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April 01 2005

Seth Green Draws 'Four Kings' at NBC. Seth Green is putting aside his puppets to star in a comedy pilot for NBC.

Green, who co-created Cartoon Network's "Robot Chicken" and whose last regular TV work was "Greg the Bunny" in 2002, will star in "Four Kings" for NBC, which as far as we know will feature all human actors. The comedy, from "Will & Grace" creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, is about four long-time friends who share a New York apartment.

Yet another 20-somethings in a NY apartment sitcom. Just what TV needs next.

I guess its too bland to be an April Fools joke...
I hate April Fools Day. I don't trust anything I read on that day. Joss moving to Montreal, Seth giving up his puppets, George Bush kidnapping Terri Schiavo's body...don't people know I was born with a gullible spoon in my mouth? It's just not fair!
It's allegedly cheaper to produce a sitcom that takes place mostly in one location. It's also unequivocally trite, vapid, lackluster, spiritless, monotonous, unoriginal, pedestrian, shameful, squallid, tacky, unskillful, awkward, cheap, and contemptible.

But then, so was "Friends" and they ran off with a fortune. So what the hell do I know?
Noooooo - well as long as there are 10 more seasons of "Robot Chicken" he can do whatever else he wants :-) That show always gives me a well needed smile at the end of the week! (Wait, he was in the Italian Job? I need to rewatch that to remember...)
Right there with you, electricspacegirl. I ran across several outrageous rumors on my favorite sites this morning, then I'd realized the date. I'm very thankful we don't pull that kind of foolishness here (and when we do, it's in good taste and humor). It's hard to take anything serious on this date.

But this news on Seth sounds legit. There's no pun and it falls in the same typical comedy track the networks keep doing again...and again..and..enough. Wish Seth the best.
Seinfeld did alright, too, Zachsmind. (Even if my wife and I are a couple of the few people who really did not like the show at all, even while allowing that it was well-crafted.)

And: The Honeymooners had maybe the cheapest set in TV history, but it remains to this day one of TV's crowning glories (with Buffy and Angel at the pinnacle, of course.)
Well, Seth is good with the comedy. I'll probably check this show out. So what happens to Robot Chicken now?

So, what was that deleted post about Joss moving to Montreal? Just a prank?
I liked Seinfeld well enough when it was on the air, but in reruns I find myself just cringing at it. I don't enjoy it at all. Although the writers were jumping through more hoops than normal, it's basically just formula. So same goes for them.

Every other sitcom since The Honeymooners has been basically stealing from Gleason et. al. Back in the early days of TV, the situation comedy was brand new, and Gleason's people practically invented the form. Ever since then it's been formula, and it's become trite. ...and all those other adjectives.
If anyone wants to see the pilot being taped, tickets are available here.
The former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star is set to play the "annoyed malcontent" of the quartet, according to The Hollywood Reporter

So, does that mean he's playing the Ross/George part????
Here's an April Fool's day Buffy movie annoucement that arrived in my e-mail. It took me a second to realize it was April 1st.(I'm sick and have a fever!!)

Gellar Signs On For Buffy Movie

I thought of posting it here but I didn't want rotten virtual tomatoes thrown at me!
I also was never a Seinfeld fan, just never thought it was that funny and I thought all the characters were obnoxious. I could take it in small doses but couldn't watch it week after week. And I liked the earlier seasons of Friends but then it just went on and on and the same plots over and over again.

I could see SG doing well in a comedy like this. I wonder if the "Will & Grace" creators were so impressed with his guest stint that they wrote this character for him?
Man with all the Sienfeld vitriol flying around on this site lately I might just have to leave ;). Its pretty much the only sitcom I could stand.

I just find it strange that Seth would sign up for something like this especially since he's doing Robot Chicken, which seemed like his dream project.

The sitcom is a dead art form. Take any episode of any sitcom and you can basically find that same episode, down to specific plot points, in any other sitcom. The fact that all they have is 20 mins to tell a story just exacerbates this problem. Everyone once in a while something comes along an injects something new into the sitcome genepool (Married with Children, Sienfeld, Arrested Development) but the vast majority of it is indistinguishable.

Speaking of plagarism: This is wildly off-topic, but I swear there is an episode of the tv show "Pacific Blue" that is lifted wholesale (down to the script) from an episode of "Alien Nation", but I've never been able to prove this because no one reruns "Pacific Blue" and there aren't any DVDs. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Some day I'll track it down...
Seinfeld is the only sitcom that I could watch in quick succession (more than one a week, maybe nightly) and not get tired of it at all. The networks seem to play the same eps too often though, which making me consider picking up a season or two on DVD.
Considering that Seinfeld was one of the biggest sitcoms ever those of us who don't like it are in the minority. I don't particularly like any sitcoms anymore because they all do seem to be the same thing, dumb husbands with beautiful smart wives and smart ass kids. I loved Married With Children in it's earlier seasons but they went on far to long. I've caught a few episodes of Arrested Development and thought it was quite funny but a lot like Soap was.

I felt that all three of Joss Whedon's show had enough humor in them that I didn't need to go and watch something with canned laughter in it and I believe it's because of him I'm not really a fan of sitcoms anymore.
(Trying not to be off topic, but just remembering...)
Did anyone notice that Aly's pilot changed times three times before finally deciding against a studio audience altogether? Is this a bad sign?
I could never get into 'Seinfeld', the humor was just too thin. I could see the joke from a mile away. I enjoyed 'The Honeymooners' far more. In truth, I can't recall the last sitcom that I looked forward to in watching. Granted, I'm not much into comedy, but I do enjoy a good laugh. On advise from this room, I watched 'Shaun of the Dead' and I was rolling on the floor. Guess I like the insidious humor within. Joss' so good with that talent.

Firefly Flanatic, I respect you far too much in throwing mere rotten tomatoes. You deserve the best. I'll only throw hamhocks and peaches. Perhaps a live chicken on Wednesdays. Hope you're feeling better :)

[ edited by Madhatter on 2005-04-02 07:59 ]
Wow, I'm really amazed to see how many people did not like Seinfeld. I thought I was the only one. I'm truly at the right place.

Wishing SG good luck with this, but sitcoms no longer hold my interest. I'm trying to remember the last one I watched on a regular basis. MASH, maybe.
He may be able to do Robot Chicken and a sit-com at the same time. Have not seen Robot Chicken yet, it is tough for me to catch specific shows in prime is in prime time, right?

I never liked Seinfeld either. I just did not like the characters and had no interest in watching them be annoying. Since it was so popular, I figured it was just more evidence of my being out of step with mainstream America...and fairly strange in my outlook on things.

I'll take a look at this when it comes on. No harm in giving it a shot. I tried to watch Arrested Development last night because so many people here really like it, but I did not make it through the first 10 minutes. Sorry, could see what was supposed to be funny, but just was not experiencing the humor at all. Oh well. I'm a tough audience.
Oh, some of us like Seinfeld. You have to admit it at least was very original when new, if nothing else. Seinfeld is really funny. However, I've never, ever, made a point of being home to watch it, and have really enjoyed it most in a rerun here and there. I like what the poster above said about Buffy having just enough humor. Right on. Seinfeld is boring in comparison because you know what's coming -- a few laughs. But nothing else. And ya, Aly's comedy thing. Glad to see her using foresight.
Thanks Madhatter - feeling a bit better today. I caught an episode of Robot Chicken (the one with the Buffy reference) and it was really funny. It's on late and I can never remember to tape it.
I wish all the luck to Seth.
This is not something original, but it could be great with him.
I really liked "Seinfeld", well, after the first few episodes, anyay. And it still makes laugh in reruns. I'd put in up with the best of the 3-camera sitcoms. I'd definitely put in the top 10 for TV sitcoms up to now. So, see, some Whedon fans also like Seinfeld. But then I'm a Jewish neurotic, so this may be a genetic condition.

Contemporary single-camera shows which use almost cartoon-like visiuals like "Arrested Development" and "Malcolm in the Middle" really are a different genre or subgenre altogether. Just in the same way that no one here is mentioning "The Simpsons" or "King of the Hill", which are both truly great sitcoms.
Arrested Development is not for everyone. However, I think if you rented the first season on DVD, you will LOVE it. I watched a few episode in the middle last season, kinda went "eh" and didn't watch any more. Then got Netflixed the DVDs and watched it from the start. I loved it. It's a crazy show. It works even better when you watch a bunch of episodes in a row. The jokes are mostly references to previous episodes. If you don't know the characters or what's going on, you won't get the jokes. And what about those next-episode previews? Those messed with my head before I realized they were fake.

Just to chime in here, I loved Seinfeld when it aired, not so much anymore. I love Curb Your Enthusiasm better. I hate sitcoms unless they are wacky like Arrested Development. I will keep an open mind and check out her show, whatever it is, before I form an opinion. Same with Seth Green's show.

Does anyone else want Aly and Alexis to guest star on Arrested Development? Speaking of, Alan Tudyk is going to be on AD tomorrow night. Set your VCRs/Tivos!

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-04-03 00:08 ]
Oh, that would be brilliant! Aly's daffy non-sequiters would be perfect for AD, and Alexis' sharp delivery would fit right in! Thanks for the Alan Tudyk reminder- I would have watched anyway, since this is the only show worth watching on Sundays, but he adds a little extra deliciousness.

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