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April 11 2005

Happy birthday to Nicholas Brendon. He's thirty four today.

Happy a Very Happy B-Day Nick! I wish you the best in everything you do!
Happy birthday, Nicky! What a sweetie.
And it goes without saying, Happy Birthday to Kelly Donovan, also.
Many happy returns to the brothers!
I wish him and his twin the best day ever.
Happy birthday Nick and Kelly!

(BTW A friend of mine forgot her brothers birthday once, and they're twins....)
Why do they have different last names if they're brothers?

Happy birthday!
Isn't it correct that they use their middle names as their professional last names? Anyway, happy birthday Nick and Kelly!
Isn't it correct that they use their middle names as their professional last names?

yeah, their real last name is Schultz.

Oh, and Happy B-day to the brothers!
Happy Happy Bday Nick and Kelly!
Much love to the Xanders.
That hardly seems possible...happy birthday, guys!
Happy Birthday to two great Xanders.
One of the funniest lines in Buffy ... ever ...

"Kill us both, Spock!"

Hehe, happy birthday to Nick and Kelly!
Happy birthday to Nick and Kelly.

And good luck to Nick with both Unholy and Kitchen Confidential.
I thought it was Steve Allen, but according to it was Father Larry Lorenzoni who once said, "Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest." If Kelly and Nick pool their resources, they'll live twice as long as the rest of us!

I'm not one of those people optimistic enough to believe Mr. Brendon checks out Whedonesque, but just in case someone brings this thread to his attention: Happy birthday to you and your brother, sir. We're all looking forward to seeing Unholy, and we're hoping the best for your career and good health. Break a leg, and for my birthday wish to you, I sincerely hope no one asks you to do the Snoopy Dance. ...unless ya really wanna do it of course. =) I'm sure no one in here would mind if Nicholas Brendon logged in here and just posted: *does the Snoopy dance* and then goes away. There'd be women passing out in this thread and we men in here would be goin' "Rock on Snoop Dog!" But of course I don't believe Mr. Brendon ever comes in here and we certainly shouldn't ask him to bother doing it on his own birthday of all days. *smirk*
As ZachsMind mentioned, NB likely does not view this forum, but the webmistress at always makes sure he gets all birthday greetings posted there. Hint hint.
Still so so hot!

Anyone else hopin theres some nekkid scenes in 'Unholy'?
Sorry Spangel. I can't join you on that score. I'm looking forward to powerful acting with two talents I admire, whom I never thought in my wildest dreams would get put together on screen. Barbeau and Brendon are going to be amazing together and I am so looking forward to that, but as I understand it they're playing mother and son, so 'nekkid scenes' would be way too creepy for my taste, and not in a horror movie kinda way. I'm looking forward to shouting matches and tender loving moments, but though Ms. Barbeau's one of the most beautiful women in the history of film, I'm hoping this time she keeps her clothes on and lets her acting chops wow the world. As for Brendon being nekkid? I saw more than I ever wanted to see in "Reptile Boy." Ew! That's past enough.
Best of wishes, Nick. Happy Birthday.
Wow, ton of Buffyverse April babies :)
Happy birthday!!!

Our little jossverse people are growing up... sniff, sniff :p
Aw shucks, I adore Nicholas Brendan and the character of Xander. Happy Birthday to Nick and Kelly, indeed.

(I also can't wait to see Barbeau and Nick together. Not nekkid. As Zachsmind says, the acting will be enough of a thrill.)
I did wish Nick & Kelly a happy birthday over on, but I will say it again here on WhedonEsque.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *throws confetti* :D

palehorse,Spikecam21: I read in an SFX article that Nicky had legally changed his last to Brendon when he had gotten married. As far as I know, Kelly didn't make any changes to his name. :) I thought that was a interesting fact.
TaraR, was Nicky's wife's maiden name Brendon? If he changed his last name to her maiden name, that is HOT! I love cool goys. Well, even if that is not the case he's still way cool. Happy Birthday Nicky and Kelly! The character of Xander has added a bit more spark to my life.
Just joining in on wishing the best to Nick and Kelly!
Wow, I am really not gaguing these guys age well at all.

Happy Birthday, Nick.

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