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March 25 2005

Does Wonder Woman hail from Orange County? According to a report in today's Herald Sun, Mischa Barton is another on Warner's "Wonder Woman" wish-list.

Well, she's certainly tall enough...
And if Joss's Wonder Woman ends up being a binge drinker who whines a bunch, I think we may have a match.


Please god, no MB.

No golden lasso necessary for this from-the-gut reaction: I'd rather be given a swirly in the worst bathroom in Scotland than see her prancing around in Diana's wrist gauntlets. Let's have someone with less American TV/pop culture baggage, and seriously kick-ass acting chops, to redefine a comic legend. I want to love this character -- not run screaming in the opposite direction when the ad campaign kicks in!
Mischa Barton? Ugh. Why not use a wig on a popsicle stick and save the money?

WW is supposed to project strength and power. MB looks like a strong wind would knock her over. Also, she's a total lightweight in the acting department.

Morgan Freeman would make a better, more believable WW.
What?! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! She makes Twiggy look obese.
Ugh. Oh my god no. A thousand times no. I can't stand that girl! She's a terrible actress who ruined the first season of the O.C. for me. Good god. This article is so laughable. She doesn't even look the part. Mischa, please, eat a cheeseburger!

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Maybe we should stop paying attention to all the WW wannabes and wish lists and wait to see who is actually chosen. (I wonder how long it would take to name every eligible female who could ever fill the role.)

Let's go on to something more intellectually stimulating, like who is going to play Spike in the fictitious Spike movie, or who is going to play Ripper in the planned TV series.
If any The O.C. actress is to play Wonder Woman it should of course be Rachel Bilson.
This sounds so obscure that there might be some truth to it. I keep my fingers crossed, that we'll never find out. (Liked the Rachel Bilson suggestion, Storyteller!)
Nebula1400 - "Spike in the fictitious Spike movie" - Charles Bronson

"Ripper in the planned TV series" - John Wayne

What? - they are both about as likely as Mischa Barton as WW. I mean, didn't Joss talk about the need for the actor to be able act or something? Just on that one criterion alone, that seems to exclude her, let alone look, build - need I go on?
I'd rather be given a swirly in the worst bathroom in Scotland

Scotland is the worst place to be given a swirly then is it?
Even her kiss with another girl was soooo boring. Only time I ever watched her, ewww OC was so boring. Not even amusing. Now that's not so good is it? I mean, she's as pretty as any other Hollywood waif, so I guess she deseverves a brief consideration.

Somebody created this rumor to annoy other people.
I just had such a brain lapse! I read the Mischa (not) thing and then googled Jessica Biel, because I suddenly realized she wasn't Jennifer Beal, who I had in my mind's eye during previous conversations. Because after all, at least the young Jennifer Beal in the late eighties would have made at least a physically attractive WW. I just forgot it's been a few years since then.
So JB is pretty...
(hee hee, I'm watching Buffy and her first college roommate)
I got it. She's the Blade chick. Ok, got it. Hmm. Not my first choice but certainly pretty.
I gotta ask and truly hope I am not the only one on this board who doesn't know this - what exactly is a swirly?
Biel is more known for 7th heaven(and trying her damnest to get out of her contract) and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

A swirly is when you're in high school and the bully puts your head in a toilet and flushes you.

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Let's not put down MB for her appearance. Not everyone can be fat or big endowed.
Thanks eddy for the swirly definition. Thankfully I never experience one!
Well that (rightfully) got the sound of one hand clapping.
ummm although MB is growing on me in the slightest way: no no no no no no no no no no no no no and no
Oh lordy, Rachel Bilson in that Wonder Woman outfit...I'll be in my bunk.
Am i the only one who doesn't find Rachel Bilson all that attractive? Mischa Barton is hardly what i would describe as drop dead gorgeous either. Admittedly i have no love for anything remotely O.C. related, watching that show gives me a headache and makes me want to discover new ways to remove my eyes. Even so, i just don't see what guys see in those two.

Now Jessica Biel, that is what i call a woman!
That girl can't act. I mean she's real bad. Right?
If you mean Bilson or Barton, then no, they can't act at all well, along with the rest of the dismal O.C. cast. Actually most of them can act well if they are asked to do spoiled or pretentious, but that is as far as it goes.

Jessica Biel however is a pretty damn good actress. No bias there at all, obviously! :)
Oh my. That's the *worst* idea I've heard yet.
Mischa Barton? Eh, no... It's the wrong one... Rachel Bilson was The O.C. girl that dressed up as Wonder Woman and made guys of the world fall in love with her (atleast temporarily). If any The O.C. girl should become Wonder Woman, it's Rachel Bilson. Although I'm not convinced that she's a very good fit either. But I guess that's what casting is for.

Also, stop bad mouthing Mischa barton all the time. You might not like The O.C. or her character but the girl knows how to act. I mean, how many of you have seen anything other then The O.C. where she stars? Oh, and I'm not counting The Sixth Sense since her role in that movie required very little acting from her.

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People need to stop dissing The O.C. It's a kick-ass show and you can't watch an episode or two and presume to understand the series (much like any of Joss' shows). Besides, Jane Espenson wrote an ep in its first season and we all know that she's the shit.
Shouldn't Wonder Woman look kind of Greek/Mediteranian???
People need to stop dissing The O.C. It's a kick-ass show and you can't watch an episode or two and presume to understand the series (much like any of Joss' shows).

You took the words right of my mou... Er, keyboard. People who propose that not one member of The O.C. cast can act clearly have never actually invested some time in it or given the show a fair chance.
I only watched The O.C. during its first season (just haven't got around to seeing it since it moved to Thursday nights. Not sure if I'll try to catch up on DVD, I hear it's taken a creative slide), but I feel confident in saying that most of the cast are very good actors, a couple of them excellent. The show made me laugh, often poked fun at itself for turning into exactly the kind of prime time soap it often skewered, and had some fun characters. Just 'cause some hardcore genre fans can't deal with the fact that a trashy drama is able to be entertaining and actually worthwhile television doesn't mean they're required to make fun of it. 'Cause y'know, we're allowed to occasionally like the same stuff as the fluff-consuming's okay to be that way, really. And hey, creator Josh Schwartz is a big Whedon fan and has made a Joss and/or Buffy reference or two, so cut him a little slack. Plus by all accounts he's a big dork, he's more or less the real life Seth/Xander (same character in different situations), not some money-grubbing makes-empty-shows-like-Charmed Aaron Spelling.

That said...*takes a breath*...Mischa Barton is horrible. She's the worst thing about The O.C. (or at least, she was when I was still watching last year). I wouldn't wanna see her in any big screen roles, much less playing a superhero.

I remember her being okay in Lost & Delirious though. Maybe she'd thrive in more small indie Canadian flicks, instead of having to act like former-most-popular-girl-in-school/teen-alcoholic.
Scotland is the worst place to be given a swirly then is it?

According to Trainspotting it is ;) One of the most memorable scenes in the movie involves Ewan McGregor's character Renton climbing into the aforementioned object (thanks for providing the definition, eddy). Actually, after he got down into the sewer, it was rather nice, accompanied by Brian Eno's "Deep Blue". No offense to Scotland intended. Filthy bathrooms are pretty much a world-wide given.

Re: The O.C. -- I've only seen Jane Espenson's episode and a few bits of more recent ones, but I just can't imagine MB pulling off the part of WW. While it's not my thing, it certainly is a perfectly servicable hour of frothy, undemanding entertainment with lots of pretty people, if that's what you're into. Also, Eric Wright (the BtAS artist) created Seth's (very good) comic-style drawings, so less everything else I can still appreciate it for that. (And from what I can tell, the actor who plays Seth is charming and actually not bad at all.)
SlayerTV and Storyteller, i've seen every mind numbingly dull episode of The O.C. (i think anyway) up to the current episode showing here in the UK on E4 due to the fact that my girlfriend is a fan, so i think i'm in a position to give my honest opinion.

Which is that, for me at least, the show sucks! Big time!

We all have our personal tastes and preferences and this sort of teen drama, 90210 rip off just does nothing for me at all. The storylines are beyond dull and the characters have absolutely no depth whatsoever. After watching well over a season of the show you would think i would be invested in at least one of the characters but nope, not a glimmer of interest. When that happens, nine times out of ten anyway, it is because the acting isn't working for me, which is exactly what i feel is going on with The O.C., although the writing could be a little more stimulating as well to be fair.

Sorry, guys, it really isn't what i call quality television at all.
I've only seen MB on talk shows, haven't seen the O.C.. The choice of her for WW doesn't thrill me. But I have an FIJ (Faith in Joss) philosophy about this movie. We can all say all kinds of stuff about who we want and what approach Joss should take, etc., etc., etc. That being said I'd rather not see MB, but if she's his be it. All I really want is to be sitting in a theatre with a bag of popcorn and a Coke and be seconds away from seeing WONDER WOMAN written and directed by Joss Whedon (It would be great if I were doing that with a date but let's try and keep this in the realm of the realistic.)!
Um, Thats just wrong for three reasons. 1.) Mischa's "acting" 2.) Mischa's ability to play the hero...I personally see her as being tied to a railroad constantly and waving her arms around. 3.)I dont want to sound sexist, but...Mischa isn't "built" properly to fill Wonder Woman' I mean when it's this bad I say, Cast an unknown or Select from people who have both the acting ability, and look *cough*Charisma,Liv Tyler*cough*. I mean hell, they shouldn't pick the actress because she's "new and hot". If they'd even suggest Mischa then why not Rose McGowan? This Wonder Woman thing had better not end up like the horrible casting that was Spider Man 1&2.
I don't think Joss would mind having the type of cast that Spiderman 1 & 2 had. Both those movies were up there as the highest grossing movies of each year they were released. That type of success would make Joss a hotter commodity then he already is.

Also, I disagree with Warlock, I think the show is very funny and I highly recommend it, if your into that type of genre. Yea the acting isn't great but acceptable and Adam Brody is just too funny. Mischa Barton is the worst part of the show and even worse choice for WW.
Spiderman 1 & 2 were horribly cast? *blink*
Unless you're talking about Kristen Dunst(but lets face it..the character they wrote WASN'T Mj anyways, it was MJ and Gwen Stacey combined to create..Kristen Dunst) I don't know what you're referring to. Because Tobey Maguire. William Dafoe, James Franco, J.K Simmons, and Alfred Molina were some of the best casting I've ever seen in a feature film.
I mildly enjoy The O.C.--enough to watch most every week, mainly for Peter Gallagher and Adam Brody. I agree with Gunn 2 N's and others that Mischa Barton is the worst part of the show and a terrible actor. I also saw her in the movie "Tart" where she played a similar character as she does on The O.C. and equally as bad. IMO she is NO Wonder Woman. It seems that we are split on The O.C., but this thread is really about Mischa rather than the show, and we have a right to criticize her acting, no?
Let's not put down MB for her appearance. Not everyone can be fat or big endowed.

So if you're bigger than Mischa Barton, you're fat.



Although I don't think Mischa Barton is a terrible actress, I doubt she'd work well with Joss. She's a renowned bi*ch and I can't imagine Joss putting up with that very well.
I've watched the OC several times this season so I didn't miss Point pleasant. Hell, I found the OC far worse than Point Pleasant. One. Big. Yawn.

But I respect anyone's right to disagree. My big bad guilty pleasure this television season is American Idol. So who am I to really judge?
No f***ing way would Joss ever cast Mischa Barton as Wonder Woman. Her acting is so bad, that she has turned awful acting into an artform on The O.C. She is simply atrocious, and hands-down the least enjoyable aspect of the series.
The phrase "chosen one" gets a whole new life with this project eh? ;)

If it can't be Lucy Lawless, I sure hope they at least go with that image type!

Where does it say Wonder Woman is blonde? I think black hair works so much better...

(I've got the TV theme song stuck in my head for the past few days and I have not heard it for years!)
Wonder Woman has raven black hair. In every adaption. (but then she also has pale skin and theres some indication that Joss will go with olive skinned)
Now now, Tamara, here we say "bitca". ;)
April, don't worry, you aren't the only one watching American Idol.

I have to admit that i follow the music based reality shows as well. The likes of American Idol, X Factor, Fame Academy, Battle for Ozfest and so on. Not that i'm a big fan of reality television overall but my interest in all things music related means that i like to keep myself informed, even in these kind of shows.

I'm very interested in how things turn out this year, with the two guys that are more rock based than the typical pop singers. I've long believed that the one true musical form was rock and it is so nice to see Bo Bice totally outclassing all the others every week. It makes a real change to see somebody with a little presence on that stage each week. Hopefully he will go on to win this and prove once and for all the superiority of rock! ;)

By the way, sorry to all the anti-Idol people around here, just wanted to let April know she wasn't totally alone with that little guilty pleasure. Back on topic now! :)
I'm with April and Warlock... I watch American Idol for the same reason Warlock watches it. Music, singers, I respond to that and occasionally there's a little speck of gold among the mud. The format sucks, but (good) live singing is always a thrill.

The O.C. is all about Sandy and Seth for me and I think Rachel Bilson's got an old fashioned type of comedy about her. I enjoy that. Mischa Barton... not so much.
The O.C. is all about Sandy and Seth for me

Right there with you, Caroline. I love me some Peter Gallagher eyebrows. I agree that Rachel's good with the comedy. Seth and Summer are really funny together. It's the rest of the teenagers that annoy the hell out of me. The adults on that show are much more interesting. How about Melinda Clarke? She was incredible as Nandi on Firefly. I love her acting on The O.C. It's as if Julie knows she's living in a soap opera.
I didn't realise Melinda Clarke was on Firefly -- time to rewatch the show! The whole Julie Cooper thing is so Sue Ellen / Dallas / Dynasty, it's fun to watch. Jimmy Cooper = Cliff Barnes. Caleb Nichols = J.R., etc.
Again, I must question the source. Herald Sun and Moviehole......enough said. Excellent discussion though. I've never watched an episode of the 'OC', but with all the dust constantly swirling around this show, perhaps I should.

As for the casting call of Wonder Woman, I'm guessing there's many names on the list and we'll be repeating this topic several times in the next year.
So Joss has put a stop to the Buffy/Angel alumni speculation - but interestingly, Firefly alumni aren't mentioned.

And if you're going to throw a fit every time someone is rumoured to be considered you're bound to end up exhausted - there are going to be plenty of gossip up to the announcement of the choice of one lucky actress :-)
Caroline, Melinda Clarke was in the episode Heart of Gold. I absolutely love her scenes with Nathan. They had incredible chemistry, but I'm guessing that Nathan would have chemistry with a piece of cardboard.

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I remember it now, electricspacegirl.
Add me to the Idol watchers. I love the show. I'm an anti-crap reality show, but I don't find this to be one of them. (Neither is the Amazing Race, imho.)

If I could do one thing really well, make a wish to be able to do something brilliantly, it would be to sing. My love of music, and vocals, is what motivates me to watch this show. Plenty of cringeworthy singing, but as Caroline said, sometimes one of the contestants delivers something brilliant. And really, now that Mikalah's gone this season, no one else makes me cringe. If onlyt teenage girls would quit voting for Constantine, Bo would be left in the rock limelight, because Constantine can't compare for me, and I'd be a happy girl. Not meaning to ramble about AI here, but throwing in some comments to agree with April, Warlock, and Caroline.

On topic, Mischa Barton. Cringe. Shudder. I'm not buying this rumor at all, both because she's just so clearly a bad choice, but also because the thought makes my brain hurt.
Just to add to the speculation a little,
apparently Jordan Bayne has been asked to submit photos to the producer's office:
Jordan Bayne
Now now, Tamara, here we say "bitca". ;)

Oops! Hee... ;)

And if you're going to throw a fit every time someone is rumoured to be considered you're bound to end up exhausted

Very true. However in this case, I think there was an explosive reaction because the idea of Barton produced a truly exceptional amount of horror in nearly all of us.

Because really. Yuck.
Three words: Please God no.

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