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March 28 2005

Whedon considers Ben Affleck for Wonder Woman. David Boreanaz objects. Heeeeeeeeee. (a spot on parody which rightly takes the mickey out of the endless casting speculation).

I nearly had a heart attack before I read the rest of your subject line Simon. Ow that hurts.
Nooooooooooo not Ben Affleck! Morgan Freeman would get my vote everytime - he's got the height, the maturity, the "heft" (sorry if that sounds sexist but you know WW has got to radiate strength). My only concern is how he will look in those star-spangled....
I would never take a headline like that one seriously. Like Joss would actually pick Ben Affleck over Brad pitt for the role?

This is hilarious. And so right on. Personally though, I wouldn't mind seeing Alexis Denisof in those star-spangled...

Ok, I have too many thoughts.

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I thought we agreed in an earlier thread that James Marsters as WW or possibly ASH would be the best choices. DB on the other hand have claimed in interviews to know how to walk in high heels and on the Angel S5 DVD he seems to be trying out dresses so he is obviously positioning himself for the role :)
Whedon would never cast Affleck for Diana Prince! Morgan Freeman? Definitely, but never Affleck. ASH should be cast as Hippolyta.
Hahahaha! I love that we're now discussing which man should play the part!
Cheers Whedonesqe gang, for the 'wheeze of the week'.
Keanu Reeves? He has great cross-gender appeal. Not alot of acting range, however (ahem). Adrian Brody? Oh god, I just made myself giggle.
James C. Leary, duh.

Joss should make James Marsters dye his hair and hire him for the role. James would be perfect for the role, he's in his 40s, but doens't look like it.
I think Joss would definitely go with Keanu.

And now that I think about it, back to the REAL speculation, I wouldn't be shocked if Carrie-Anne Moss were a possibility.
That's so funny!

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Well, at least Joss is keeping a candidate from within the Jossverse. :)
I think Alexis, Andy, or at the least Adam Baldwin (he has the height, he's pretty, and he want to wear a skirt in a film) for the role, if Marsters doesn't get it and did no one see Daredevil. No way Affleck should get the WW role, he is so wrong for it unless you want WW to be a stripper as her secret identity, cause he at least has researched that. I don't know if David could pull it off I see him in more of the Cheatah role perhaps, he would look good in lepoard skin catsuit. :)
Ah! Something's been niggling at my mind about why Ben Affleck and the other actors mentioned are wrong, and Kiba's comment made me remember. Like Carrie-Anne Moss, they're all too old. Joss is reportedly looking for 20s.
Maybe Joss will realize that the only one who can really do WW is Joss himself. We already know he has the acting props from his turn as Numfar, so, I think he need look no further than his mirror. He might not be 20s, but he has maintained his youthfulness exceptionally well.
Did Joss play Numfar!?! Too funny. Somehow I missed that.
I don't know. I like the six-foot transvestite thing a lot. Why has hollywood never addressed the heroism of cross-dressing amazonian princesses? I think it smacks of discrimination.
Morgan Freeman is a touch old. I think I'd like to see someone younger... actually, I think Alan Cumming would be perfect for the role. Failing that, Wes Bentley.
Okay, unfair!!! The transvestite Wonder Woman thing was my idea, way back in the first thread we had here that descended into a "who should they cast" free for all.

I'm standing by my original suggestion. If Joss really wants to break the mold as far as the iconic image of Wonder Woman is concerned he should cast J. August Richards in the part. Now that would be different, not to mention just a little scary!

Is it too late to copyright this idea? It is? Dammit!!!
Marilyn Manson as Wondy?

I'm sorry, had to throw that out of my mind. Too irresistible.

Seriously though, lol, loving the article.
Man I should have waited till April 1st and played it seriously.
LOL Simon. I didn't think of that. I ALWAYS forget about April Fool's Day. Hopefully you can find something else just as good to fool us with.
Hahahaha that would have been a crack Simon! This still has to be one of my fav threads on Whedonesque so far tho!
ASH has the experience damn it, that has to be respected. Keanu just hasn't got the depth that the roll calls for.
How about that guy Zach from Scrubs?
I think the choice is obvious, the OC's Adam Brody. Wonder Woman, in my opinion, just has never been nearly neurotic enough. And not only would Brody bring that element, but he'd also attract the teenage girl audience the studio is so desperate to draw in.

And I hear Brody ad-libs quite often, so I'm sure Joss will love that too.
How about Mark McKinney from the Kids in the Hall? He's got the height and they all made convincing women. ASH played Frankenfurter in Rocky Horror so he's used to drag. Or maybe Nathan Fillion. People are always on about how pretty he is and he has the height too.

On a more serious note, since Joss is going for a young actess, what do you guys think of Alexa Davalos, Electrogirl, for the part?
what do you guys think of Alexa Davalos, Electrogirl, for the part?

Damn, batmarlowe. How come I didn't think of that? She would be excellent. Ok, now I have 4 wishes: Either Claudia Black, Morena Baccarin, Elexa Davalos, or Gina Torres. I personally could care less if WW is black. Any of these actresses would be awesome.

That is, if Joss actually were looking for a female to play the part.
Hello? D.B. Woodside was born to play WW.
The idea of Ben Affuck in WW is not funny at all. Sheesh!
Two words.

Bruce Campbell :)
LOL, Mycroft. Good one.
We're going about this all wrong. Wonder Woman should be played by that cat in the Meow Mix commercials.
so glad this is not true (shivers) and how funny to put this in The Spoof.
I want to bring a new approach to the Wonder Woman adventures. Maybe something a little more 'in the now'." explained Whedon. "I'm still working out the details, …but whoever we choose, doesn't have to look like a woman.

Hmm, where to find a mannish Amazon who is comfortable with filling Princess Diana’s shoes, has royal connections and is in the here-and-now news, wait a minute, oh yes it’s coming to me:

Camilla Parker Bowles.

Yes, I know I am being mean, but in my defence I will say that if you are a rabbit anti-monarchist and watch your tax money being spent on all these bloody people cavorting about without a choice in the matter, you’d be pissed off too.
But we already know that ASH has the legs for the part from his role of Dr. Frankenfurter in the stageplay 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'.
*muses* Ben Affleck as Wonder Woman, Matt Damon as Major Steve Trevor. How do you like them apples?
We're going about this all wrong. Wonder Woman should be played by that cat in the Meow Mix commercials.

ZachsMind, get serious! That cat is not nearly tall enough for the part. Also, the Meow Mix cat has orange fur and we all know Wonder Woman HAS to be white!

I think we need to find a talking polar bear, and then we might have something.
batmarlowe beat me to my punch! I was just coming by to mention Alexa Davalos and batmarlowe beats me to it. She definitely gets my vote, since we know it's gonna be young. She was on Angel for a small enough role that it wouldn't be considered quite the same sort of "nepotism" as Charisma or other big ME stars would be. And I would love to see more of her, because she is great. I think she's a fabulous actress, capable of tossing off witty lines AND showing true depth of feeling. She's pretty tall, and with a little more bulk (by which I mean muscle) I think she could play the role just right.
Simon, I will be off my feed for a day or so, thank you very much!
Sylvester Stallone isn't much taller than the Meow Mix cat and he never looks short on screen.

And I'd rather see Stephanie Romanov than Alexa Davalos.

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