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March 25 2005

Mercedes nabs a new 'Hatchet' job. Mercedes McNab has joined the cast of the Adam Green horror film.

The plot; "For years the locals in the Louisiana bayou have whispered the tale of Victor Crowley. One group of tourists are about to discover that the legend is real and more horrifying than they ever imagined."

Good for her! I just wish it was something I would see. Dare I say it? ...I hate horror. Oh well.
I love horror, just as long as it is done well. I like my horror movies to have something of a plot, rather than your typical "bunch of teens killed of one by one in extremely predictable ways purely for the sake of it" type of movie. Those i try to avoid.

It sounds like this might fall very close to that formula but i'll give it the benefit of the doubt until i know more. As long as there is a little substance to the movie, i'll give it a watch.
Warlock, what you just described is the difference between true horror and slasher. I love both, but I don't find slasher movies scary and I usually root for the bad guy (ie Jason or Freddy). Horror movies are usually designed to have more of a plot than slasher movies and if done right are generally scarier. Also, horror movies don't NEED to have a high body count, whereas... well, what's the point of a slasher movie without a high body count?
Agreed, but these days the lines have blurred to the point where pretty much all horror movies are becoming the slasher type for the most part and the horror movies with an actual story behind them are becoming very hard to find.

For a really good horror film you can't beat the Poltergeist trilogy, they were excellent. Plenty of backstory and very little needless blood and guts. You actually felt the writer took more than five minutes to write the plot for those movies, unlike the slasher movies, where all the imagination the writer needs is to find an inventive way to kill the next character off.
slasher or horror, congrats to my girl Mercedes! I will try and check this one out. It sounds like it will be on the FX? Anyone know a date/time?
good on you Mercedes! hopefully this is the beginning of a great future... i'll definetly have to see this when it is released

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