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January 09 2003

UPN pass on Firefly Darn it.

Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.
These guys who said no to Firefly; are these the same suits who said yes to WWE Smackdown? Are the drugs these suits are on legal?
Is Firefly Doomed or do you have other prospects?
How about the Sci-Fi Channel?
The best new show on TV can't find a home and 18 million people tune in to Joe the Millionaire. HOW DEPRESSING!
*gah* Sci-Fi Channel or WB have to be the next targets. Or even HBO.

And there's a post from Allyson on the Buffitas board saying "Joss is still fighting like a mad dog" for the show.

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Bugger bugger bugger. I want to know more about these characters!
I wondering if the a in pass was changed to an i , it would be more of an apt subject line.

But anyway, what's the deal with shows in syndication like Andromeda and Mutant X? Is that a path that Firefly could go down and would Firefly fans want this to happen? Didn't ST: TNG prove that a show doesn't have to have a network behind it? Can I possibly use any more question marks?
Whedon could always continue the story in comic form. I'm sure he has the leverage with Dark Horse.
I always thought that UPN was a bad fit for Firefly since UPN is already invested in Enterprise, which is nominally similar to the show because it is in space.

Has there been some sort of official response from WB? As the current home of Angel and a genre show like Smallville, wouldn't that be a good fit?

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The Firefly universe can continue in comic books, novels, fanfic, and ETC. How about a Firefly movie?

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