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March 25 2005

Finally a book for slayers is out. The Vampire Watchers handbook - a guide for slayers, is a book which tells you all you need to know about vampires and how to slay them.

My favourite part of this is that one of the Amazon reviews claims that the info in the book is "offensive" and "incorrect". LOL!
Offensive and incorrect? That's priceless! I'll have to look for it.
Incorrectly marketed information on the subject? It's marketed to Buffy fans because its based on Buffy lore. How else would you market it? *scratching head*
killinj maybe that reviewer was expecting it to relate to LeStat?
It was a very funny review, thanks sTalking_Goat, too funny!
I purchased this book several months ago. It's okay and entertaining. Not what you would expect from a Whedon-based book.

The great touches are smudges of blood and various things that indicate the apparent untimely end of the author.
So this is the book that Giles lied about and said doesn't exist? Interesting. I might have to check it out.
I love the marginal notations that make it look like it's been used. It reminds me of this:
LOL staLking_Goat! That's incredible.
Lol. loved the book when i bought it a while back. excellent stuff in it!
I didnt read the review lol!! Oh well! I just got the book and liked it. There are some good touches like blood stains and it looks old. I wish that they would make a real watcher/slayer guide book....
Oh I see the one you are talking about... well everyone else liked it. Anyone for patrol?....

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