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March 25 2005

Zap2it reviews the DVD 'Strange Frequency 2'. The collection of 4 episodes from the short-lived VH1 series, which includes the episode "Soul Man" starring James Marsters.

I am asuming the fact that it was not a film of 4 short stories but 4 seperate episodes from the short-lived VH1 TV series that escaped the reviewers attention.

"The film stars some pretty popular actors with credible gigs under their belts -- James Marsters, Wendi Malick and Peter Strauss all donated their talents to a film that could have been sick, twisted and severe, but ended up easy, straight and light."

Mentioning the Marster episode in particular;
"It was hard to get to know the characters when the story sped by so quickly and without history or any real expectations. You couldn't feel sorry for Mitch in "Soul Man" when the devil stole his soul because you only got to know Mitch for five minutes. See the problem?"

For anybody who's seen some Twilight Zone episodes, Strange Frequency is very threadbare, but if you want to see a pretty Marsters, it's worth the viewing. And Roger Daltrey does a southern accent, or maybe it's a hippie accent.
What is a hippie accent? Is that like sounding stoned and incoherent?
Well, stoned but not too incoherent, because he's exposition guy.

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