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January 08 2003

Showtime (BtVS S7x11) analyzed over at ScoopMe!

Maybe it's because I'm also a hardcore Sandman fan, but this article had me from the first line.

It was well written.

I had a thought or two, after watching 'Showtime' again this a.m. Giles and Anya are told the allowance of the re-emergence of The First is because of 'The Slayer'. So, is this obvious statement a red herring? After all, there is another Slayer---keeping the Faith, as it were. ;)
I'm with ya on that...I think the Botox eyeball was talking about Faith in particular - she disrupted the line :)
If it's about Faith, then it should have happened when Kendra was alive.
Be careful to separate the 'Chosen One' (Faith) the Eye was talking about with the 'Slayer' (Buffy). Like Anya said upon returning from the black windy dimension, it's the Scoobies bringing Buffy back from the dead (again) that caused the disruption allowing the First to make its move. Buffy's been the anomaly since the beginning of Season Two, Faith carries the lineage now.

I found it interesting however that the Potentials don't seem to know this, talking about 'which one of us activates/is called' if Buffy dies (again) with only an aside by Molly 'I heard there's more than one [Slayer]?'.

Oh well, Faith will be back soon enough. ^_^
The "Slayer" is Faith. The chosen is the lineage as far as I can tell. This is Buffy (and while it was nicely put by Anya that the problem was caused by the Scoobies bringing her back) which mean whatever line they're feeding you is normally incorrect. So, I'm sticking with the Faith theory. Seriously, if the first evil waits over a year after Buffy's rebirth to attempt this mass slaughter of potentials, it could have been waiting even longer since Faith got herself locked up, let's say, since I don't know what exactly else she might have done. Maybe the First was waiting to be sure that one of the Slayers to be safely, out of the way, or perhaps he was waiting for another inroad to destroy Buffy, i.e. Spike.

As for the potentials not knowing, Faith was an embarassment to the Council, so why would they ever tell potentials about her?
A thought just occurred to me. I don't recall the Eye Guy specifying that "the Chosen One" was female. I could be wrong. Will have to wait until a transcript goes up or maybe someone can refer to a videotape of it if they managed to get it on tape?

"The Chosen One" could just as easily be Angel or Spike, couldn't it? I mean at this point we honestly don't know, but based on the wording of The Eye Guy, I'm banking that The Chosen One & The Slayer are two different entities; that The Slayer (be it Faith or Buffy that Eye Dude was referring) didn't do this to herself.

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