. Staite, but he's still pretty cool, and though Plano's north of where I am, it's not as far north of where I am as Vancouver.
gorramit, lucky you. She strikes me as a very 'down to earth' person and she really cares about her fans. In short, she's everyone's sweetheart. Bless her soul.

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