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March 25 2005

Dragoncon confirms a few Firefly actors for the 2005 event. Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, and Morena Baccarin are the current confirmed guests at this East Coast event. This convention is Sept 2-5 in Atlanta, GA and maybe the biggest convention closest to the release date of Serenity.

The official Serenity movie mentions that Joss will be going to this as well. Has this been confirmed else where?
It has not yet been announced on the Dragoncon site but the rumor I have heard is since this is the largest convention closest to the movies release date (DC usually draws 25-30,000 attendees), Universal may ship everyone to it. Like they did last year to SDCC, and will probably do again this year.
Well darn. It isn't that I don't want everyone who goes to DragonCon not to see everyone, including Joss, but SFX in Toronto is the weekend before and I was hoping that as many as possible, including Joss, would come up to Toronto. This makes it seem more unlikely.
This makes my attendance aat DragonCon an almost certainty. Wow. I haven't been to a con in years.
I am so going to this con, and boy do I hope Joss is there.
Lioness - They may be up there as well - I would bet Universal marketing dept will use the Canadian event to publize the movie in Canada and then ship everyone south the next week to keep the momentum going and to get the word out as much as possible. By the time those 2 events take place the cast will be back in LA to publize the movie to the press tour. The only thing that might effect any of the conventions is the actors getting or having to work on other projects.
Yeah, Lioness. Toronto is a major city when it comes to Hollywood's release patterns. I would think Universal would want Joss and as much of the cast up there as they can get to plug SERENITY.
Thanks. I feel more hopeful. It was curious. Any one of the cast would be a draw but it seems the BIG draw is Joss. I noticed that while watching the Q&A from the most recent Con, almost all of the questions were for Joss. Guess that is why this is called Whedonesque!

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