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April 07 2005

David Fury to be interviewed on LOST radio tonight. The show is on from 7-9pm EST, and I think Fury's interview starts at 8pm. Click the Listen Live link to hear it on your pretty desktop talky box.

Excellent! I do not have access to this radio link so could a kind soul please list the comments in this thread? Thanks :)
Cool! I hope it'll work on dial-up. Only 2-3 more hours.
Well, there must be a huge amount of traffic on the site, as I have been unable to open it, although I was able to do so earlier in the day. I hope someone will tell us what he said.
WHEDONesque just got a shout-out on Lost radio! So did the Fuselage, Allyson, and Livejournal. Nice! Now...where's David Fury?
Damn, got in too late to listen. Oh well it looks like u can download past episodes so I'll have to get this one once it's available.
Its already up in the archives Paul.
Fury gave Whedonesque a shout out or did it come from the people who run Lost Radio?
Sorry, Simon. It was a shout out from the radio host.
It's so cool to see something one of my best friends does on the front page of Whedonesque. the interview was great.

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