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April 07 2005

A Firefly Cast Painting by Jason Palmer. "Shiny!" as someone once said. According to Jeremy who runs the fansite "Rumor has it, Joss has a copy of this hanging in his office".

Normally we don't do links to 'fan art' but I thought I would make an exception in this case. It's wonderful. Well when I say 'fan art', check out the artist's bio and see what he has worked on.

Wow, these look awesome.

I like Spidey and Captain Jack too.
Damn but that guy is talented! He should do a limited print run around September - he'd be wealthy beyond his dreams!
Wow. Most of them are spot on. (Well, two don't look as beautiful as they really are.) Wow Wow! Look at Mal!!! Great work.
If Joss doesn't have a copy hanging up, he should! This is beautiful work.
I have a copy of this. I got it at Wizard World, it now has the lovely signatures of Joss, Nathan,Ron,Morena,Sean and Jewel to go along with Jason's. Let me add the Jason and his wife(I believe she is his wife) are extremely nice people. I know they said something about giving one to Joss. Jewel told me when she was signing mine that she was going to go over and get one(I thought that was cute) is so beautiful!!

I just love paintings/illustrations like this - you can see why it is his profession. He has captured the likenesses very well and it was definitely worth the link.

I do paintings/sketches for BtVS & AtS cast to sign at cons, but nothing as good as this.
you know, at the tail end of WonderCon, as we were packing up what was left of our first ever Browncoat table, the guys from the Stargate table next to us came over and... they gave our group one of these prints as a 'congratulation' present!

I almost cried, it was so beautiful - both the gesture and this amazing artwork.

And they made us swear we would not rest until we got it signed by all the BDHs. So far, 0 for 9. :P
Wow, that guy is frikkin good! I wish I could draw like that...or at all. This is amazing. I'm going to post a link on my LJ.
This is really tell us where to get one.
Lucky SillyD!!! Thanks for sharing! :)
A while back a girl from Germany I think posted some really spectacular fan art on Buffyworld. It completely floored me and I couldn't believe how good it was.
But this is just too much. This is just insane. A person should not be able to draw like that. It defies all logic! I've never seen anything like this ever! It's just too much... wow... I mean, take a look at Jack Sparrow and the Predator especially. They are just amazing. No, they're beyond amazing. They're... they're... the english language lacks a suiting adjective as far as I know.
Wow, Jason is very talented. Thanks for sharing this with us, Simon. I'd recently purchased a wide screen monitor and I've been in search for a nice screen saver. This picture fills that role in spades.
There are some people who do fairly good work by copying photographs, but these are far beyond that (in my opinion). The likenesses are wonderful and each character is very expressive. I would love to be able to buy one of these prints.

Thank you for the link!
The jpg makes for great wallpaper. I switched it out for my desktop. Exquisite.
April, I think I know the two you mean...Kaylee and Simon, right? But I quibble. He's utterly captured the others, for me at least. A really lovely piece of work. Thanks for making an exception here, Simon!
Double-plus good work! And I'm implementing the wallpaper suggestion as soon as I get home. Happy, happy desktop.
That is really, really well done. Damn that guy is good. Damn. Must implement ZachsMind's excellent wallpaper idea, too. Right now I have a fantastic wallpaper of Illyria, looking quizzical and very blue. I'll return to using her - I just love her too much to let her go - but this will make for a nice change.

Thanks for posting this, Simon.
This guy should be hired for some Firefly comics/animation. Amazing!
I second that, electricspacegirl! He should be doing the next comics!
Speaking of artwork, the Whedonverse Multimedia Project is looking for an artist to do a rendering of Numfar dancing to use in its promotional materials.
Just beautiful! I love this! ZachsMinds, good idea. I will also try and make this my wallpaper.
Killinj - what style of artwork is the project looking for??

I don't think my stuff is suitable. But they are welcome to use any of my work if they want.
The Do That Girl - I was thinking of a simple black and white caricature of Numfar dancing, kinda in the same vein as Snoopy dancing, but that just may be due to the limitations of my own imagination. So, I don't want to put too many constraints on it in case an artist comes up with something amazing. If someone shows me something that I think looks good I'll use it. If fans send in more than one Numfar and the Project likes several of them, then we'll figure out a way to use all of them.

Love your screen name!
Killinj - thanks about the screen name, it's good to be amongst people who don't need an explanation ;)

I'll start having Numfar thoughts.

And I would totally do that....
killinj, what's the deadline for entries? My brother is thinking about submitting something, but he wants to know how long he has to work on it.
killinj, that's a wonderful idea. I would love having Joss in 'Numfar' mode for a desktop.

Also urge new members to check out killinj's site. A lot of good there.

(Note to killinj: Is it OK to post a link from this site to yours?)
The Do That Girl - Thanks! :)

electricspacegirl - I'm hoping to get some stuff within the next two weeks. However, if I get something that I think is really good after that time I may use it too. So tell him he has plenty of time.

Madhatter - I'm always happy when someone wants to share the link to my site with others! Board guidelines prevent me from linking to it myself and I feel a little guilty about even mentioning it here. I'd never want to abuse the priveledge of being a Whedonesquer.

As for submissions, I can't imagine having too many Numfars. It would be fun to have him in different poses all over the site! It would give us a variety to choose from to use in various promotional items or maybe even a Numfar t-shirt. Hmmm, now that I think about it, it'd totally rock to have a Numfar t-shirt - that might be a good way to raise $ to send DVDs to libraries. Sweet!

As you can tell, other than "it'd be really kewl to have a Numfar logo," I haven't really given this much thought.

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