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March 28 2005

Alyson Hannigan's new TV pilot (yes, another one). Alyson seems really eager to get a new TV show.

Maybe third time's the charm? Too bad about the title, though....not good. Also, been waiting for Jason Segal of Freaks & Geeks to get something good again. Haven't seen F&G? You gotta see it!
Oooh, and with Jason Segal! I love that guy. I hope this show is cool. Alyson deserves to be on TV all the time. Go, Aly!
Um....this isn't exactly "new" news- the story was first reported on March 2, and the casting info has been made known subsequently as well.
This is going to be deleted pretty soon ... cause I already put this up earlier and you can see it no more. :)
"Too bad about the title, though....not good."

Oh? Was "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" a prize title back in 1997? The name of a series is irrelevant if the end result is a quality program.
Good point. Was it FOX or the WB that tried their best to get Joss to call it 'The Slayer'?

Anyway, I wish Aly the best of luck with this show. She does seem to have her heart set on a comedy series.
For reference, this was discussed on March 4th. I think its her second pilot, not her third.
Its her 3rd. She had a sitcom pilot on NBC shortly after Buffy but it wasn't picked up. Then in January she was supposed to be on a sitcom pilot with Jennifer Love Hewitt for ABC but she dropped out of her contract. Now this makes for the 3rd..for CBS.
I was talking about pilot season this year. Over the course of her career, she may have more than three.

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