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April 05 2005

David Fury has left LOST. Herc at AICN reports that David Fury has joined Tim Minear's 'The Inside' for six episodes and then become the new co-executive producer for '24'. In related news, ABC has renewed Lost for a second season.

Rumours that Rick Berman and Brannon Braga will be replacing Fury on Lost are as of yet unsubstantiated *heh*.

But I jest. Congrats to Mr Fury, he's really doing well for himself. And my god could the Inside get any better? I really hope this gets picked up in the UK.
Yay for Mr Fury..but I have to say I am a bit sad.....See I do not watch 24......and I love Fury so now I am confused as too what I am going to do. I NEED to see Fury writing on TV.
A little late for April fools. I kinda' doubt it.
I will miss Fury on Lost but Im looking forward to see his 24 Epis. As long as he doesnt decide to go to Smallville. *g*

Madhatter: its not an april fool. Its true. ;)

[ edited by Princessofdarkness on 2005-04-05 21:13 ]
Madhatter its definetly no aprils fools joke.

I´m a little dissapointed for LOST but i´m sure Fury will do great! So yay for Fury !
Yeah, I have to say his leaving LOST doesn't worry me. So far every single episode has ranged "huh, that was cool." to "oh my God, I have to change my pants!", regardelss of if he wrote it.

As if the Minear/Espenson factor of THE INSIDE didn't guarantee my viewership, having Fury on board most certainly does. And boy howdy, I can already tell I'm going to have another celebrity crush in that show's lead, Rachel Nichols.

And having Fury on 24? Holy crap, he's going to give me a heart attack.
Yeah, whatever. Off to a honest topic.
Wow, Madhatter, I guess I'm just baffled by your complete skepticism. Huh.

Simply because of Minear, The Inside was already Must See TV for me. With the addition of JE and This is is the first television show I've been this excited about since Firefly.
When is The Inside supposed to begin?
Wow. That's big. Lost will miss him mightily.
Madhatter said:

Yeah, whatever. Off to a honest topic.

I was about to comment that it seems a little odd that David Fury should send a message to Herc announcing this before the 'official announcement' is made, but I've just noticed that Fury's 'message' has been deleted from the page. I wonder why that this?

I'm inclined to think Madhatter has good reason to be sceptical until we get a more reliable announcement.
Yeah, I just noticed that too. Hmmmmm. Though I did catch a tail end of a rumour about him leaving last week. But hmmmm all the same. I think I may rework the subject line till more official word comes along.
When is The Inside supposed to begin?

Possibly in August, though no actual date's been set yet.
AlterLeo unfortunately owing to the disappearance of the letter from Herc's article, I've reworked your subject line to show what's going on.
Well, assuming this rumor is true, I'm sorry to see Fury leave Lost -- but Lost's loss is The Inside/24's gain. I'm already a regular 24 watcher, and I will definitely watch The Inside. I look forward to his contributions to both.
Would you believe me?
Well I would believe you.
I'm interested. When I first read the headline (before it was changed), I was a little worried. I love Lost, and I love Fury's addition to it. His episodes are always the funniest (besides Drew's episode). But, the best episode of Lost so far (episode 19) was not written by Fury. I think Lost can continue to do well without him if this rumor is true.

I'd love to have him join The Inside. I was already interested in the show. I mean, it's Tim! And Jane! And Adam Baldwin! Adam is wonderful. He was so funny in Firefly and so compelling and amusing in Angel. I'm sure he'll bring a wonderful dynamic to The Inside. And adding Fury would just be perfect. It would be like coming home to family again.

Now, if the producers could just find a role for Mr. Denisof, I'd be completely satisfied.

ETA: Alyson, I'd believe it if it came from you. As it is, I kind of already do.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-04-05 22:49 ]
I think I missed last week's episode, but caught the one where the backstory of Sawyer and Jack's connection with Jack's father was revealed. That bit in the rain where Sawyer killed the wrong man was Fury, wasn't it? "Walkabout" I think it was called? Awesome work there, nonetheless.

And was Fury responsible at all for the one where we learned about Hurley winnning the lottery? I think that had his dark sense of humor all over it, but I could be wrong.

I won't go to 24 though just because Fury's going. I left 24 about halfway through the first season. The show's a lame gimmick with characters about which I could not care less. Perhaps if the show was told without commercials, then the "in real time" gimmick wouldn't feel so awkward and false. Not even Fury could salvage that thing. I don't understand why 24 is still on the air and stuff I actually like gets cancelled. Grrr. Argh.

...Uh, pardon my social incompetence but why are we assuming Allyson knows at face value? Did I miss a memo? Is she on the inside or something? I mean "Inside" either literally or figuratively..?

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2005-04-05 22:55 ]
Allyson runs David Fury's website. She's also a friend of Tim's.
Walkabout was the 4th episode, Zach, and it was written by Fury. The one with Sawyer and Jack's father was Drew Goddard's episode, ep 16, Outlaws. Both were good. Numbers was co-written by Fury. Walkabout, Numbers, Raised by Another (Claire's episode), and Deux Ex Machina (last week's ep) are my favorites so far.

I heard this season of 24 is really good. I've only seen the first 3 seasons. I decided not to check out season 3 since everyone seemed to think it sucked, but I may get back in the 24 game someday. It's not a huge priority right now.

pardon my social incompetence but why are we assuming Allyson knows at face value? Did I miss a memo? Is she on the inside or something? I mean "Inside" either literally or figuratively..?

I think Alyson does have "Inside" news. She hasn't been wrong so far.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-04-05 23:16 ]
I absolutely can't wait for The Inside! I hope Fox treats it right. Good luck to Fury. It's too bad for Lost, but how long can those people spend on that island anyway?
but how long can those people spend on that island anyway?

Five seasons, according to what I've heard. But Lost is not just about being stranded on an island. It's so much bigger than that. I don't want to post my speculations here, but I think when the Big Picture is revealed, it's not going to matter if they are stranded on the island for 5 seasons. Also, the Lost story doesn't move in real time. They've only been on the island for a little over a month. Five years of Lost does not mean Five years on the island.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-04-05 23:23 ]
I left 24 about halfway through the first season. The show's a lame gimmick with characters about which I could not care less. Perhaps if the show was told without commercials, then the "in real time" gimmick wouldn't feel so awkward and false. Not even Fury could salvage that thing. I don't understand why 24 is still on the air and stuff I actually like gets cancelled. Grrr. Argh.

Maybe you should have stuck around for longer than half of a season. I think the show has held up surpringly well, as its fourth Very Bad Day is, in my opinion, its best yet. And by the time the second season rolled around, the real-time "gimmick" became less of one, because it was more or less "just there". I mean, you're entitled to your opinion, of course, but I personally think that TV could do much worse than 24.

But defending my favorite shows aside, if this all proves to be true, it will be interesting to see what Fury does with 24. It's more straight-up action than most (or any) of the other shows that he's worked on. There's some good character stuff in there, but it's the plot twists that drive the show, and pretty much all of the humor comes from one character (Chloe). Also, it's hard to explain, but (in my opinion) 24 doesn't focus on the writers as much as any show Fury has worked for so far (that I know of). By which I mean: I can't tell you, episode-to-episode, who wrote what, nor would there be any reason to.

Nothing against the writers of 24, of course. I'm just saying, the style is pretty consistent throughout.

[ edited by VampiresSuckLOLOLGetIt on 2005-04-05 23:30 ]
...oh. Okay. Just so long as she's not actually Allyson Hannigan. That'd just creep me out.

If Inside wil be on Fox, I can't support it. I'm tired of getting interested in new Fox shows only to have the network screw me over. I no longer want to give the network suits the satisfaction.
As of five seconds ago, the cement wasn't dry on all of this.

From Fury's own mouth (well, AIM): He won't be at LOST anymore. Yes he will write some pretty things for Tim's show. Then he's off to work on 24.
Holy moly. Minear-Espenson-Fury. I can't bloody well wait for The Inside. These three are among my very favorite Whedonverse writers. And yes, Adam Baldwin and Katie Finneran. Nice.

Don't watch 24 and probably won't in the future but I couldn't be happier for Fury's success. Huge, huge fan.
Cheers Allyson, I've reworked the subject line to make it more official like.
When I get home I'll update and try and sweettalk him into explaining it all.
I wuv you Allyson. ;)
Interesting. I'll miss him at Lost. He's definitely written some of the best eps there, and the writing, IMO at least, is often uneven from other writers on the show.
I'm now very excited about the Insidde - and I already was before. Allyson, is there any sense now of when the show will premiere? Fall, i'm guessing?
As for 24, it does seem an odd fit for Fury. I've only seen the first season, on DVD, and I liked it - it was certainly highly addictive in DVD format - but it's never something i'd go back and rewatch. Well-acted, very taught, highly suspensful, but I missed the mix of comedy/human issues that often really only get space to breathe in a less packed, action-driven format. And Fury always seems so good at those. I tend to agree with VampiresSuck's assessment – that while there is character growth and interaction, it's not nearly as important to the show as the plot itself and the action. I'm not saying Fury's not great at that too, but he's always seemed so good at writing for characters, finding the right language, finding the humor - just more nuanced stuff than 24 would seem to offer.

But, maybe the show will change some too. Either way, i'm sure he'll do a great job. Eventually, i'll probably catch some of the other 24 seasons, but it's one show i find preferable on DVD.
Oh, and Simon? Thanks for the vote of confidence back upthread!

The Inside will premeire in August (Fall).

All signs point toward the network loving the show. I've no worries. And I'm always worried about something. It's dark and funny and terrifying. And! I have LJ icons. And bad fanart I made from some stills of The Inside episodes. I'll post them at as well. Not the bad fanart, though.
I was going to watch The Inside anyway, so another Buffy/Angel writer onboard is a bonus. Never liked 24 that much, so this probably won't get me to watch it.

A second season of Lost, excellent, such a rarity that such a good show gets the ratings it deserves, a part of me worries about how long they can keep it going, but I'm sure they'll come up with something.

A fifth season of Alias, fantastic, though this season has been a little lacking, Alias is the best show on TV in my opinion, and now I can stop worrying about whether or not it'll come back. Doesn't say when it starts though, though I hated the wait I'd rather it come back in January, because having a new episode every week is so much better than the scheduling it had last year.

Now just need for Veronica Mars and Arrested Development to get picked up for next season, and of course, for The Inside to get a firm airdate.
Ooooh, never question Allyson on Tim or Fury news! She's all about the knowing :)

I talked to Fury a few minutes ago and we'll be posting a story on SCI FI WIRE asap with the details of the ya some time Allyson *wink*
Very good news about Lost and Alias. I've not had chance to see an episode of Lost yet but i've heard nothing but good things about it so i'm looking forward to when E4 finally get around to airing it.

As for Alias, i've been a fan from episode one. I watched the first two episodes of the current season on Bravo last Sunday night and really enjoyed them. I'm very glad to know that it will be coming back next season.

I have to say that ABC is really impressing me with it's current loyalty to it's drama series. Why couldn't the WB have been so forward thinking last year?
oh great, first herc and now Tara's gonna scoop me? hurumph.

I'm pointing to a Free Michael Jackson site. That'll learn him.

Did he at least tell you I've been begging for this move for MONTHS? Huh? I want 10%. Or at least a fancy lunch. Something that comes with a salad fork.
Yes, The Inside just keeps sounding better and better.

Re: 24, though, I think the most postive spin I can give this news is: Nowhere to go but up, David!

I stopped watching Kiefer two years ago, and instead follow the show through its hilarious recaps on TelivisionWithoutPity.
I only started, watching 24 with this current season. I'd not really taken any notice of it before, mostly due to having plenty to watch on television already. With the lack of Angel and Farscape this season however i decided to give it a go and i can't say i've been disappointed. It is a good, solid show with entertaining characters and interesting plotlines, i really can't see what anyone would have against it. It's not like we are talking about Charmed or Smallville, now they really do deserve to be severely mocked.

The news that David will be involved in writing the show next season is far from a bad thing, although if they do decide to go with Puppet Jack i think my girlfriend may disown the show. Much Kiefer love going on there. I'm not jealous though, honest!
While I'll miss him greatly on Lost, I usually watch 24, so, just another reason to tune in. The Inside was already much anticipated in my house, even more so now.

And, just as a sidenote on 24, Howard Gordon's been one of the cornerstones at 24 from the beginning, and made contributions to both Buffy and Angel in their early days.

I'm kinda curious about knowing the whole story, and will wait for non-Michael Jackson updates from
Besides Fury isn't one of the Drew's still there? If he leaves this means no more connection to Lost am I correct?
Interesting note about 24, one of the executive producers wrote on Buffy's first 2 seasons. And I see someone already pointed this out.

I only started watching 24 this season, I enjoy it but sometimes the always changing plot twists gets to me.(hostage situation changes to nuclear attack changes to what now?) I love Keifer Sutherland.

[ edited by eddy on 2005-04-06 02:21 ]
He's moving from a show I watch, to a show I plan on watching, to a show I watch. I guess I'm just glad I'll still be seeing his work.

If The Inside is successful, Fury will have himself quite the IMDB biography. Pinky and the Brain was awesome. Even more of a Badge of Achievment though is the fact that this is the first Buffyverse-related post on AICN in months that hasn't resulted in instant bile. People seem genuinely sad to see Fury leave Lost, and genuinely happy to see him joining 24.

This could only be better if he were to develop his own show.
Ooh, The Inside just keeps sounding better and better. It is a shame for Lost but I'm sure they'll cope. I do really like 24 but do agree with the comments above about not knowing who wrote which episodes and the lack of the character moments that fill Fury's work. Will be interesting to see what he does about that.
Brent Fletcher also left LOST last week. Drew Goddard is on Alias, so there's no connection to the 'verse that I know of anymore.
How cool is this guy - he has now written on 4 of my all-time favourite shows - Pinky & the Brain, Buffy, Angel AND Lost!

The Inside is looking like such a good prospect - Tim (TIM!!!!!), Jane (JANE !!!!!) and now David Fury. Now let's just hope it runs for more than 4 eps!

Just on an entirely selfish note, I hope this doesn't get in the way of David Fury getting to the TabulaRasa con in July in Melbourne!
Wow, we have quite a few of our own insiders on here! Great to hear about the show with 3 of my favorites working on it. I just hope I'll be able to watch it in Australia before having it all revealed to me by SPOILERS!!!
And in regards to SPOILERS can everybody please be aware that some people in other countries i.e ME who has yet to see the full season of Lost!!! And possibly don't want to know who gets killed, or wins lottery tickets, etc. Now I'm not complaining about just this one thread, it's been happening for quites a while now. Just remeber we do have the groovy 'how to' page for the invisiscript.
Rant finished.
Well Allyson theres still Daniel Dae Kim and Josh Holloway's cameo in the Angel pilot.
My other excitement (before I read the post properly) was that he was leaving Lost because he was going to work on the new Spike series that is coming soon!

And then I returned to this reality - and was disappointed. Again! Still!
I'm hearing ya one that one Catalyst2!
Gosh, catalyst2! I'm glad I didn't take it that way…I'd have been SO disappointed!

Thanks, eddy, for mentioning Daniel; I just noticed the Josh/pilot appearance myself a couple of months ago! I was trying to point it out to my daughter, but you know kids these days…

OK, where's Lioness? "Hurry…wish for David Fury to run UPN's Spike spin-off!"

Note: UPN gets the network vote because it picked up Buffy and because it's NOT Fox and NOT WB.

[ edited by brownishcoat on 2005-04-06 05:03 ]
I would really hate to see anything Joss related go to UPN. Even a franchise giant like Star Trek couldn't survive on there nowadays. What are the chances of a Whedonverse show lasting very long?
Even a franchise giant like Star Trek couldn't survive on there nowadays.

Many critics have contributed the Enterprise downfall to excessive milking of the franchise. A couple have recommended taking a couple of years off to rebuild anticipation.

And I think a new -verse show teamed up with Veronica Mars would be an interesting combination.
Trouble is UPN got burned by Buffy. The ratings did not justify the fortune they paid for the rights to show seasons 6 and 7. I can't see them jumping up and down with glee about the prospect of a new Buffyverse show.
As a Trek fan from way back i would have to agree that it was time for a break, certainly once Enterprise had run it's natural seven year course anyway. However, UPN have not done anything to help matters. In fact there have been a number of comments from the likes of Scott Bakula and Manny Coto that suggested UPN wouldn't have renewed Enterprise no matter how well the show did this year. Apparently the network is moving away from genre television altogether so the chances of them being interested in anything like a Spike telemovie or series are remote i would think. Even Veronica Mars isn't a sure renewal from what i understand.

The one thing i will say in favour of UPN is that, despite the fact they did make a loss with Buffy, they were interested in Joss making them a Faith spinoff a couple of years ago. I seriously doubt that will still stand under the current regime though.
Hmmm. As much as I hate anticipating anything too much (high expectations can cause unfair disappointment) "The Inside" is sounding more and more interesting by the minute. No! I will stop myself. I will just wait until it comes on and watch with no expectations. Yeah.

I watched the first season of 24 in a Labor Day weekend 24 hour marathon. (I taped parts while I took breaks.) I was totally hooked and then totally crushed by the ending. I just hated the way the women characters were presented so negatively and the men were paragons. I watched the second season but saw the same attitude developing and it made my interest dry up. I am not sure I even saw the entire 2nd season. Since I cannot afford a regularly scheduled obsession anyway I have not gone back to the show. David Fury could absolutely make me try it again.
Humm.....I have really enjoyed Fury's Lost episodes. Too bad.
But the last line about him possibly developing a NEW show for Bad Robotsounds very cool.
I apologize for the doubts I had earlier. When I first read the article from Herc, I had a hard time believing it because it just didn't make any sense. Why leave a highly successful series in its first season for two somewhat lesser series? However, after reading the more detailed article from Scifi, the reasons became clear. Better position and having a larger effect on said series.

At first, I felt disappointed that Fury was leaving 'Lost' for he has been the writer of my favorite episodes. But, after giving it some thought, the idea is starting to grow on me. I haven't been able to watch 'The Inside' but I'm told it's a very good show. I do like '24' so I'm looking forward to see what David will do for the show.
The Inside hasn't started yet Madhatter. It's set for an August start at the moment and I for one can't wait.
Ah, thanks Paul_Rocks. For some reason, I keep getting it mixed up with 'The Wire'. Hmmm, another show to look forward to.
Davud Fury! You, freakin' talented man! Much kudos on your success. I can't wait for The Inside!

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