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January 09 2003

Spoiler free is the way to be. Spoilers are bad, boo hiss.

With all the talk about spoilers yesterday, this opinion piece seemed relevant.

If I had known, before hand, that Buffy was going to kill Angel in Becoming part 2 , it would have lessened the enjoyment of one of my favourite ever BtVS episodes. But nowadays I'm addicted to spoilers, hmmmmm.

Tree pretty, spoilers bad ;)
I first got into spoiler-hunting recently, to try to figure out what's going to come with Faith, my favorite character. Now that I've had a taste of what's ahead, I've got to stop.
My name's Barry, and I'm a spoiler whore...

I've made a conscious decision to be spoiler free this year. I ruined season 5 for myself and dabbled in the spoilage throughout season 6 and I just find I enjoy it a whole lot more if I don't know what's going to happen.

Spoiler free is the way to be.

Come on, chant it with me, people!

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Spoiler free is the way to be, spoiler free is the way to be!
I usually pick one or two episodes a season at random. I gorge on the spoilers for those episodes, read the wildfeed the second it comes out, and hope that tides me over. (This year it was "Selfless.")
I'm vowing to go spoiler-free for the last 5 episodes of this season. Must...gain...willpower. Sigh.
You should read what Tony Head thinks of spoilers in the fourth part of his Filmforce interview.
I guess Tony's never tried crack.
Fire bad. Spoilers pretty.

I enjoy the series more now that I'm purposefully hunting down every trinket of information out there. I like knowing what's going to happen in a given episode because it helps me keep with the flow of the story more.

"...we could all do without spoilers we really could. I mean, half the fun of the show is the fact that you don't what's going to happen. If some prat says, "I know what's going happen I'm going to spoil it for everybody," then it shows, like, "I know!" And it's like, really who cares if you know or not? Get a life, basically, and move on. Write something yourself or do something creative..." Thanks to Simon for the above link.

We could all do without spoilers, but I'd rather not. I mean, half the fun of the show is knowing what's gonna happen. We all already do know what's going to happen. The good guys will win. The bad guys will lose, but with Buffy there's always a twist. There's always a sacrifice that has to be made. The proliferation of spoilage for Buffy actually increases the grass-roots publicity for the series and is a part of its success. It infuses more conversation around the water coolers and coffee makers of the world, getting more and more potential viewers interested in viewing. Knowing the details of the series' near future events doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the show. For me, it intensifies my enjoyment of the series.

So to each his/her own. With all due respect to Mr. Head, If you don't like spoilers that's fine but I am increasingly frustrated by those who feel they need to convert us spoiler enthusiasts to their way of thinking. Spoilage is not evil. It's just another way of appreciating the series.

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