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April 06 2005

Tony Head and Kali Rocha join the Collectormania line-up. They will be there along with James Marsters and Alexis Denisof. The event is April 29 - May 2, 2005. Please check with site for scheduled appearance time.

On other convention front news;

Booster Events is now offering a payment plan good through June to their July 29-31 event with Alexis Denisof, Christian Kane, Julie Benz, Stephanie Romanov, Andy Hallett, and many more. To quote their site announcement; Dear folks… Booster Entertainment is now offering a payment plan where you can secure your Angel Booster Bash weekend pass (as well as your seat number!!) for an initial 50% deposit. The balance would be due within four weeks of the initial deposit, and this plan is only good through June 30, 2005. Your order will be marked UNPAID until the balance is paid off, however, you’d still have the seat assignment secured. If you do not pay the balance in full within four weeks of the initial deposit, you will not be issued a weekend pass and your seat number is given to the next in line. Also, the money you paid up front will be forfeited. Please email in order to set up a payment plan prior to ordering your tickets online! Thanks for your interest, and is it July yet???"
Booster Bash also now has a T-Shirt for their event if your interested in checking it out click here.

Tabula Rasa the July convention in Austrailia with James Marsters, Tony Head, and more, has for the month of April setup a payment plan for their event. To quote their e-mail announcement, "So here it is; from now until the end of April you can order your tickets in the regular methods [see] and secure your seat with a 50% deposit, the balance of which will be due four weeks after your initial order. Your seat will be assigned to you on the day that you book so this is great opportunity to lock away the great seats still up for grabs.
Now the important part - to identify your booking as a part payment order [and not a regular full payment order] you should add to your surname "DEPOSIT" so that the guys and dolls in the office know only to charge 50% to you now. eg: "Smith DEPOSIT" would be entered into the surname field; either on the online or download-able form's available. Regular booking conditions apply and this offer is only for orders made via Tabula Rasa Events - full prices will charged when booking via Ticketek."

Ha! I get to boast, just for once. I have already got my Tabula Rasa tickets! Nice of them to offer a plan though - but I don't need it! OK done now. Shutting up now. Bye now.

ETA: too much junk food, too little sleep. Must go now. Twitch some more now. Sleep now. Bye again now.

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Are cons as a whole not doing so well anymore? I've never heard of 'payment plans' for them. I mean, it's very nice of them, but I know they used to just say 'buy one Super-Uber-Awesome-Triple-Platinum ticket for a bazillion bucks', and people bought them. Is it the economy? Gas prices? Lagging interest? Or are some folks like me, figuring it's too much money to spend on something you've already seen? I think there are only a couple of actors left that I would shell out money to stand in line for. Maybe Juliette Landau, she always seemed cool. David, perhaps, but that's a big 'ha'! Hubby would drag me to Eliza.... Other than that, I'd be hard pressed to find someone I'd pay that kind of money to see. Well, except Joss, always. He never gets old!
Are cons as a whole not doing so well anymore? I've never heard of 'payment plans' for them... Is it the economy? Gas prices? Lagging interest? Or are some folks like me, figuring it's too much money to spend on something you've already seen?

Many conventions have offered payment plans in the past but only if you asked. Now they realize that not everyone will ask who may be interested in attending, so the marketing planned changed and they now publize that option.

As for cons not doing well, there are close to 50 cons or more this year across the world that will have 'verse' guest in attendance, in many different price ranges. However, if you are refering to 'verse' only conventions, then yes those numbers are dwindling for various reasons. On the whole most genre shows that have had cons for a particular show, last about 18-24 monthes after the shows leaves the air. Which is where Buffy/Angel now fall so there is an expected fall off from that and yes it is because of lagging interest and the fact that most of the people at these events have already been seen at other events over that period of time.

There is also an ecomonic factor that comes into play as it always does at an event such as these because, even though some people may disagree with me, these things are luxury not a nesscessity. Alot of people do not want to pay the price some of these events charge no matter who is in attendance. Some events cost more for numerous reasons from trying to limit attendance to make it a more intimate event for the guest and attendees. While the other reason is the cost of the guest, they are not doing this for free, it's a job for them, they get paid and some get paid extremely well for a few hours of work not to mention incured exspences while there, so the promoters have to pass on that cost to the attendees. The convention business is exactly that a business, no matter if you are a fan running a con or a professional organizer and the best you can hope for at the end of the day is not to loose to much money so you can do this again in the future.

You might ask what is the cost of not attending a convention if you are able? The simple answer is no more chances to meet or see these people in person, part of their price is based on their draw, if they don't draw then no one will want them at future events unless they are cheap. This will also hurt the potential for any chance of getting the harder to get actors to show up at events, since the other actors will not help by persuading them to do so, this is actually how a lot of the harder to get actors finally appear at these things they hear what the other actors are getting for doing them as well as what really goes on there.

I just want to throw a shout out for Camden Toy, who always goes above and beyond at the conventions he appears at. This past weekend in Houston there was a brunch that some fans on the convention site forums area got together as a meet up and Camden came to the event and hung out with them. It was not connected with the actual convention and for him to show up was an extremely nice gesture and one of the reasons Camden is gaining more fans each time he appears at these events.
Camden Rocks! This was the first time I've met him and I look forward to seeing him at other Cons - at least, as many Cons as my wallet will permit.
Alexis Denisof. Sigh. I wish I was rich.
Thank you for this very thorough explanation, RavenU. I would love to go to a convention, but the price is sometimes a little hard to swallow. Hmmm....daycare for my son or indulging in my obsession? Tough call...being sarcastic....a little.
Just Alexis being there was enough for me to pencil it in the diary - unfortunately it clashes with the Serenity Con - but I have a good friend covering that one :) Now that ASH is there too wow!! Ive already got my 'watchers talk' tickets and the Q&A one for James - just need to find my queueing boots and bedroll.

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