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April 06 2005

(SPOILER) No truth in rumours about Emma Caulfield guesting on Lost says TV Guide's Mike Ausiello (contains spoilers for umpteen US shows). Hellmouth Central who originally broke the story have posted their response. In somewhat related news, Daniel Dae Kim compares Angel's Gavin to Jin in this interview.

Emma would make a nice addition to the cast of any show so this is a shame, especially as Lost is a show i'll almost certainly be watching.

Carnivale may be cancelled? How? When? Huh?

It's good to hear that this may be a false rumour but how is it possible that such a good television series with such interesting characters and addictive storylines was even rumoured to not be coming back? They don't cancel shows like that prematurely. Oh, wait, there was that Angel show they axed last year, maybe they do that after all.

Seriously, whilst i've become accustomed to the networks making bad calls i expect more from HBO. Hopefully they will let this story continue, it needs to play out as it was intended.
First David, now Emma. Great way to start the day. I'll try to be optimistic!
There was a reference to Smurfs in Season Five of Angel? Looks like I'll have to get out my DVDs.
Wesley called Illyria a "blue smurf," or something like that. I think.
Just a wee heads up to say I've added a link on the subject line to HellMouth Central's response to what Ausiello said. Seeing as they originally broke the story, it's only fair.
killinj, the term was in 'Underneath' when Illyria and Wesley were on the building's roof.

Illyria: "All I am is what I am. I lived seven lives at once. I was power and ecstasy of death. I was god to a god. Now, I'm trapped on a roof...just one this time and this place with an unstable human who drinks too much whiskey and called me a smurf. (Wesley chuckles) You don't worship me at all, do you?"

I was kinda' hoping this rumor would be true because we seen little of Emma. Too good to be true.

Sorry to hear about 'Carnivale', but 'Deadwood' has been renewed for a third season. Thrilled with that news for I really like this series. The only problem HBO has is no shows from Joss Whedon ;)
Ah, smurf. Good times. I didn't realize Ausiello posted spoilers. I thought he was careful about that. I don't want to read his column right now if this is true. How big are those spoilers anyway, and for what shows? Damn, I thought his page was a safe place for me.
electricspacegirl, Ausiello is very vague on his spoilers, call it more of a plot hint. The shows in question were Alias, Charmed, Lost, and 24.
Ah, ok. Thanks, Madhatter. I'm ok with hints.
Too bad for Emma. I really need to see her in something soon! I need my Emma fix.

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