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March 30 2005

More information on Michelle Trachtenberg's new movie. "The Dive from Clausen's Pier", and a new member of the cast who has joined the movie. Minor spoilers for the movie and other projects. Scroll down halfway down the page.

Michelle has really kept herself busy, good news for her. I'm looking forward to seeing her in a good drama.
Have corrected a few errors, including her name. It's Trachtenberg, with an h.

She's a busy lady!
I'm looking forward to Mysterious Skin.
And a bit further down again is some more info on Nick Brendon's Kitchen Confidential:
"Bonnie Somerville ("N.Y.P.D. Blue") is moving back to comedy in her latest project, as the actress has joined the cast of the Darren Star-produced comedy pilot"
Im looking forward to Mysterious Skin too, in DVD only (and i dont know if it will get a release) :(
One of my friends knows the guy who wrote Mysterious Skin, said that if the movie was remotely close to the book, it'd be good.

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