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April 09 2005

"Into the West" official site finally opens. The official site for the 6 part TNT drama, featuring Alan Tudyk (Wash), Christian Kane (Lindsey) and Sean Astin (director of 'Souless'), contains trailers, pictures and cast and crew biographies. Looks great. Minor spoilers for the show.

So if Christian Kane plays Jacob Wheeler's son and Alan Tudyk plays Jacob Wheeler's brother, does that mean the mini-series takes place over decades?
Maybe this is going to be like 'Taken' except with Native Americans instead of Aliens.
This must have several generations' story. I think they're going for a "Roots" feel. Westerns are not generally my cup of tea (I don't count "Firefly" as a true western), but with this cast (Hellooooo Alan!), I'll definitely be tuning in. Will it run on consecutive nights, I wonder?
esg - you have seen 'Taken'? Any chance you can post on the Flickr thread I started a while ago? What's it like?
Yeah, I saw Taken. If you want to see Adam Kaufman (Parker on Buffy) in a different role where he's not a poophead, you should see it. Julie Benz also plays a small role. Ok, I'll go post in that thread.
Well, it seems Alan Tudyk is on the second night, and Christian Kane is on the third and fourth nights (cast lineups for nights 5 and 6 not available). I just wonder if I'll be able to get it in Canada.
Damn; that looks really good! Great line up of actors, oh I really can't wait for this one.
Catalyst2 I saw a few eps of Taken, and HATED it! I probably really should have stuck with it, but that whole 'Roswell' thing is just overdone for me! As far as I'm concerned X-Files finished it off for me. Sorry Spielberg, not interested in little grey men with bono specs for eyes anymore. Bored Now.
Gil Birmingham, who appeared in Inca Mummy Girl, is also in the cast list.
nixxy girl - "little grey men with bono specs for eyes" is just the funniest description I have heard for a while!
CET Will it run on consecutive nights, I wonder?

Click here. They are showing it over a few Friday nights - you can click the link for the schedule they released a while ago about when it is airing.
The Madhatter will be off a bit. A tooth is causing some pain.
Feel better, Madhatter!

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