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April 08 2005

Slay-A-Thon. Their 3rd Annual Make-A-Wish Foundation Benefit is July 30th in Chicago.

I think I may go to this! I'm only 2 hours away from Chicago.
I'm way too far away, but I think this is a splendid thing...Make A Wish is a great organization, and I love combining the Buffy/Angelverse with it.

On a different, but Chicago-related note, I had a conversation with a cousin from that toddlin' town...he was distressed that I was still an avid Whedonite...while on the phone I ordered Season 1 for him and his wife from Amazon, and he has reluctantly pledged to watcth WTHM and The Harvest...everybody I've gotten to do that has become a total I am hopeful.

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