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March 27 2005

Alan Tudyk will guest star on Arrested Development. The episode is titled "Meet the Veals" and will air on Sunday, April 3rd on Fox.

"Pastor Veal"! I can't wait.
WOOT-WOO!....I just wish they played on TV were I live.
I actually didn't know (or had forgot) that the 2000 "Meet the Parents" was a remake of a very low budge indie film (which apparently is being contractually suppressed according to someone on the IMDB).

Actually, though, I wonder if the title is a reference to Peter Jackson's early gross-out puppet film, "Meet the Feebles."

Alan continues a trend of brilliant guest spots on Arrested Developement. There's no Whedonesque connection, but tonight's AD featured guest performances by Ben Stiller and Dan Castellaneta.
Yes! Finally, someone Whedon-essy guest-starring on a show I adore and worship, and which also teeters on cancellation on FOX!
What other eps of AD has the glorious Alan adorned? And did anyone find it interesting how big ham Ben Stiller(Wonder) was out-hammed by both Gob *and* Buster. I mean, I love how big-name talents are willing to appear on this show to demonstrate their appreciation, but few guest stars ever out-shine the maniacal regulars.
Jason Bateman was recently in Dodgeball which also starred Alan, as well as recent AD guests Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor, so that could be something.

I loved Alan in Dodgeball. He was so funny.
(Just thought I would add that in)
Whoo! Now if only BBC2 would get back to showing the series!
Yay! That's great news. That was very nicely put Aver. Alan is one of my favorite red-headed guys, the others being Joss and Josh Hommme (yummmm!).
The promotion (think the video bit) at the end of this week's episode made me laugh so hard. This oddball comedy is one of the best shows I've ever seen.
I don't know how the writers can manage making the show be effortlessly funny and completely "unforced" week after week. The creative factor is insanely high, especially for a sitcom. I, for one, will be extremely pissed off if it gets cancelled and crap like "King of Queens" is still on.
Agreed, rsfayez, this is the best news I've heard yet today. My two favorite 'verses colliding like bocce balls, plus Jason Bateman. Only I'll have to tape it 'cause I'm busy on Sunday night.

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