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April 12 2005

Tony Head is my choice to portray me says Blair. Now if only the British Prime Minister would give him a knighthood.

Blair wouldn't tie his shoelaces without his PR people telling him it would be popular, I doubt he's ever seen ASH or that he could pick him out of a lineup. He tried to get a cameo spot in Little Britain playing the PM but they turned him down.
Precisely! I won't turn this into a soapbox for my political views but i seriously doubt that Blair knows anything about Tony other than him being "that fellow who plays my part in that Little Britain show". I really can't stand it when politicians try to sound hip by spouting a few popular names or mentioning the latest band to get to number one, like they actually bought the cd.

Let me guess, after he mentioned Tony in Little Britain he ended with a bad impression, something along the lines of "yeah but ... no but ... yeah but ... no but ...", that sounds about right. :)
Only if David Walliams as Sebastian plays Alistair Campbell.
I didn't know ASH was that famous in Britain. Even if he doesn't know who he is, it probably just made him more famous.
There's a case to be made for saying Tony Head is now more famous for starring in Little Britain than Buffy or even that Nescafe ad.
Knighthood? There is something just very wrong with "Sir Head" LOL
I don't care if Blair wants ASH to play him, to get the deal all he has to do is speak to the BBC about 'Ripper' and pull some strings. Then we get our spin off, ASH gets work and Blair has a very good actor portray him. I am sure ASH career wouldn't suffer too much from that ;)
*finds this terribly amusing*

I loved that episode of Little Britain where the narrator (Tom Baker) refered to ASH as

'..the Prime Minister, or as most people know him, "that bloke from Buffy." ;D

*continues to laugh riotously*
There is something just very wrong with "Sir Head" LOL

Mainly that this isn't what a knight is called - it'd be "Sir Tony".

I don't care if he was advised to say it - it's still less hubristic than thinking Sean Connery should play you. Though the Tory leader thinking he's like a sinister Godfather is at least refreshingly honest.
Mainly that this isn't what a knight is called - it'd be "Sir Tony".

And we could say SASH instead of ASH.
And we could say SASH instead of ASH.

That would cement my vote, were I a British citizen!

I'm still cracking up over the guy who wants "a younger Sean Connery". It seems like he's almost saying nobody currently in existence could play him. At least Blair was being realistic.
Now, if we could get Mr. Head on voting forms...
Yes, I too loved that particular episode Bad Kitty. Watching ASH in the show just makes me crack up.
Actually it would be Sir Anthony. (How classy is that.)

Blair is just trying to show he has a sense of humour. No need dear, we already know. That ‘WMDs will be ready in 45 minutes’ joke - frickin hilarious. My, how we laughed and laughed.

And sorry Michael Howard, but me thinks the guy who played Renfield in Dracula would be significantly more suitable than Al Pacino.

Man, I'm already as sick of the electioneering as I am of the 'who will be Wonderwoman' speculation. Except, one of these items is actually important ;)
If I were an actor, I wonder how I'd feel to be cast as the lead in a 7-part TV mini-series titled George W. Bush: Made In Texas.

Considerably worse than ASH, anyway. Blair does have a sense of humor. And sense, though he chooses to ignore it fairly frequently.

[ edited by bookrats on 2005-04-12 17:43 ]
miranda, based on viewing Yes, Minister multiple times I'd say that the choice of 'who will be WonderWoman' is more important :)
I love ASH (the future SASH) - Giles is one of my all-time favorite characters, ever - and I love the fact that Britain's PM knows who he is. Amazing and amusing.

I wonder if Little Britain will come to the U.S. I hope so. How do British Whedonesquers like the show? Sounds well-liked so far in this thread...
I don't just think that ASH should Play PM, I think he should BE the PM.
How about Lord Head?
phleb, I watched a number of Little Britain eps on flights to and from the UK recently. Very funny in places, but, IMHO, not so much laugh out loud funny as "that's very acutely observed and clever and quirky" funny. And, to be honest, I found Tom Baker's linking narratives really irritating. So, not a huge fan, and LB is not as much to my taste as, say, "Spaced," which I can never promote enough on this site . . . ;)
Little Britain is cool. It's designed to be cool - it's full of catchphrases that teenagers have adopted. Tony looks as if he is constantly fighting a fit of the giggles in it!

Charles Kennedy is the guy who mentioned Connery. Anyone less like him now, or even in his youth is hard to imagine, apart from the Scots accent. Kennedy has a very strong sense of humour and a satirical edge to him, so I really don't believe he meant it seriously.
O/T trivia: The village in Little Britain, Llanddewi Brefi, is actually a real place, population about twenty, and a frined of mine lives there. Happily married though....
Once again I find myself agreeing with SNT, not so big with the LB love. I like Daffyd (maybe because I'm Welsh? :) ) and I like Lou and Andy, but most of the other characters leave me somewhat cold. Nice to see ASH doing well though. Spaced on the other hand, as I've also said numerous times here, is pure genius.
Thanks for the reviews. As for Spaced, I've seen you (SNT and Paul_Rocks) mention it before and I'm very intrigued. But as far as I know it doesn't exist for rent in the U.S. Maybe someday.
Just looked for Spaced on and unsurprisingly the 1st 2 items are Shaun of the Dead (the success of which might lead to Spaced getting a US release...) and the 3rd link is season one of The League of Gentlemen. Quite surprised that got a US release, don't remember hearing any Americans talk about it, was it shown over there?

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