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March 24 2005

Happy Birthday Alyson Hannigan. She's 31 today.

Happy Birthday Alyson! Thanks for entertaining us so beautifully over the years, you're amazing ;)

Hope to see a role/cameo in the potential Spike project!
March 24th 1974 was a very good day, as I was born on that day too.

We're like psychic twins or something.
Happy birthday Alyson and Simon. Cheers!
Man, I wanted to say it was Simon's birthday also, but he beat me to it.
Happy Birthday Aly! I Hope you have many more to come!
Happy birthday, Simon!

Er is er een jarig, hoera, hoera
dat kun je wel zien dat is hij
dat vinden wij allen zo prettig, ja, ja
en daarom zingen wij blij
hij leve lang, hoera, hoera
hij leve lang, hoera, hoera
hij leve lang, hoera, hoera
hij leve lang, hoera

hieperdepiep, hoera!

Happy birthday to Alison and also to our very own Simon, of course. :)

Alyson turns 31 today and still looks like she has barely passed her teen years. Makes me feel a little better about hitting 30 later this year, hehe.
Yay, she and i are the same age! She's sooo inspiring.

Happy Birthday, Alyson! We love you!!!!
Happy birthday Simon and Alyson!
May you have what you wish for this year!
(as long as it isn't death and destruction and....) ;-)

[ edited by Lioness on 2005-03-24 15:07 ]
Happy Birthday to you both!
Happy Birthday, guys! :)

Alysson looks so good for her age.
Hey! How cool! Happy Birthday Simon! And to Alyson...many happy returns and the hugest of thanks for being Willow. My daughter has you to thank for the inspiration for her name. Willow lives! Any time you want to revisit her, we'll all be there.

Have a great day, both of you.
Happy Birthday Alyson, welcome to 31. Man, she looks soooo much better at 31 than I do.

Happy Birthday Simon, I hope you both have a great day.
Happy birthday to the both of you! I would have gotten you something but you're both very, very far away.
Happy birthday.

Caroline, je maakt me een beetje bang ;)
You're all very sweet and cheers to Caroline for singing to me in Dutch. That was lovely :).
Happy Birthday and Best Wishes to both Simon and AH.
(I'd sing it in Spanish, but my voice is so bad it even grates in print.)
Happy Birthday to Simon and Alyson. The efforts of these two fine individuals have enriched my life :) Thanks!!! Here's to many Happy Birthdays to come!
(don't you wish you were celebrating together?)
Alyson has brought me a lot of joy as Willow,
and I'm thilled to see her on 'Veronica Mars'.
And Simon, I love Whedonesque! It is a great site.
Have a great day,
love from,
Maribeth (embers)
Simon! Happy Birthday, my dear! And many thanks for keeping us crazy kids in line here on Whedonesque.

Aly, many happy wishes!

Warlock, I'm right there with you. The big 30 on June 14th!
Many happy returns!
Happy birthday to both!
The birthday of one of my favorite Buffyverse actresses and Simon who co-created this addictive website. Plus the Playstation Portable comes out today (still haven't decided if I'm committing the cash to one). Plus it's the beginning of a nice long weekend. Definitely one of the best March 24ths ever.
Happy Birthday, Alyson. Wish you the best of wishes.
Buon compleanno (Happy Birthday) to you both. Thanks to Aly for been Willow in all these years and thanks to Simon for created this wonderful website
Happy Birthday to both! Hope the weather were you guys are is nicer than it is here!
Happy Birthday of course to Aly, who delighted and moved us in American Pie I mean Buffy, and will continue to do so in whatever projects she is involved with.

And many happy returns to Simon, whose wit, style, and humor are a big part of why this site works so darn well.

And it's my grandmother's 90th birthday today too! Truly an auspicious day.
Yes, it's a good day, SoddingNancyTribe. And I wish the best birthday for your grandmother :)
Happy Birthday Alyson, and Simon, and SNT's Grandmother too!

I think SNT's grandmother has everyone beat though - 90 is a big deal!
Simon, I'm so sorry. I'd jumped to the end of this link without reading. I can be so short sighted at times. Happy Birthday, Simon :)
thanks to Simon for created this wonderful website

You would want to be thanking the amazingly foresighted Caroline and others for that. With out their talents, we wouldn't be here. I became an admin sometime into Whedonesque's first year (I think).
sure,thanks to they,too.
Happy birthday Simon!
Happy Birthday to Aly, Simon, and SNT's grandmother! May my nana still be with us to celebrate her 90th in another 8 years.
Thank you, Angela. This link was meant to honor Alyson. How did we get here? Yes, several birthdays were linked to this day, but where's the point. And I will close here. Good night.
Happy Happy Birthdays!!!!

(tee hee from another 31 year old!!)

You both bring me daily joy.
Happy birthday Simon and Alyson!

My present for you both is to *not* sing.

[ edited by Reddygirl on 2005-03-25 01:24 ]
Happy Birthday Aly! Hope to see more of you on VERONICA MARS!
Happy Birthday Simon! Hope to see more of you on VERONICA MARS!
Happy Birthday SNT's Grandmother! Hope to see more of you on VERONICA MARS.

I think those last two are a lot less likely.
Happy birthday Alyson (I'm sure she's on tinterhooks waiting for my wishes!)

And to sage Simon and SNT's grandma. It's a good thing my 87 year old dad is still married to my mom, or I'd have to consider trying to set the two of them up!

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