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January 08 2003

BtVS R1 S3 DVD set review: "Previously" bits removed and theme tune mixed up.

Watching something like Buffy, in quick succession, the "previously" segments would get tired fast. The theme being wrong on the first two eps, oh well. Worth noting, but not whining about. If the R1 set was edited as the R2 was, that would be a problem.
I like the previouslies!

My DVD set hasn't arrived yet. I'm so disappointed.
Got mine today! Happy-happy joy-joy!!
I go insane watching the "Previously..." sections, especially on a DVD set. I think the Brits love Buffy a little too much to whine about some minor differences, though.
"the Brits" = One British reviewer?
I'm ambivalent about the Previously-es. The completist in me likes 'em, but the viewer in me would rather skip 'em when watching the DVDs. I have the British/Austrailian versions of Seasons 4 and 5, and both of them have the Previously-es -- does anyone know if the B/A Season 3 has them too, or were they cut for the US release?
As SyrCharles has said to me, here's hoping season 5's DVD has the "previously" on "The Gift", if only so we can freeze-frame the "how many Buffy episodes can *you* recognize?" part.

Way too many quotation marks in that sentence, but oh well.
(OT) voodoo_daddy: it's so typically South Dakotian of you to generalise like that.
I've always wondered if it wasn't for the phenomenal success of the Buffy VHS and DVD boxsets in the UK, would Fox have released the DVDs in the USA?

Probably actually, but it's worth bearing that in mind ;).
Fox had to work out a syndication deal for Buffy before they could release the DVDs in U.S.A. (whether it was a promise/contractual obligation with ME or something else, I don't know). FX, with whom Fox finally made the syndication deal, was granted the right to broadcast the first 5 seasons once (minus 4 or 5 specific episodes, such as "The Body" and "Hush") before Fox could release the first season DVD set in the US. They had no such requirement before releasing the sets Internationally.
Prolific, I don't like to stereotype groups of people. So I won't. It's wrong.
If you couldn't see the sarcastic humor in that statement, you need to take that dildo out of your ass.

[ edited by voodoo_daddy on 2003-01-09 20:44 ]
One more thing: Have you ever been to South Dakota? Do you know anyone from South Dakota? Do you know where South Dakota is? Do you know enough about South Dakota to make a statement like that?

Didn't think so.

And it's "South Dakotan;" not "South Dakotian." Lean to spell.
voodoo_daddy, as the owner of this site I don't take kindly to the language you use here. You're banned.
Whoa. Mefi moment.
I've reinstated vooddoo_daddy's account for the moment. Do try to be civil.
Has anyone seen the US release? What's the video quality like? I was really amazed and disappointedat how poor the image was on my Season 2 set.

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