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April 05 2005

War Stories About The TV Business. A write up of the 'Mass Market, Smart Content' panel held in L.A. in March. It features some very interesting quotes from Tim Minear which touch upon Angel, Firefly, Wonderfalls and The Inside.

Favorite quote:

CATHY SEIPP: How do you react to people who say they never watch TV?

TIM MINEAR: I run them over with my Mercedes.
it turns out that the short-lived "Firefly" was Perry DeHavilland's favorite TV show ever, I suppose because of the free market philosophy that Tim Minear somehow sneaked into it, so he was delighted to meet Tim. (Who was surprised to hear Perry remark on how "politically sound" the show was: "Not many people picked up on that.")

I'm glad I watched Firefly before learning that it is a vessel of "political soundness." Yuck.
Does anyone know when Minear's The Inside is supposed to air?
August. (Fall)
Don't care for the reporter, but some interesting points are presented here. And I was excited to read this quote from Tim Minear:

I had a character (one of the good guys) who smoked. No longer. She's played by an actress on Wonderfalls last year who smoked

which I assume refers to Katie Finneran, whom I found absolutely delightful on WF.
Welcome back SNT. :)
SNT! I missed you! Where ya been?
Well, thanks, Ang and esg. Had some hols in good old England. And am now back to find many exciting discussions taking place in my absence. The cheek of some people . . . ;)
Aha SNT. So you are the guy who brought the rain with him. :)
Ah, TM. So clever, so mean. So funny! Imagine the witty repartee that must have been flying back and forth like arrows in that room -- I'm picturing a panel discussion that ended up looking like the finale of "Hero" ;)

[Aside: Some of the blogs linked off that article's page are kinda "yikes!". Guess that's what I get for sneaking a peak in 'red' territory...]

Nice to see your blueness back, SNT. It kinda livens up the place.

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