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April 05 2005

The "Hush" Convention, running from April 29th to May 1st has been cancelled "due to circumstances beyond our control". Guests were set to include Tony Head, Iyari Limon, Tom Lenk, Danny Strong and Adam Busch, who would have also performed with his band Common Rotation.

Huh. So "Hush" was silenced, eh? That's somehow ironically fitting. Wonder what the reason was behind it? Not that I'd have been able to go, but it would perhaps make for an interesting story.
My family came from the north east of Scotland and I lived in Aberdeen for many years. I still have many friends there and was tempted by this convention. However, the ticket price (£500... approximately $940) put an end to that idea. Aberdeen is a small city with a small population and it is quite isolated. I'm probably wrong, but I would guess the ticket prices were too high and not enough were sold.
They had already postponed it once, and had moved it to a date when they were up against two other major UK cons featuring more popular, less often seen, Jossverse people (Serenity and Collectormania) and the James Marsters concert tour. And the prices were higher than most London events.

Snowball, hell... no surprise at all, sadly.
£500 per ticket? Seriously?

I admit i'm not somebody that would go to a convention regardless of the cost of the ticket, they just aren't my idea of a good time at all, way too crowded and i hate queueing for anything, but at £500 a ticket there isn't a chance that i would consider going to that one. If i had that kind of spare cash lying around spare then it would be going towards the long list of cd's i'm currently wanting. Still haven't got myself the new Nirvana rarities boxset yet. Now that would be worth £500, although i'm kinda glad it's a lot cheaper.
The "Hush" Convention forum has all the details on the cancellation:
Honestly £500? In Scotland??? Wow. I doesn’t happen often but I am speechless.

The forum BTW seems to have been disabled.
£500 was the price for the golden ticket, the standard weekend ticket was £85, one day ticket was £45. More info here.

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