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April 04 2005

Firefly/Serenity 'Guerilla' poster art. 11th Hour offers up this funky, gorgeously designed series of downloadable rock flyers and posters promoting "Firefly" and "Serenity." Plaster your telephone pole today!

Oh, wow. I think I'm in love.
Ooh, those are awesome! Great find, HudsonVC.
Whoa! Gorgeous and eye catching. Perfect combo.
I want to start doing this. What month do you think would be good to start? The sooner the better? I thought this would be a good Meetup activity - walk around town hanging up flyers and stop at a coffee shop to chat.
No Kaylee, the best gorram mechanic in the 'verse. :(

'Sides that, pretty cool. :)
Hey, I made (crappy) fan art for The Inside. Can I post inthread or is that waaaay inappropriate?
Allyson, when does The Inside air?
Great posters, I love the look of them. And the general consensus is that The Inside will have a Fall launch.
Great posters - Love the Jayne ones, however I am a bit biased.

I would think it would be most effective to put these posters up a month before the movie is due to be released, and keep them in place until the movie leaves the theaters.
Simon is keerect, it's slated for Fall, either early or late August.
Thanks Simon and Allyson. That's a good deal. Hopefully it will be treated better than Firefly.

I saw these posters a week ago. The artist also made Firefly Life Lessons, a shiny poster you can print out and hang on your wall.
These are great! However, I'd like to see some that focus entirely on the movie, not the DVDs. (Much as I love the DVDs, the movie is the future.)
Airawyn, the DVDs will theoretically get people prepared for the film. Although Whedon's said one should be able to see the film without having seen the DVDs, it's important to note how these "guerilla poster art" publicity thingies are attempting to operate: tell the uninitiated about the availability of the DVD now, and that there's more story coming up in September. This way, they'll hopefully buy the Firefly DVD set, get hooked, and then salivate like proverbial Pavlovian dogs for Serenity.

Something now and something later. Classic publicity strategy. Very well conceived in my opinion.
I think most of these have been around awhile, which is why they are focused more on the DVDs than the movie. Perhaps as we get closer to the release, 11Th Hour will make some new ones. She is just a wonderful artist. Love her stuff.
Airawyn wrote:
These are great! However, I'd like to see some that focus entirely on the movie, not the DVDs. (Much as I love the DVDs, the movie is the future.)

To follow up on ZachsMind's and dizzy's responses:
11th Hour posts on the Fox Prospero Firefly boards fairly regularly (she's hi-larious, by the way). She has said that she is working on Serenity-promoting materials when she has time. I remember she had to take the "April 22nd" release date off of some stuff.

Here's an old interview with 11th Hour from

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NickSeng, this 11th Hour art may temporarily satisfy your (understandable) need for Kaylee art: Kaylee postcard home.

Hmm, apparently Kaylee doesn't know how to spell "shuai"...

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