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March 25 2005

'Off Broadway' Baby - a Morena Baccarin interview. In which she tells us a bit about her life, her theatre work and of course Firefly and Serenity.

Brazillian Born, wooo hoooooo!
Definitely classy, yet down to earth. And pretty. ;)

Is it September yet?
Is she really 5'8"? That seems taller than I'd have expected.

I wish a DC-area theater would run a double feature of "Way Off Broadway" and "Bandwagon." I rarely go to movies, but I'd definitely be there for that.

Oh, and I'll be going to the movies in late September and, most likely, early October, too!
I didn't realize she was actually 5'8". That's good to know.
I don't know that Morena is 5'8" or if that's just the part she's playing. I could be wrong of course, but she never struck me that as that tall. Then again, what do I know? I'm a short-arse. Everyone looks tall to me.
I can believe that Morena is 5'8". If I remember correctly, Inara was generally wearing flat, delicate slippers around the ship, when everybody else was wearing thick-soled boots that added to their height. I'd guesstimate that Gina Torres is 5'10", Morena is 5'8", Jewel is 5'6-7" and Summer is 5'4-5".
hmmm, iteresting that this article was posted soon after the announcement of Wonder Woman. In the article it mentions her height as well as her being Brazilian. Coincidence? I think not.
Ummmmm yes it is a coincidence, her play has just opened. Hence the interview.
"Ummmmm yes it is a coincidence, her play has just opened. Hence the interview."

Maybe Simon, but I'm not convinced at all that she has had so many media mentions lately is pure coincidence. Especially when that recent film release was a five year old movie. She's having many nice media mentions lately, subtly painting her as a great WW. Or teasing the fans. Mean!
If I'm remembering correctly, Joss only ruled out Buffy/Angel actress for WW. Morena may be in the running.
Simon, where in the article does it say that her play has just opened? From what I gathered from the article, it is just a story about how she first stepped into show business, covering roles she has had in the past. Of course, it also mentions that she's 5'8", Brazilian, and in her 20's. I may be missing something. Am I?
My mistake, I meant her new film has finally been released recently. For some reason, the title of it made me think it was a play. And we had a thread about her movie not so long ago.
The character is 5'8", that does not mean the actress is. Two reasons I can think that she is getting mentioned so much lately is that,

1. The film this article is about has opened, and
2. She is in another movie due out in Sept. called Serenity.

So she has two groups that are interested in promoting their movies, and if you were going to use a female face to promote your movie, wouldn't you be happy for it to be MB's? (Nothing against the other Serenity actresses, they are all beautiful, but they do not have movies coming out and they are not so old hollywood glamorous.) Of course she might have just hired a good publisist to make the most of the above.

Not everything is about Wonder Woman. After all, Nathan Fillion is getting press a lot lately and no one suggested that it was some plot to get people to think of him as Wonder Woman. ;-)
Media relations is my business...hats off to whoever is working with Morena on this score (hey, folks, these things don't just happen by themselves...usually, at least!)

I'm all for any positive promotion of any and all of these people. As, I'm sure, we all are, of course.

[ edited by Chris inVirginia on 2005-03-27 00:52 ]
Definitely, Chris inVirginia! Even if my susupisions are wrong (which they probably are), MB is a supreme woman, and I'm very happy she is getting some press! Simon, I forgot that they were rereleasing this film in LA, my bad. Yes, it makes since to promote it. Silly me, just a tad excited about WW.
I'd be unsurprised if she really is around 5'8" -- in the picture of her hugging Nathan, if she's in heels, then she'd be around 5'7" or 5'8". And Firefly has a tallish cast, with AB and NF leading the way, which skews perception somewhat. As she doesn't look tiny when around either of them, I figure her height is around 5'8".

What surprised me most about the article was that a lot of casting people pegged her as "ethnic" -- which I can see in the exotic beauty of her features, but she comes across as utterly American to me.
Not going for "ethnic"... GYARRR... Stupid casting people. I don't see her as American, but I don't see her as ethnic, either. Just as beautiful and graceful and... I don't know. The woman is an excellent actress. She can transcend nationality.
In show business terms she is "ethnic." It is an annoying use of the term, but it is what it is. It does not mean not American, it means not looking like you ancestors came form Northern Europe.

Believe me, it is just as annoying being told that they are looking for "ethnic types" when they are showing you the door. I always wanted to say "Everybody is SOMEKIND of ethnic type, you jerk! Even blue-eyed blondes." But that is the business, there is a serious lack of imagination and then sometimes they just need someone who fits a certain "type." There are worse types to belong to than "exotic beauty."

Anyway, don't get too insulted, it is just the incredible sensitivity that is indemic in show business that is on display.
In addition to being beautiful, she sounds really grounded in her craft and down-to-earth as a person. It takes a strong person to not allow the superficialities of what she has to deal with in her line of work to break her spirit.

I'm wishing her more roles in H'wood that defy the hackneyed conventions of 'ethnicity', success in the theater circuit if she wants it, and merry buckets of cash when Serenity takes off and rockets everyone in it to new levels of exposure and opportunity!

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