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April 04 2005

Jane Espenson's "Finding Serenity" is on the shelves! Haven't started reading it yet, just now opened the box. But I can give you the back cover description.

"Firefly's early demise left fans with a deep sense of loss and plenty of unanswered questions. From what was wrong with the pilot to what was right with the Reavers, from the use of Chinese to how correspondence between Joss and network executives might have gone, from a philosopher's pespective on 'Objects in Space' to a sex therapist's analysis of Inara, 'Finding Serenity' is filled with writing as exciting, funny, and enthralling as the the show itself."

I'll be in my bunk...

240 pages, Benbella Books. $17.95, currently $12.21 at Amazon.

Oh my! I want it!
Yay Jane, I'll be getting this! Supershiny!

Um, slightly disturbed that I didn't know that FRAY WAS OUT IN TPB!!

Need to grab that too, as I lent my 8 issues in their precious plastic covers to my best Joss convert. Would have bought it anyway though. I've been hooked on TPBs (they used to call them graphic novels back in the Elfquest days) since the 80's.

Why didn't I know this? *foreheadpalm*
I received my copy last week. I haven't had time to finish reading it yet, but I was very pleased by the quality of the essays. There's plenty of food for thought for any Firefly fan.
Oh, I must have this! Just in time for my paper on deviant, sub, and created cultures and Firefly.

I think I'm going to pick this up.
I was reading it at work, and my only problem was that they didn't even touch upon "Out of Gas" in the Listening to Firefly essay. Other than that, a great collection of essays, it makes me feel like I was smarter for reading it.
Jane! Jane! Jane!

*throws garlands, jellybeans, shiny things*
I know this is more Jane Espenson's work than anyone else's because she wrote one or two of the articles and edited the thing if I recall correctly...but don't forget that Jewel Staite did one of the essays as well as KRAD (so we can get a preview of his writing before the Serenity adaptation. Still not sure if I'm going to read that, no matter how well-received. See how I feel after the film).
Oh, I want. I'm in LOVE with Jane Espenson. She's my Favorite... And I've always loved the academic analysis of Whedon's work.
I am really looking forward to reading this. Jane Espenson is so sharp you’d probably get papercuts just shaking her hand.

Joss better start pulling his finger out or she’ll replace him as the hardest working person in showbiz. One little film and a bit of comic scribblings in a whole year, pfft :)
There's an essay explaining why, if the crews were swapped, the crew of Serenity could take over the Enterprise universe while Captain Archer and pals would have a tough time of it in the Whedonverse...

This is worth the price of the book.

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Speaking of Jane, if you haven't read it, pick up a copy of Tales of the Slayer vol. 2. There's a short story entititled 'Again' written by Jane. It's set in season 6 and I suspect it was an episode she either pitched or wanted to pitch, but for some reason it wasn't made. It would have fit perfectly with the mood and story of that season. And it's so Jane.

I really want 'Finding Serenity' but I just spent more money than I should have on Nikki Stafford's 'Once Bitten'. Maybe next month.
I've completely forgotten about this, my brain has been in such a draft lately. Thanks for reminding me. Jane is one of my favorite writers and I'm purchasing this one. What else has Jane been up to?
What else has Jane been up to?

Hopefully, she's still working on Utopia. I think that's the post-Buffyverse project I'm most intrigued with, even with as little as I know about it.

You can find out more about what Jane's been up to here.
Jane Espenson is a talented, intelligent, witty human being. ...Plus she's hot.

Did I just say that out loud?
I agree, Zach. And she loves fan fic! She's a fanboy/girl's dream.
This book is so good! It's miles better than the other BenBella pop Whedonverse collections. I chalk that up to Jane's editing skills in choosing the essays, which are sharply written, insightful, intelligent, and funny. Not all are strictly essays, either--the fan-ficcy parodies are hysterical, yet also manage to add some insight--just as it should be. Firefly fans MUST have this book.

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