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April 11 2005

SyFy Portal Genre Awards 2005 nominees. Battlestar Galactica dominates the list but Amy Acker, 'Not Fade Away', Sarah Michelle Gellar and Astonishing X-Men get nominated in various categories.

Hmmm... I almost hate to say it, but I'd vote for Carnivale and Nick Stahl over Lost and Matt Fox... and Julianne Moore over SMG. Of course, I'd also vote for Terry O'Quinn, Amy Acker, Mira Furlan and Malcolm David Kelley. Also, I'd give the nod to Not Fade Away over Walkabout, but just barely.

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"Lifetime achievement award" - H G Wells is nominated!! How bizarre is that?

Why aren't Asimov and Orwell on that list if anyone dead is as eligible as anyone living?
BEST ACTOR/Television
Ben Browder, "Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars"
Joe Flanigan, "Stargate: Atlantis"
Nick Stahl, "Carnivale"

Claudia Black, "Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars"
Jennifer Garner, "Alias"
Amanda Tapping, "Stargate SG-1"

David Hewlett, "Stargate: Atlantis"
Michael Shanks, "Stargate SG-1"

Amy Acker, "Angel"

Will Smith, "I, Robot"

Sarah Michelle Gellar, "The Grudge"

Claudia Black, "Prometheus Unbound," Stargate SG-1

"Not Fade Away," Angel

"Astonishing X-Men (Vol. 1)," Joss Whedon (Marvel)

BEST SERIES/Television
Carnivale, HBO
Stargate: Atlantis, SciFi Channel
Stargate SG-1, SciFi Channel

I, Robot

James Cameron (writer, director)

That's the most i can narrow it down so far, and that is only due to the fact i haven't seen Battlestar Galactica, Lost or Medium yet, all shows that i think i'm going to enjoy when i do.

Choosing between Ben, Joe and Nick for best actor is very hard. Browder is incredible in Farscape and last year he would have won that category outright but both Joe and Nick have impressed me a great deal this year. As for lead actress, i would say that Claudia just takes it but again it would be hard for me to ignore Amanda or Jennifer.

Best supporting actor is another one that would have been a sure thing last year with Michael winning easily but David Hewlett has created one of my current favourite characters with McKay so he complicates matters again. Supporting actress was easy though, had to be Amy, i adored the girl before when she was just Fred but she blew me away with Illyria.

The rest of the categories were relatively easy for me as well, all except best series. Again there was only three on the list i have actually seen yet but all three deserve to win this for different reasons. Purely for the fact i looked forward to every new episode, despite it being in it's eighth season, i would have to pick Stargate SG-1 though, if i was really pushed.

I'm just really glad i haven't seen those other series yet! Tough choice already!
Stargate Atlantis gets a nomination for best TV series, but not Angel? Stargate Atlantis is generally dull, uninspired, and takes itself way too seriously. I've tried to like it, but it's so average I end up reading or taking a coffee break when it's on. Compare it to the fifth season on Angel, where nearly every episode was like a rollercoaster ride with meaning, and it's kind of hard to fathom what happened there.

Given the choices, I'm leaning toward LOST as best TV series. I like Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG1, but the former often too droll to fully enjoy and the latter is too inconsistent in the quality of storytelling.
Well, i adore both SG-1 and Atlantis so i have no issue with them being included in this. I did wonder why Angel wasn't included in more catergories though. My guess would be that the people involved in the nominations didn't want this to turn into another "Let's Get Behind Angel" thing with the fans voting for Angel nominees in all the groups just to make a point.

I think it is fair to say that when we are forced to choose between Whedon shows and anything else we tend to go for the Joss vote. The two catergories i had absolutely no problem with were the two that featured Angel nominations and had James Marsters featured in the Best Actor group i would definately have chosen him so i suppose that proves my point.
There's not a lot of nomination for Angel, is there. :(
Why the HELL would someone nominate Jim Carrey for a Series of Unfortunate Events (chewing the scenery), instead of for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? *sputter* The world is far too insane. Also, Joss must win a lifetime achievement award, but not until after he finishes our beloved trilogy.
Joss won the lifetime achievement award last year.
Congrats to Sarah, Amy, Joss and Fury (i just saw Walkabout last night, it was fantastic!).
SyFyPortal has a campaign on their site to get Emmy's for Battlestar Galactica and since they choose the nominees and think that explains their list, not that I don't think BG deserves the recognition, just noticing that its not impartial.
Thanks Simon. You've made my day less bitter. Mmm... less bitter.
Ron Perlman, or Liev Schrieber. I gotta say, I so love Perlman, but altho there was a lot of athletics, it wasn't a stretch for him. Liev was unbelievable in Manchurian Candidate. I go for him.
Walkabout was fantastic, bit NFA; had just too much goodness in that to pass up. Eternal Sunshine for best movie for me.
Well SyFy Portal's nominations maybe some what biased (but I'm with them on the Battlestar Galactica love), however have a look at the amount of awards they gave Angel season 5 last year. And weren't they the ones that gave James Marsters two nominations? One for Buffy and one for Angel?

I'm guessing the last couple of episodes of Angel season 5 made the cut off point for this year's nominations.
I'm not criticizing. I know Syfyportal has been good to the Whedonverse. I just notice that sort of thing. Besides, its not like the industry pays attention to the awards given out by a website. I love Syfyportal and read news there often, but the reality is that in the ocean of entertainment its a minnow at best.
"I'm guessing the last couple of episodes of Angel season 5 made the cut off point for this year's nominations. "

Michael Hinman of SyFy Portal told me as much when I brought it up. Their cut-off date was March 1, and there were only a handful of episodes left after that.

Last year Angel won pretty much all the major awards for television. I think Amy Acker got in this year, because she became Illyria after the cut-off for the 2003 awards.
I really enjoyed The Grudge and thought it was a great horror flick but I didn't think SMGs role in it was substantial enough to be considered for a "Best Actress" award. She was great in it but it wasn't really a tremendous part.

I'm totally loving BSG and am glad to see it getting so much recognition but I'd love for Amy Acker to win that award! Maybe with the votes divided up between the BSG nominees she'll get more attention and she was fabulous as Illyria.

And I'd love to see Claudia Black and Ben Browder win as well. They were both fantastic in Farscape and the Peacekeepers War. I like Jennifer Garner but she gets a ton of attention already and it would be nice for some lesser known stars to get the recognition they deserve.
Well, I must say 'Battlestar Galactica' is my current favorite series, but Amy Acker is gold for her acting in 'Angel'. She was wonderful.
Hey, everyone!!

I know that we have a BSG campaign going on right now, but the Genre Awards are nominated by a committee of 20 people, who I choose based on the diversity of the shows they love. I try to find all walks of life, to make sure that awards are not stacked in any way. That's why we normally don't have a show run away with all the nominations ... but this year was different. BSG really struck a lot of people ...

And just to note .. our nominating committee is pretty much intact from the previous year when "Angel" got a lot of donations. :)

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