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April 05 2005

Go see RavenU's Slayercon pictures, if you hadn't yet already done so. They're fab and funny.

I don't think we'd linked to RavenU's Flickr stream before, so I thought I'd pimp it for once.

You can see them as a slideshow too, if you like. (Flash plugin needed)

Those are some really nice photo's there!
Amber Benson has got to be the most adorable human being on the face of the planet... Uh, er, I mean... Good photos! Looks like everybody had a great time!

...I'll be in my bunk.
They ARE great and JM looks like he's enjoying the heck out of himself.
I am adding more from the Q&A's as we type. As for the Photo Ops - I hate getting my photo taken. So I have to get creative. Although the 2 with Leary was because I could not find Woodward. :P

I would like to thank both James Leary and Camden Toy for agreeing to appear in the photo ops, cause I like to have those type photos with more than one guest especially when there is a character connection you can play off of. Also the Chance Photo Op becoming a Hush photo op was to much to pass up for me, since the Chance Photo Op was my idea in the first place. :P

And Thank You Caroline for posting them here.

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Cuteness. That photo of Amber in the overalls is so adorable and Andy has PuppetAngel hair!
Good God, those are some great pictures! You manage to get them at just the right moment! The shots of James and Amber are particularly fantastic, IMO. Animated people make for better pictures. :)
Excellent photos yet again RavenU - just like the ones at Halloween Con 04 - a pleasure to look at.
Raven U - Andy with the bunny ears is the funniest thing I have seen in ages! How do you do it?
Beautiful photos, as always, Raven. Plus, bunny ears!! As an aside, Andy Hallett looks hunky and healthy.
They are wonderful pics, kudos to RavenU.

Thanks everyone. I'm really glad you like them, I try to get a few good shots to share. I will be adding a few more, including Mr. Woodward in an orange corduroy kilt. :)
Thanks for sharing more excellent photos, Raven U. You always have the talent for capturing the decisive moment in natural looking light with no grainy-ness.
Out of the photo ops, I especially like James, James and the kitten--what a wonderful smile from James M.! Of course I can't help thinking all they need is a deck of cards for a little kitten poker.
RavenU --would you mind if I took a few of the James Marsters pix over to the Live Journal "Marsters Daily"? Giving credit to you, of course.
That's fine with me zandra, as long as you credit them you can use them.
Thank you, RavenU! Great photos! Yummy.

looking, you said Andy looks healthy. Was he/Is he sick?
Does anyone know where I can find a transcript for this con? I'd really like to know what Benson and Woodward talked about. And thanks for the photos. They are smashing!
I'm sure their will be more transcripts forth coming, taxing my brain I can remember a few things from Amber's talk, bare with me cause this is paraphrasing at it's best and hearsay at the least.

- She has decided for the most part to no longer act in her films cause it's to much work to write, direct, produce, and act. She feels it takes away from the performance of the piece.
- She never realized James had such comic timing and she learned from him that with comedy (at least the type she was doing) it was a lot about the re-action to something rather than the action that is funny. Which was an interesting point I had not thought about but I do agree with.
- She thought about Johnny Depp when kissing Aly and when filming one kiss there was a string of saliva afterwords. :)
- Everytime her and Aly had a kissing scene there was an odd ammount of male crew presense on the set and planes flying overhead, which screwed up the scene so they would have to keep kissing, at least according to the sound guys. :)
- When she went on the audition for Tara, she saw Aly and Aly said she'd put in a good word for her. So Aly walked in to talk to Joss and he told her they had already cast Amber.
- She thought she would be working more with Seth and Eliza whom she had become friends with before Buffy but was sad when she got there and found they were not there but was happy when they came back for a couple of guest stints.
- Again she wanted to come back in season 7 but timing wasn't right, however had there had been a season eight, she thinks she would have returned.
- Even though Amber knew she was going to die early on, James had no clue until he read the script and he was like, "What the... they can't do that". Michelle and her became close friends whom she still sees and talks to quite a bit and she said that the day she died everyone on the set was crying hard.
- Amber also said if she was never remember for anything other than Tara she would be really proud that she had that and got to play such a great character.
- Oh and Gary Marshall told her when she auditioned for a movie that she didn't get the job cause no one would ever believe she would be a hooker. She was like mifted that people were always telling her how innocent she looks, but her mom told her one day she'd be happy about it.
- The episode of Cold Case she did, she loved the director because the director gave hugs and Amber needs hugs and she would love to work on anything that woman ever directed just for the hugs.

Ok I think that is the most I can recall from various Q&A's although I know there is more.

If you have a chance and you are in New York area you can catch Amber this Saturday at the World Horror Con day pass is $50 cash at the door. Amber is a very ammusing and warm person to meet and I do not think you will be disappointed.

If you go ask her about the banquet in Houston and a certain chair. ;)

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Oh my gosh, those photos are so lovely! Thank you for sharing RavenU :)
RavenU--Everybody at Marsters' Daily says a great big thank you.
RavenU - loved the Camden Toy photos - I love the change in body shape and attitude he can project! Jenny Mollen is absolutely gorgeous - how did I not notice that before?

I have already said this above but I will say it again - your photos just capture people perfectly!

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