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April 06 2005

Fury speaks! David Fury on leaving Lost and moving to The Inside and 24.

He also discusses the possibility of developing something with JJ one day. Best of luck to Fury on The Inside; this show just keeps sounding better and better.

I'm glad he's leaving it on good terms and may work with J.J. again cause I would've hated if he was "fired" or something such as that. It would've soured the show for me. Can't wait to see The Inside!
Ditto on The Inside but I'm going to miss his presence on Lost. I was sitting there with a friend a few weeks ago & it was doing the opening teaser when Hurley made some crack....I turned to the person I was watching it with and said, it's a Fury episode. I was right and my friends had no bloody idea what I was talking about. Anyway, great writer and I wish him all the is hoping he can help make 24 watchable again.
Congratulations, David Fury!

He's penned some fabulous episodes on Lost, which makes me sad to see him go. But considering he's going off to sprinkle some writerly magic on the last episodes of this year's 24, and then joining up with our old pal TM to work on what looks to be an intriguing, very-likely-addictive new series for fall, how bummed can I honestly be? More DF all around -- especially mixing it up with the creative alchemy of his former Angel cohorts -- sounds like the best of all possible (genre) worlds to me.
Hm. Maybe we're barking up the wrong tree with this "Spike" spin-off rumination. Maybe Joss's next Buffyverse series should center around on the adventures of the bearded guy who got mustard on his shirt in "Once More with Feeling." They could call it: "The Mustard Man Prophecies."
He won't be on 24 this season Wiseblood since they're about to wrap up their season soon. In fact they're probably already writing the season finale like every other show is.
"The Mustard Man Prophecies."
Oh my god, that's a spin-off show that I WOULDN'T watch. sounds really awful, would probably be a sitcom... :P

But returing to the topic I'm actually quite happy about this news. Most people on the Lost writing staff are very talented aswell, so Lost probably won't loose too much steam from Fury's departure. Lost isn't in jeopardy either.
The Inside on the other hand is a show that I truly look forward to. As a new show needs it needs all the help it can get from someone like Fury to gain a following. Quite simply, I just think he's could do more good for The Inside than Lost. I'm happy about this and is immensely curious about what the Minear/Espenson/Fury trio can come up with.
Wiseblood, as i understand it David will be going over to The Inside to finish off the current season of that show and then moving to 24 for it's fifth season.
How about 'Desperate Puppets' then, the behind the scenes story of how puppets can take over your life ?
I'd watch that as long as there are puppet goats being sacrificed regularly and guest appearances by puppet Angel.

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I gotta say, if I had my choice, I'd prefer that Fury remain on "Lost." I'm not sure his fabulous, but specific, brand of humor will mesh with "24," and "The Inside" sounds good ... but the survival rate of new shows is always scary. Meanwhile, Fury's eps of "Lost" were clearly that show's best.

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I'm sad, but I can' wait for "The Inside" David and Tim (and Jane?) together is more than I could ask for :)
The Inside could be one of my favorite shows in the future, and he's working on 24, one of my favorite shows of all time, so this is cool, he's attached to them.
I am very sad to see him leave Lost. It is after all my new favorite show and the episodes he penned were by far (for me anyway) the best episodes of the season. My sadness is however tempered by the fact that he will be going over to work on The Inside w/ TM and JE. It looks like I have a new show to look forward to, especially now.

I am not as excited about him joining 24. I checked out of that show after the second season, and so far haven't seen anything to truly draw me back in. Maybe the presence of Fury will be just that thing, but I kind of doubt it.
" by Tim Minear (Angel, Wonderfalls)..." Excuse me? How about a little episode titled "Out of Gas," among other things? :-p

I'm really looking forward to The Inside, too. :)
I donīt want to read much (i will start to see Lost this week :D).
Iīm sad, but if thereīs no problems between J.J and Fury itīs ok).

The Inside looks even (if itīs possible) more exciting now. But i have a doubt, he will continue in The Inside the "next" season, or he will only do those 6 episodes?

I hope they will hire Marti Noxon too :p

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Well, one reason I gave up on "24" a quarter of the way through its first season was its complete lack of humor -- even as it had characters kvetching endless about heir relationships even as L.A., where most of them lived, was about to be destroyed by nuclear bomb, which is actually kind of a funny idea. Either he'll help the show, or he'll be completely frustrated.
Thanks for the clarifications, eddy and the Watcher. Guess I was so excited for DF's wider distribution on TV I got the gist but not the specifics.

I'm hoping he can help bring more of a character-based balance to 24's plot-centered storylines. As pure action it's usually pretty riveting, but a lot of the characters seem disposably one-dimensional and I don't end up caring very much whether they live or die. He could make me care. Go ahead, DF! Make me cry at least once when I watch this show! I double-dog dare you!
Interestingly Fury mentioned 24 as a show he'd love to work on after Buffy ended two years ago in this City of Angel interview

"There are a few shows I like but I don't think they have any openings. Howard Gordon is a friend of mine at 24 and he'd love to have me over there but there aren't any openings."

At the time of the interview he was uncertain about moving to Angel (budget cuts meant they couldnt really afford him).

One other writer I'd like to see at 24 would be Steve DeKnight. Fury praised him to high heaven as the best action writer on Angel (YW commentry), and I remember that his orogional version of Spiral would have cost something like $20 million to shoot.

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