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April 05 2005

(SPOILER) Dread Central's set report for Unholy. Don Kaye visited the set of Nicholas Brendon's new film and interviewed the director, screenwriter and Adrienne Barbeau. The report contains minor spoilers, including more details about NB's character in the film.

Well, I didn't read the story because I don't like spoilers, but I checked it out because there might be pictures of Nick. Sadly, no. We need more pictures of Nick.
Sorry Zandra, there may not be any pictures of Nick but the plot and characters do seem to have a lot of potential. If as the producers hope this film makes it to the big screen instead of going direct-to-video, it could be a great showcase for Nicholas Brendan. Of course there is no telling at present but we can always hope...
Too bad Nicky wasn't interviewed.
The report mentions that NB had completed filming the day prior, hence no interview. :(
I just sent the following to
I went to the website and all I got was this email address. Not even a t-shirt.

So. When's the release date, if I may be so bold to ask? Barbeau and Brendon is inspired casting. I'm looking forward to seeing them, whatever this is about.

Thanks for your time.
Darkness Falls fell for me. The Grudge felt empty and lifeless. I tried to bring myself to see Ice Princess but it seems like a chick flick and I just can't do it. I am SO looking forward to Unholy though. Brendon and Barbeau. I don't see how this can go wrong.


The following is the response I got from the aforementioned email:
--- wrote:
> Brendon and Barbeau didn't know what they got
> themselves into. Neither did
> I. None of us are safe. Now neither are you.

Okay. So does this mean you don't have a release date set yet? =)

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Check out the source code on the official Unholy site... it's kinda creepy (or, as my brother put it, "someone thinks they're funny").
Gotta love guerilla advertising. This might be the most interesting thing of its kind since Blair Witch Project. ..Or not.

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