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March 30 2005

(SPOILER) Tru Calling is Back! Fox will air the last remaining episodes in the U.S. The two hour premiere will be tomorrow at its normal time. Just click the picture of Eliza for more information.

As posted here on March 22.

Try not to treat Whedonesque as an announcement board. It's all about the good link/new info. As it is, this information was already posted, and the link to the schedule is time sensitive and doesn't add anything new.
Oh, Sorry Caroline. I should have checked the archive first.
how many more episodes will this be (in total)?
6 more episodes, all much better than the average season 1 episode.
What cracks me up is how Fox is touting this right now as the 'Big Season Premiere!'. Rather than say "The start of us showing those few remaining eps (that were already made when we decided to kill this show) after all!"
Yeah, they're only using it as a filler for the now cancelled 'Point Pleasant' (sorry, Marti). I am happy for the 'Tru Calling' fans. I understand season one ended in a cliff-hanger so I hope these six episodes will bring about a satisfying ending. To be clear, I gave up on Fox after their treatment of 'Firefly'. I no longer watch that network.
I'm happy for TC fans but damn, I want to know what happens to Boyd! I predict that next year, some poor new show gets cancelled after a handful of episodes, and then they air Point Pleasant in its place.

If PP comes out on DVD, I'm definitely netflixing it. Gotta know what happens, even if the writing isn't stellar, I hate not getting to finish a story that's just beginning to get interesting.

That said, I'm glad I can see where TC was headed. The introduction to Jack was a good move, but they were way too heavy-handed with the message. The show needs shades of grey. They need Tru to question her purpose. I'd like to see her stumble from her stalwart & true identity, and maybe take off that white hat for a bit, and see for herself if Jack's perception is the right one. That would make things interesting.
Any chance that they might try to revive the show? I mean, for them to give it an 8pm slot and a 2 hour premeire is strange considering that they cancelled it. I wonder how the DVD sales impacted their decision.
This show is so bloody predictable, so she's running around at the beginnning looking like she's about to save people talking on the phone to the morgue guy but I just know she's not and she's going to go do something mundane like school and whatdoyaknow. She's going to med school.
Wow, I just watched 'Tru Calling' and I thought it was way better, not as predictable
(in fact I was very surprised with the ending) and it felt livelier
(not so melodramatic).
Did anyone else watch it?
I missed the beginning with the credits,
did anyone notice if Jane Espenson had worked on this episode?
I will definitely be watching it again next week.
Embers, Yes Jane's name is in the credits. I am currently watching the second ep. I think it is way better than what was happening in the first season pre Jack.
I was at work while it aired so i taped it. Just finished and DAMN. I'm so excited for next week. I loved the whole, run from the law thing. Was not expecting the double rewind. Awesome stuff! Glad it's back!
I think the whole idea of an adversary helps propel the show into a much better dynamic. I was impressed with the show last night. I need to get the dvd from first season to catch up. I missed the last half of the season.

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