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April 06 2005

Diamond Select release pics of Serenity action figures. Big guns, it must be said. These figures will be out in September.

No Simon, River or Kaylee figures? What's up with that.

No Mal? What? You mean that is Mal? They did a better job with Jayne though. Still, I'm not sure I can see myself buying them.
Inara? Book? The hell?
Exactly. Why four Mal versions and none of these other crucial characters? And truly the Mal they have now is horrid. Nothing like him. Horrid, horrid, horrid.

Pictures can lie, though. I have actually seen one of the Puppet Angels and it is nowhere near as bad as the pictures suggest. It's actually a very good likeness of Angel, although perhaps not as exact a likeness of the Puppet Angel as one could wish. Perhaps the key to an exact likeness lies in the puppeteering. The picture of the actual Puppet Angel Diamond Select (or whomever) used to take measurements doesn't look terribly much like Puppet Angel, either. The mouth is slack, the wee puppet face is unanimated. But it was the real thing. Go figure.
They all look like they are about to cry. Perhaps because their guns are so heavy?
Not a surprise that these are the only characters, it is cheaper to make assortments of only a few at a time and Mal and Jayne are definitely the obvious choices. I believe if they sell that we will see more in the future but that remains to be seen. Still though, Mal's likeness is terrible.... It is almost as bad as that horrible Prophecy Girl Buffy I got from Sideshow.
What the hell? Mal has more hair than that! And Jayne (literally) looks retarded.
The second Mal isn't too bad. As for the character releases, I'm sure they're just testing the market for sales at this point. I seem to recall the first releases of BtVS were Buffy, Angel, Willow, and The Master. Now look at what we got.

Still, I fear I may have to pass on these figures. I just don't have the space in my display to start another series. Besides, Jayne and Spike would start trouble ;)
Besides, Jayne and Spike would start trouble ;)

Can you imagine what Jane Espenson could do with an idea like that?
They're horrible. I couldn't even bear to look at all of them. Whoever is doing the sculpts is way overpaid.
These things literally hurt to look at, despite the fact that their apparent wish to cry echoes my own. We miss you, McFarlane. Or Mezco. Or Necca. Etc...
The look on the Mal figure's face makes me think someone killed his puppy (assuming in this scenario, of course, Mal had a puppy...).
WingTheFrog - but remember there may be no puppy because something unnatural may have been going on - which means Mal probably got no hugs either (sorry, puppies ref got me to OMWF!)
I was really looking forward to these, but the faces are awful. Not only do they not look at all like Mal and Jayne, they look like someone just kicked them in the balls. Will I be a bad fan if I skip paying money for these?
"Will I be a bad fan if I skip paying money for these"

No, you will be a better fan because DST will learn that won't tolerate that junk.
"Besides, Jayne and Spike would start trouble ;)"

It's actually really weird, the first time I saw Firefly, the following morning I was in a state halfway between awake and asleep, and I sort of had a Firefly dream. Mainly just the credits and 'Ballad of Serenity" playing.

Except I could also recall afterwards in my dream there were vampires in it, as if Firefly was actually set in the future of the Buffy-verse. An interesting direction they could have taken. I think the way it is now is better, though, as it distinguished itself from Buffy and Angel and is a little more realistic. Although the Reavers, if they are horrible monsters, could mean that it is set in the Buffy-verse. Probably and hopefully not, but its a possibility. Perhaps Buffy and Angel finally managed to destroy most of the vampires and demons, leaving only some to "roam the fringes of space"?

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