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March 27 2005

Which pop culture event are you looking forward to the most? A poll at TrekToday. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and vote for Serenity. Star Wars Episode 3 is currently in the lead at 41.2% and Serenity has 10.3%.

I consider the Serentiy response pretty good, given that the Star Wars fanbase has been growing for decades, like Trek too, with movies, books, etc. After all, we just have a cancelled tv show from a few years ago! And I mean that with the best intentions, of course.
Agree, April...not a bad showing...but I'd like to see it improve!
Despite the fact I'm a Whedon fan who's eagerly waiting for Serenity, it's Star Wars... Not only Star Wars but probably the best one in the saga. Gotta go with that.
Well, I see the Firefly 'verse as being capable of sustaining a franchise similar to Star Wars. I predict Serenity will be a hit, but a sleeper hit. It won't seem successful at first, but after a while people will catch on. DVD sales will go through the roof, for Serenity and Firefly, and we'll get sequels. I'm highly optimistic, and I see a lucrative Firefly franchise sometime in the future. The difference is that Joss will make much betters films than George Lucas

Yeah, I know. I dream big. Who's going to stop me? No offense to Star Wars fans though. I never liked the movies.
Star Wars? Please. After the trainwreck that was Attack of the Clones, I'm not entirely against a public execution of George Lucas.

And the finale of Enterprise is probably garnering votes from people who are just grateful that it's the finale.

Jumping on the Serenity bandwagon, here.
Pelinxf, I think the next movie should probably be titled Star Wars: The Final Crushing Disappointment.
Did my part - Serenity is in third at 14.3%
electricspacegirl : My thoughts too!
Andarcel, I thought that was the title of this one that is coming out this Spring?
I think considering the site, that 'Serenity' is doing pretty well...but of course it could do better.

I can't wait until September!
Star Wars i can take or leave, i was never that big a fan of the original three and i really disliked the latest two. I'm in no rush to see the new one at all.

Trek however, well i admit that the imfamous killer B's, Berman and Braga, have pretty much ruined the current series of the franchise but Manny Coto really turned things around this year. He has made a season of Enterprise that, had it been this way from the start, could have made the show very successful indeed. The basic idea for Enterprise was a good one, it was the two guys in charge that ruined it. I'm not grateful it is ending this year but it is a fact that it is. I'm just hopeful that when Trek returns to television in a few years time that it will be Manny Coto in charge and Berman and Braga will be kept very, very far away.

Serenity gets my vote though.
Wow, Serenity has risen 5 percentage points since the original post in this thread to 15.3 per cent. I see the message stamp for a preview of my message is 20:28, 2.5 hrs later.

It's also in third place now, just behind SW (1st) and ST (2nd).
Have to go with Star Wars. THis could possibly be the best one out of all of them. They have progressively gotten better with each release. Plus, I'm not really a big fan of Serenity. It's better than most things though.
I think third place is an excellent showing for Serenity, considering that it's a Trek site.
Wow, beating HARRY POTTER and BATMAN. Where's HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE... though? I know lots of ner-- er, folks who are looking forward to that one.

My vote goes for SERENITY. Been looking forward to it since before it was anounced it would be made. :)
It's up to 17.6%!!!

And, remember, vote early, vote often!
Right now I'm looking forward to watching Star Wars, after I've seen that I'll look forward to watching Serenity.

Though War of the Worlds intrigues me, it must be said.
Serenity up to over 18% now...trailing Enterprise by only 5.8%...but it looks like voting often is not an option, at least not more than once a day.
I cannot say I have much hope for Star Wars at this point. I'll go and take my son, and be ecstatic if it is marginally good. I really look forward to seeing what Joss did with Serenity.
What, no 'new Doctor Who' option? No 'next Harry Potter book'?
Heh, sorry guys. I actually like Prequels very much and the next movie seems very promising in regard of tying prequels with the original triology.

Anyways, I'm sure Serenity will be a hit, Joss writing it after all. :) Only Star Wars and George Lucas comes first for me.
As long as Joss doesn't make Atherton shoot first, I'm anticipating Serenity more than the others. Only Harry Potter comes close, but the books were never canceled prematurely leaving me wanting more (though I do want more :)), and I've read book four already.
What, no 'new Doctor Who' option?

Having watched the first episode on Saturday night all i can say is that this is probably for the best. It was absolutely awful! Despite not being much of a Doctor Who fan in the past, i had high hopes for this new series. Let's just say that it didn't live up to them.

I'll give it my normal "six episodes to impress me" deal, if only for the excuse to watch the lovely Billie Piper, but it will need to get a hell of a lot better if it's going to stay on my television must watch list.
In second place now,with 23.2%! Go Serenity!
I'm impressed too -- it's whomping the Enterprise finale.

And I might see SW:RotS, but only in a brainless popcorn movie sort of way. I trust Lucas to make an effects-laden SF movie with big and splashy battles (and I have to admit, I love those lightsabers), but the day he writes dialogue appropriate for human characters with an understanding of basic human personality is the day I eat my hat. His plots are confusing and relatively predictable, his dialogue is stiff and he manages to take the most charismatic of actors (Samuel L. Jackson, Ewan MacGregor, Natalie Portman) and use them as little more than cardboard puppets to move forward his storylines. I've seen more animated performances in high school theater, and that's an insult to his ability to direct actors not the actors themselves.

I hope I'm not too ranty, but for some reason Lucas brings it out of me. I'm not even really his fangirl, so he hasn't even disappointed me or anything. I just think he's vastly overrated, and his prequels really deluded. I checked Serenity in the poll because I'm dying to see the movie -- the opening weekend, then again the following weekend if it's good, and more if it's really good, but I'm also looking way forward to Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The trailer of it looks wild and crazy, like Burton returning to form, and Johnny Depp looks like an absolutely trippy Willy Wonka. Also, Sin City next weekend, and King Kong in the summer.
I have to agree Star Wars is the number one for me too. This movie will probably be one of it not THE best movie of the year. Lucas knew exactly how this movie would go and from everything I've seen of Revenge of the Sith it will rock.

But then I also can't wait for the new Batman and Harry Potter either but Serenity is my #4 choice probably because it happens later in the year.
Yessirreebob, it's presently 23.7% 'Serenity' in September versus 35.6% Star Wars Revenge of the Merchanising Industry. Serenity's now in second place, beating out even the star-crossed Star Trek franchise.

I was a big fan of the original Star Wars when it came out, but I grew up and George Lucas didn't. He's still telling the story as if I were still eight years old. I'm not. Besides, an hour of episode two was devoted to Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen like, kissing and stuff! Ew! Grody! Cooties!

Star Trek hasn't been Star Trek since Berman took over. Berman has no idea what Roddenberry's vision was trying to say about humanity's future. Berman completely mucked it up. I stopped being a diehard nerdy fan of Star Trek somewhere between seasons five and seven of STNG. I tuned in to Enterprise only because I enjoyed Bakula's work on Quantum Leap and wanted to support his return to the boob toob. I couldn't hang though. By the end of the first season they'd completely lost me as a fan. The writing's atrocious.

Batman Begins is like beating a dead horse. Hollywood has told the origin of Batman so many times already. Why can't they tell a story about Batman that starts some years after he's been around for awhile? Even in the George Clooney Batman movie, it felt like they were starting all over. This latest variant on the origin expounds upon the time after his parents die in that alley and before Bruce actually puts on the suit. Big deal. That's not an idea for a movie. That's a concept for a lameass WB television show.

Harry Potter?? Haven't they already done three of these things? Isn't there some kinda rule that they have to stop at three when it comes to movies about kids playing with magic? There hasn't been a decent fourth installment of any movie franchise since Star Trek Four A Voyage Home and that's only because those guys were poking fun at themselves in that one. It was funny. Granted, I actually liked the third Harry Potter movie. It was dark and well presented and had some enjoyable surprises, but quit while you're ahead, alright? Quit tempting fate.

War of the Worlds remake? Isn't Tom Cruise gonna be in it? I have tuned out of any other news since I heard Tom Cruise was gonna be in it. Hate that guy. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. No one can improve upon Gene Wilder's performance. That's a classic. I don't want to see a remake of this one. ..Johnny Depp!!? Holy crap! That'd be like getting Ashton Kutcher to play Dick Van Dyke's role in a remake of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.. Don't you dare tell me they're gonna remake Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!?

Granted, if they included HitchHiker's Guide in the poll, I woulda been hard pressed not to vote for it instead of Serenity. I know that's blasphemy in this forum perhaps but Alan Rickman's gonna be the voice of Marvin! Can you think of any voice better? I didn't think so! Sam Rockwell as Zaphod sounds pretty promising too. However, it IS Disney, which still has me a little worried, but the trailer was hoopy. I can't help but be a little jazzed.

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2005-03-28 05:32 ]
Oh come on Zachsmind, the Harry Potter movies are not just installments in a franchise, they are film adaptations of actual books...that could be considered installments in a book franchise...but you get the point. They are part of a continuing story that is going really strong. Book 5 had me as depressed as some of Buffy. It was a retelling of what was happening at my work as I was reading it. It was pretty freaky actually.

Tim Burton & Johnny Depp will make a totally different Willy Wonka so that might be interesting while taking nothing away from Gene Wilder.

Other than that, well, OK.

(Still voted for Serenity, it needs the exposure and is the one I am most curious about.)
Yay - Serenity now at 24%, Star Wars 35.4 and Enterprise 22%.

I'm way more excited about Serenity but if Star Wars gets good buzz I'll most likely want to see that too. And yes, The Harry Potter movies have been great (not as great as the books but still pretty great for an adaptation). ZachsMind, if you haven't read the books, you might find that you'll like them. I know more adults who read them than kids.
Have to disagree on the HP films - the first two were terrible. One person I saw HP1 with was playing Snake on his mobile phone by the end, he was so bored. I couldn't bear to sit through either of them again.

HP3 is pretty decent, I'll give you that.
Serenity gets my vote, of course.

I'll only be seeing Star Wars because I'm a fan of the original three, and I want to see the rest of the story. It's no longer about whether it's a good movie or not (didn't care as much for Ep1 and I don't think I've seen all of Ep2). I was 8 when Ep4-Hope came out and I saw it in the theater with my brother, but Ep6-Return in the theater really hooked me (had to go back and see Ep5-Empire and loved it, too).

Don't like Tom Cruise, may not be doing the War/Worlds thing.

Love Tim Burton (esp. when combined w/Johnny Depp) so that one's probably a lock.

Haven't read Hitchhiker, but I played the InfoText(?) computer game as a teen; definitely like to see that one.

Star Trek and Enterprise: what ZM said about interest dying out in the last 2 years and trying out Enterprise because of Bakula (still love QL), but not being able to continue.

Can't get into the HP stuff, my daughter loves it, though. She reads the books, too, so I encourage that stuff. I think she's jealous because I've hooked her on Buffy, Angel and Firefly, but she can't get me to like HP!
Serenity is 27.4 now
:) 27.8

ps-- the new Doctor was pretty amusing imo.
The score:Star Wars 33.2%, Serenity 28.6%. We're almost there.
This thread will be gone by morning. Bookmark this page and keep voting!

Star Wars: 32.6%
Serenity: 30.6%

Slowly but surely, we're gonna win!

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